Real Roulette System

Well since you have come here, your at least curious of what the heck this page is all about. Some of you are sceptical of anything that promises that you can get something for nothing. I hole heartily agree. Although my strategy is not to charge for this information that I have discovered. I have decided to offer it as a shareware type of an offering. If you are successful using this technique then I request a reasonable return from you. If this was offered in a book it would cost you about $20.00. You would never be able to get something like this without paying for it first. I believe you will be successful if you work for it. If you feel this was really worth it and would like to pay for it. Than I request you to give $20.00 to the local Fireman’s Relief Fund or the local Policemen’s Relief Fund.

To begin with you probably would love to prove that this is just another hair brained idiot with a desire to start another fools parade. It is my intention to astonish you by putting up instead of shutting up. I have created a computer model on a basic spreadsheet to back up some of my physical discoveries. The model proves, instructs, and prepares you to engage the victim. Your probably thinking right now, yeh I know who the victim is. The good news is that it won’t cost you a dime to find out and to learn. I know by observing people that they would rather win and brag about it than tell others how much they lost.

The following is a method to engage a situation. It is a set of planned strategies in order to position ones self to take advantage of something that the casinos cannot protect themselves from. This is based on the normal distribution of events. I intend to show you how it works using the roulette table as the best example that I have found for it. I urge you to go all the way to the end of this tutorial. It only contains seven pages. It would be best to prepare your self to win before you ever walk into a LIVE Dealer casino to try it. If you are not sure you can do it, you really shouldn’t do it. The vast majority of people that gamble use a strategy that when they lose so much money, than they will quit. That is exactly how they want you to gamble.

Without a plan you are a pigeon for the tacking. They even take advantage of your common good nature. The casinos give you stuff so it kind of feels OK because you kind of owe it to them anyway, don’t you. It is my discovery that all continual betting schemes and progressive amounts of bet levels all fall in the end. The odds and the outcomes always end up in the houses favour. For example, I do not want to waist time in this tutorial explaining the various ways to place bets on systems that are easy to be proved fruitless. If you want that information you can find out how to play those systems in the various books on the market available. However one guy wrote a book on how to play LIVE roulette as a business. I was really curious so I forked over the twenty bucks. After checking that system several times on both physical and computer modals. The results turned out to be a total and very expensive loss to the poor sucker that uses it. It is no wonder that the guy did not want to give his name.

He claimed to be a professional dealer. I think maybe he was really a casino owner. The point I am trying to make is that if you use a roulette strategy that is expensive and risky you probably are to exposed to a catastrophic or continual melt down.

Once you lose your gambling nest egg than your done. Isn’t that great. It works every time for the house.

So what’s different about this. I have noticed times when certain numbers come up, ether they are more than normal or less than normal, and also number groups do the same thing, sometimes they come up more or less than statistically normal. I dismissed all this as being nothing more than normal. Like so what! Than I noticed that they also for short periods of times come up in patterns. For instance now, now, now, not now, than it would start over again and again until it stopped. There was a beginning to that pattern, a middle, and an end. The patterns lasted from 20 minutes to one time over three hours. I actually went through a period of betting against them because I thought that this can not keep up for ever. It kept up long enough to get my money. The point is to go with the pattern and to have a good way to wait for it. It would be nice to make a little steady money and then pounce on the pattern and win a bigger prize. I have devised such a plan. On my last visit to Las Vegas I sat in on a pattern that I recognised for about fifty-five minutes, on a slow table. It started about ten minutes after I sat down. A slow table spins about every two minutes or more. I had twenty bucks, it was a 25 cent table, about an hour latter I left with over three hundred dollars after tips. The best example was a win that I had at Lake Tahoe. I sat down to an almost perfect yes, yes, and no repeating pattern, that lasted only 25 minutes. I took sixty dollars and worked up to twenty nine hundred dollars in just over twenty minutes. It was 12 five dollar chips after a couple of wins I was up to 16. It wasn’t luck because I saw it and pounced on it. There are unknowable patterns of events that occur all the time.

