Progression In Roulette

There has always been a question on how to deal with progressions, while playing LIVE Roulette. I have seen and have developed a method that will let you increase your bets while winning more and more. It's a simple system, based on the Dozens bet, my specialty. As the numbers come up in Roulette, the Dozens either repeat or alternate. There are strategies for both occurrences. If they repeat very often you would be betting on the repeating dozen and win 2 for 1. If they alternate frequently you would be betting on the two Dozens, which are different than the one that just came up. In this example we will bet on the latter, that is, on the alternating Dozens. You place $40 on each Dozen different than the one that just hit. For instance, if Dozen 2 showed up on the last spin, you place $40 on Dozen 1 and $40 on Dozen 3. You might want to place a couple of chips on the zero or zeroes this time only, as additional insurance against losing your entire $80 bet. It is important to win this first bet, because you will see that after this win your subsequent bets will have open-ended winnings. If you happen to lose that initial bet, you will be at -$84, and you start again with placing $40 on each different Dozen. But don't worry, you will be able to recover the loss pretty quickly. After you win the first bet, you are at +$40 and you place $4 only on each Dozen different from the one that just came up. If you lose you are at +$32, and you start over again with a double $40 bet. If the Dozen changes, you are at +$44, then you increase your betting amount by $2 and you bet $6 on each of the two Dozen that have not come up. If you win you are at +$50, if you lose you are at +$32. You keep increasing your betting units by $2 on each Dozen, every time you win and you will be always at positive with increasing profit, whether you win your next bet or not. You keep doing this until the Dozen eventually repeats, then you start over with the same scheme: $40 on each different Dozen, then $4, then $6, then $8, etc. Just to give you an idea how this open-ended winning progression results.

If you lose the eighth spin, you make a profit of $62. If you lose the 18th spin, you make a profit of $242. Your $80 loss can occur only during your first bet. Once you pass the first bet, your profits accumulate. __________ The above is one small example of Izak's expertise when it comes to playing the Dozens at Roulette.

Dozens tend to repeat themselves, because of Roulette's streaky nature. It is not unlikely to get a Dozen sequence such as: 3-1-2-3-3-2-1-1-1-2-1-3-2-2. As you can see (and you go ahead and observe other sequences), Dozen 3 repeated the 5th run, after that Dozen 1 repeated twice after the third run and Dozen 2 repeated after the 4th run. If you bet on repeating Dozens (that is if Dozen 2 just comes up, bet on Dozen 2, and so on), increase your bet in such a way to end up in a profit up to 6 times. The betting sequence will be 5,7,10,14,21,31 units. If you win on the first bet, you make 10 units, if on the second you make 9 units, on the third, 8, on the 4th 6, on the 5th 6, and on the 6th 6 units. If the Dozen does not repeat for 6 times, you stop after 6 bets and you don't bet again until the Dozen repeats again. Your total loss will be 88 units for that run. When you are on a good winning wave, you will win more than you will lose. If your winnigs exceed 88 units, keep on playing the same betting sequence until you lose once. Then quit positively. If you lose more than twice in a row (you will be at -176 units) this is not your day. Make sure you leave when you are ahead, even if you haven't played more than half an hour. Do not stay at the table too long, because no matter what system you use, the house advantage will eventually take over.

That is why on the long run, every system is apt to lose. That is why all computer simulators of thousands of spins come to the result of this %5.26 house edge.

Roulette is a short term profit game. So far, there hasn't been any roulette system invented, which can make consistent profits. Even if some systems show that you will make profits over hundreds of spins, one of the losing runs will exceed your winnings. That is why it is extremely important to quit when you are ahead, and you also quit when you have reached the limit you have set to your losses.

The way I would play the strategy above is to play a few runs. If you are winning over 4-5 runs, take the leave with +24-30 units ahead. If you lose on the first run, try again to recover the 88 units lost, with 10-12 runs. If you recover and win a bit, take the leave. If you lose again, leave. This way you will leave more when you are positive than negative. If your winnings exceed 88 units on a daily basis, it won't hurt you if you lose two runs on one day.

The betting sequence is the following: 5,7,10,14,21,31

On the above sequence, following the betting scheme:

  • You bet 5, you lose, your net is -5
  • You bet 7, you lose, your net is -12
  • You bet 10, you lose, your net is -22
  • You bet 14, you win, your net is +6. End of the run. Start over the betting scheme.
  • You bet 5, you lose, your net (for the new run) is -5
  • You bet 7, you lose, your net is -12
  • You bet 10, you win, your net is +8. End of the second run. So far your net is +14. Start 3rd run:
  • You bet 5, you win, your net is +10 (for the 3rd run only). Start round 4: You bet 5, you lose, your net (for the 4th run only) is -5
  • You bet 7, you lose, your net is -12
  • You bet 10, you lose, your net is -22
  • You bet 14, you lose, your net is -34
  • You bet 21, you win, your net is +8. End of third run. Overall net profit so far: +6+8+10+8 = +32.

So it really doesn't matter the total number of wins versus number of losses.

Despite the fact that you have won only 4 times out of 13, you still end up with a profit of 32 units. If your betting unit was $5 minimum, you have made $165 in a short amount of time. An accumulation of independent short runs, such as the above, can give you short term profit. Remember on the long run, every system loses. Some of my systems let you play without losing for a few hundred spins.

Those took a long time to develop and they are not free.

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