PowerPlay Roulette System

It's basically about continually tracking the last ten numbers to come up, and based on your decision to make a "PowerPlay" - pick an area that the dealer has been coming back to, or a "blank play" - pick an area that the dealer hasn't hit because he's all over the place, you back a block of seven numbers for five spins, with a slight progression.

OK, what can I add to that? Well first let me explain that the guy provides a way of charting the wheel so you can see where the hits are and how far apart, but you can do that with any wheel chart. He also provides a way to keep abreast of the last ten hits. He also provides a bet card that is useful for finding your numbers on the layout to bet. It's like a neighboring no chart only better because on it you can find your "key no", which will be at the center of the block of 7 numbers you will betting, and the other 6 numbers to the right of it in correct order, lowest to highest, so you can find the numbers quickly on the layout.

The method is basically that you watch where the recent hits are on the wheel and decide if you see a pattern or not. The pattern is either that the dealer seems to be coming back to the same section every 2 or 3 spins or else he is all over the place. If you don't see one of these patterns after 10 to 15 spins you try another table or another dealer. You bet right away if you see one of these patterns. A "Blank" bet will be at the center of the largest blank area after 10 spins (area should not be less than 9 nos.) A "Power" bet will be on a section that's getting hit.

The progression requires 140 units. It is 5 bets on 7 numbers, with 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6 chips per no. You either win 58, 73, 81, 82, or 76, or else you lose 14, 35, 63, 98, 140. He suggests you leave the table after 3 hits, leave the LIVE Dealer casino after 2 bust-outs.

Here are some refinements of the Power Roulette system that I learned from telephone consultation with the author over the last month: You now need to learn to be more discriminative when the configuration of the numbers appeared to form the PowerPlay. You only play the "clean" Powers, so to speak. "Clean" Powers are those 3 qualified numbers within 7 spins within 7 consecutive space which are independent from another (other) 3 qualified numbers which also qualify for a PowerPlay. In other words, if you have two PowerPlays, which are closed to each other or overlap each other, they aren't considered "clean” and thus we don't play. This qualifying step will eliminate 30% of the losers. To make the play even stronger, you may also want to consider qualifying the first clean PowerPlay on paper first. Once one clean PowerPlay has won on paper, you play the second clean PowerPlay when it appears. But make sure that this happens with the same dealer and within 15 spins. Otherwise, you start it all over again. I have over 90% successful plays by using this procedure so far. But you may find that you need more patience at the same time; sometimes you may have to wait for 5 or 6 dealers to have just only one play.

But I'd rather be more conservative and win consistently than playing more and lose more. My philosophy is that if I can win 90% consistently, I can raise my betting units up to the maximum safely after some time. I can build my bankroll and bet $50 or $100 per unit, then I can make some really serious money everyday from just one win!

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