The trick is to prepare your self for them and wait. My biggest problem was being patient, also if seeing something and not being able to sit in on it. I was working on the problem when on the day before it was time to leave I went into a gamblers specialty store. I was browsing through the books when I came across betting on single numbers at a time. It had never occurred to me before that betting on one number to come up could be fruitful. I left Las Vegas with that bee in my bonnet.

What I have discovered knowing that pattern betting works very well, is that single numbers work even better. That’s when I discovered “Brute Force” , concepts.

What I will show you is how to use “Brute Force” and how to pounce on a pattern.

Later you will have to write a little spreadsheet that I will show you how to configure. If you can’t do this than find someone to help you. That spreadsheet will both prove and prepare you. There will be no need to go at it unprepared.

The trick to making money is how you place the bets. One of the biggest and most important things to do is to have a cut off point while betting on a number. This way you don’t participate in a loosing moment. With this method you eliminate the long downward slide that occurs when a number cools off. If you only participate in upward motion and eliminate the equalising factors of downward involvement, you can win, I will keep going over this point through illustrations, over and over until you really understand it. The best way is by example. Remember I haven’t told you how to take advantage of pattern groups yet. This single number stuff will make you a steady chip return while you wait for a weakness to occur. These patterns happen all the time and they can’t do a thing, to prevent it. To this day it is believed that there is no way to beat the game of roulette. unlike the total belief of card counting in the game of black ‘jack,. The pit bosses are only looking for one thing. People cheating, or the one in a million chance that a wheel is out of balance.

Some people try placing, bets after the ball falls into a slot, others are caught trying to steal chips from the dealers or other peoples piles. In all cases it is all caught on video tape. There biggest concerns are their own dealers conduct. This system will catch them off guard. After 6000 hours of playing roulette, I have never seen anyone else use a method like this.

Example one

I think that real world examples would teach more at once than any other method.

So lets define the parameters of the game of roulette for people that don’t understand it. There is a green layout board where bets are placed and a wheel in most American casinos with 38 slots for a ball to fall into. That means 1. out of 38 chances to win, if you are betting on single number at a time. The point is to find a hot number and bet it until it cools off or you run out of energy- If you use a 380 spin betting session on an average table that could end up being ten or eleven hours. You ask why would I ever want to do that. You might want to because the average earning potential from a session is from 150 to 250 equal valued chips. If you are using $1.00 chips than you could make $150.00 to $250.00 in that session. The next times you play you should stay at that level of $1.00 until you have Quadrupled your basic starting point. You than go to $2.00 chips and work your way up to four times that. With this method you only expose one quarter of your winnings at any time. This is called money management. This process could take several days to reach. If you have time to go to the next level you start out at $4.00 chips again exposing only a quarter of your winnings. You should be using about 200 chips for starters at each level. The rest of your money goes into a take home bag, When you get to a point where you can stash three quarters and double the next level than you should move tip. This process takes five quarters each time. Or a total of I 000 unites. This process of changing chip values can take a while to do. The good point is that there is a limit to the straight up value that you can bet on a number. The better not high roller limits at most Vegas style casinos are either $50.00 or $100.00 per betting establishment. Assuming that you are satisfied at $10.00 chips and not even looking at changing, on pattern groups, 200 times $10.00 equals $2,000.00, for about ten or eleven hours work. A safe progression of growth should look like this, $1, $2, $4, $8, $15, $25, $50, $1 00. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you can look to the high roller places where the sky is the limit. When . I was at lake Tahoe some guy won over a million dollars at the high roller table playing roulette. I have no idea what lie was doing I just thought it was amazing. If you want to start out low you can find 25 cent tables that have a four chip or one dollar minimum. They can be found usually on weekdays at most places. That would imply that you need at least $200.00 to check this out. There is a one in a million chance that every time you chose a number it will go cold on you. The average hot number comes up about 16 times apart. If you triple that you get 48. So for no other reason, other than it seams to be in the right area for best cut off point, I use it. You stop riding a number at 48 times and then wait for it to come up again. If you see another number get hot just jump to it. The trick is to get on the hot numbers and ride them while your searching for patterns to attack. All this is done by tracking numbers on paper.

