Peak Profit Roulette System Guide

The target of the roulette systems described below is to generate profit, peak profit. You will be able to do so, if you combine those systems with good money management strategies, also described in this document.

The systems are the result of extensive analysis and simulation over thousands of spins. They are optimized to produce profits over a number of sequences. It is essential to thoroughly understand the way they work, before applying them. It is best to simulate a few runs with a spreadsheet, to observe their performance.

The systems are based on betting on Dozens only, giving you 2 for 1 payout. The main idea of the following systems is to bet on repeating Dozens. That means, if number 21 came up for instance, you will bet on Dozen 2 on your next bet. If the next number is 36, you will bet on Dozen 3. The amounts of the bets will be according to various betting schemes. With a betting scheme, I mean to bet according to a specific sequence. For example, one betting scheme could be 5, 8, 13, 21, 34. This means you bet 5 units on your first bet, 8 units on your second bet if you lose on the 1rst bet, 13 units on your third bet if you lose on your second bet, and so on. Most betting schemes in the systems are based on generating 1 or 2 units fixed profit.

The reason behind betting on repeating Dozens is that statistically Dozens will repeat often during the first 7-8 bets, less often during sequences 9-14 and seldom after sequence 14. I have seen streaks of non-repeating Dozens for 25-30 times. We shall see how we will treat those losing sequences, without losing more than a limited threshold. The systems will be based on the above features.