REAL SPIN Roulette System

  • Roulette system for only one number!
  • Very easy to learn and to use it.
  • Great accuracy to trace and pick up the winning number not progression used, flat bets only!
  • bankroll: 40 chips.
  • based on the law of the third.
  • Duplicate your bankroll in a night!


For this application we use the whole theoretical cycle of the law of the third - not 37 spins but 40 spins.We need to note a total of 60 spins, divided in two parts of 40 spins and 20 spins.

Note the first 40 spins. We will find that in the majority of times we see 4 or 5 numbers spun 3 times, 1 or 2 numbers spun 4 times, and never (practically) any numbers spun 5 times (in case you see a number drawn 5 times, it is not playable). Then during the following 20 spins play immediately the first number spun 5 times!

Play it for a maximum of 36 spins - or until it hits!

When playing the number, take note the number of spins you play the number.

If you hit before the 20 spin, continue playing the number for 15 spins. If you hit again, play it for another 20 spins, if you hit again, play if for another 25 spins, if you hit again play it for another 30 spins, and so on...


First 40 spins: 5,10,19,2,27,30,31,12,7,36,21,31,19,32,36,31,23,5,13,17,31,8,5,8,2,31,19,6,2,19, 35,13,18,5,3,21,1,25,9,9

Now you can see the number 19 and the number 5 spun 4 times. The number 31, spun 5 times is eliminated and not playable. Continue noting the spins: 9,24,32,33,24,35,5

ATTENTION! Now the number 5 is PLAYABLE IMMEDIATELY! Play it for a whole numeric cycle ( 36 spins) and WIN!

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