Almost all casinos let you take notes at the roulette table. It is best to make a preformatted chart. An example of one will be provided later. Some of the casinos make them, they actually encourage it. Only one problem they are not formatted to search for most of the better groups. Also some casinos

Example Two

As I said before I would go over and over the single number waiting system. so this time lets look at it from a step by step method. the first thing you do is watch a table for a while . Since the average hot number comes up about 16 times apart, wait till you see a repeated number, the first hot number that you want to bet on.

Sometimes a number will repeat right away and sometimes it won’t repeat for a while. I have never seen a stretch that was more than 25 numbers from the whole group of 38 It might surprise you but after you reach 19 spins then there is a 50-50 chance of some number repeating from the first 19 numbers. It will either land in the first half or it will land in the other half. In the game of roulette, the only thing you will need to know is that the dealer pays 35 to I on a straight up number. You do this by placing the correct amount of chips on the center of the number that you have chosen without touching any borders of that number box. If someone else is already on that number you stack your own colored chips right on top of the others. I should point out that the dealers call the table chips, checks. They call the silver, $5, $25, $100, $500, anti $ 1,000 chips, ( CHIPS ).

If you use the roulette colored checks, there can sometimes be a four check minimum on the single number bets. If you are at a 25 cent table, you can buy four stacks of 20 checks tall for $20.00. Once you got a hot number you place four checks or one silver dollar straight up on your number. That tables minimum is $ 1.00.

Just to get past the first hurdle you need $48-00. That’s three times the hot number average. It is also again the recommended cut off point. Another point of interest is that if you use table checks you can pay for them to he any value you want. They will mark their value on the wheel if they are different from the current table value.

Also you will be the only one there with that color check. If you want them to be $ 1.00 each than you only have to place one on that number at a time. The dealer will help you if you get confused about this. Let’s say that you picked a number to bet on and you have been writing down the numbers. You sit down hopefully in a place where you can reach that number, or you can stand near by. Let’s say that you keep betting each time and 15 times go by. Then on the next spin it lands on your number. The dealer takes the marker and places it on your stack. Then clears all non paying chips and checks. Next the dealer pays everybody off that had a winning bet. You should receive 35 checks for each one in your stack. If you were using 25 cent checks, then you had four on the number . You should receive 140 checks, or $35.00 in chips. You get to keep the checks that are under the marker, you can let them ride for the next bet. Your actual win is $20.00, that’s 35 minus 15 equals 20 ). if you are tracking all the numbers that came up), and if and if your number cools off you can just jump over to another number that you might have noticed had heated up. That’s all there is to it. What it can do for you is to position you for a pattern attack. That’s what I will show you next.

Pattern example

In this example I intend to show you a pattern, one of many that exist. I separate them into groups of numbers. What we are looking for are reoccurring numbers that fall into one group or another, and do it in a way that forms a pattern. For example, 16 numbers I call the prime numbers, they are dispersed around the wheel symmetrically. Imagine if you will a clock, there are three numbers at 12:00, three numbers at 6:00, three at 3 -00, and three at 9-00 that makes tip 12 numbers. The remaining 4 are dispersed evenly, one at each position half way between a three number group. It’s like spokes of a wheel. I want to point out that the location on a wheel does not matter. Each time the wheel is spun there is a I in 38 chance that it will go anywhere. So you can make up any kind of groups you want. I recommend sizes of 12 to 24 numbers in your groups. You may want to use the ones I do. I created them from geographical locations on the wheel. Like for instance 7 numbers centred on the zero and 7 centred on the 00. These two 7 number groups are on opposite sides of the wheel. They make tip a total of 14 numbers. That means 14 chosen and 24 not chosen for a total of 38. Now lets look at what a pattern looks like. While I’m betting single numbers I put x marks in spaces that represent hits in groups on my chart. For instance whenever a prime number comes up I put an x in the appropriate space on my chart for that group. This way you can easily see a pattern form. Now what to do about it if you do see one. Bet on it of course, but how. When I was in Lake Tahoe the pattern was in the 14 numbered croup of 7s near the zeroes. It started hitting two times on them and one time off, than two times on and one off. At the end it fell out slowly. This is how I bet it. I took $5.00 chips and put one on each number. It hit one, and they gave me 35 $500 chips. I put three on each one and that hit. They gave me 105 $5.00 chips.

Then I sat back one hand and put a single chip on the red. The next move was to put three $5.00 chips on each number. That hit and they paid 105 chips again. I stayed with the pattern and put 9 $5.00 chips per number. That hit, and they had to pay me with White, $100.00 chips. That came to $1,575.00 for the pay off. The next move was to bet five bucks on the red again. I was starting to get nerves, and a crowd was starting to gather around me. I put out the three $5.00 chips per number again and they hit again. So of Course I tripled those and went for the nine chip piles again. That hit for the last time, and I got another $1,575.00 pay oft. I was at a little over $3,600.00 when I went at the pattern again. The first hit came, but the nine $5.00 chips per number lost. The pattern was broken. That last loss, cost me $630.00. I played around with it for a while with $5.00 chips and got up and walked away with $2,900.00 in chips. If you keep letting the houses money ride, than you will lose for sure. I had three levels of bet values here, because the pav oft from one bet was almost equal to three times the opening bet. So it went I chip, 3 chips, 9 chips. Because I kind of went for it I than went to a 3 chip, and 9 chip money management method. Because I didn’t have all my winnings on the table at once I was able to walk away a winner. This entire process started with $60.00.

Two very important lessons are here. Only bet a percentage of your gambling money at a time, and in order to come home a winner, you have to get up and walk away while you are winning. If you have a gambling addiction, I do not recommend that you try this system. Even though this will work for others, I do not believe it will work for you. You will either fall into whatever that makes you addicted, or you will fall to really prepare yourself with self control. In other words I don’t think you can control yourself You really can’t do it, so get some help! Go to Gamblers Anonymous. The most interesting thing that t have noticed is that you can see something different every time you gamble at roulette. Don’t get lulled intom thinking if I had gambled like this or that I would have won more. Take the idea home with you and run it forwards and backwards and up and down. Prove that it works first in a safe environment before you ever try it for real. Try this system in practice before you ever play it for real, You haven’t gone far enough until you understand the times, and how often it doesn’t work and why. When you fully understand this you will be able to make a small investment safely. Make learning fun, get together with some friends, and run real time tests. Make a physical model put 38 numbered beads in a jar. Figure out a way to make an unbiased 38 number generator. Use the random number formula in a spreadsheet to generate the number or use the roulette wheel program at the front of this tutorial. Make some charts- create some number groups, get some poker chips or use pennies as chips.

Find out what works. Then after that go pounce on that weakness I showed you.

Some of my favourites are three on then three off, three on and three off. I also watch for runs. This is a common practice of betting. Ridding a run can really work good for you. A good one is like red or black dominating. If black is coming tip more than it should, put a steady bet on it till it ends. Other patterns are red black red black it Just keeps changing like a turn signal. Always go with the pattern, don’t bet against what you see, bet with it. Just be patient and a really good pattern will come to you. That’s what the single number bet is for. It lets you be there at the table, so you can strike at its weakness. If you see a fifty fifty pay off bet, red or black, odd or even, high or low, that is one sided or dominating one of those groups, you can let your bet ride one time less than a patterns run. Like this, I chip becomes 2, 2 chips become 4, 4 chips become 8, 8 chips become 16. When you do this you only risk the original I chip. The trick of course is to get off before it ends. Little battles like this can win big wars. If you don’t get greedy, and use patience just nibble away at it when its in your favour. The final understanding of this is simple. You bet on the numbers that are hot, and you change to the new numbers that are hot. When people come in and bet their birthday or their anniversary, well those numbers might be cold just then or they might be hot. You of course would know that because you have been keeping track.

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