This roulette strategy is based on the mathematics of roulette. With roulette, like any other game of chance, is impossible to predict the outcome of any one spin of the wheel. However, the laws of common probability state that each number on the wheel will hit an average of 1 time every 38 spins. Put simply, if you would spin the roulette wheel 3,800 times, red should come up approximately 1,800 times, black 1,800 times, and 0 or 00 200 times.

During the course of 3,800 spins you will undoubtedly have streaks where the wheel will come up red 10 times in a row or black 10 times in a row, but over time the wheel will average back out. Mathematicians call this principle “Reversion to the Mean”.

Let’s say a person would bet $5 on red with the idea of doubling his bet each time he lost until the wheel hit red. This is called the Martingale system. Would this work? It’s possible! The wheel could hit black 4 times and then red once and the player would have won $5. Allow me to show you how.

Let’s assume the player starts with a $500 bankroll.

  • SPIN 1: Bet: $5 Result: Black Lost: $5 Bankroll: $495
  • SPIN 2: Bet $10 Result: Black Lost: $10 Bankroll: $485
  • SPIN 3: Bet $20 Result: Green Lost: $20 Bankroll: $465
  • SPIN 4: Bet $40 Result: Black Lost: $40 Bankroll: $425
  • SPIN 5: Bet $80 Result: Red Won: $80 Bankroll: $425+$80=$505

You’ve just won $5 and only won 1 out of 5 spins! This is a case of bad luck since you should win 47.37% of the spins. (18 out of 38) You’ve actually only won 20% and yet you still won money. However, there is one major problem with this system. You will run out of money! When the roulette wheel hits 10 blacks in a row (I’ve seen it happen most ever time I’ve sat at a roulette wheel for more than 2-3 hours) you are broke and unable to continue! After only the 8th spin your bet is a whopping $640 and the first 7 bets that you lost cost you $635! After the 10th loss you have lost $5,115 and your next bet will have to be $5,120 to try to win your money back plus that $5. Obviously, while this is a good principle, it makes a very poor system for most folks.

However, the underlying principle still holds true. What if instead of doubling your bet, you were to increase it by only $1 instead? It would certainly take you longer than one spin to win your money back, but during the extended streaks of bad luck you would still have the funds to stay in the game!

The system I am about to impart to you requires only that you win only 1 out of 3 spins to break even! Yes, to break even you only have to win 33.33% of the spins. Remember, on an even-money bet, odds are that you will win 47.37% of all spins. This system gives you a huge edge over the LIVE Roulette casino! The system is based on a regression algorithm that provides that you increase your bet by 20% each time you lose and most of the time you will keep your bet level when you win. Fortunately, you do not need to understand the math or even what a regression algorithm is to make this work. I will show you how to do it in a bit. But first let’s look at how it works.

Bankroll: $500

  • SPIN 1: Bet: $5 on red Result: Black Lost $5 Bankroll: $495
  • SPIN 2: Bet: $6 on red Result: Black Lost $6 Bankroll: $489
  • SPIN 3: Bet: $7 on red Result: Green Lost $7 Bankroll: $482
  • SPIN 4: Bet: $8 on red Result: Black Lost $8 Bankroll: $474
  • SPIN 5: Bet $9 on red Result: Black Lost $9 Bankroll: $465
  • SPIN 6: Bet $10 on red Result: Red Won $10 Bankroll: $475
  • SPIN 7: Bet $10 on red Result Red Won $10 Bankroll: $485
  • SPIN 8: Bet $10 on red Result Red Won $10 Bankroll: $495
  • SPIN 9: Bet $10 on red Result Red Won $10 Bankroll: $505

See what we did? We lost 5 spins in a row, and then won 4 spins in a row. This equates to a 44.44& win percentage…lower than the actual odds of 47.37%. But we won $5! We did worse than the actual odds say we should do and we won money! In addition, the lowest point our bankroll got was $465. Using the Martingale system (doubling bets each time) our bankroll would have gotten all the way down to $345 and we would have had to lay $160 out on the table for our 6th bet instead of $10 with my system.

Now that you see how the system works, you need to know how to figure your bets. What if you don’t win spins 6-9? Well first off you will need a small notebook and a pencil. Some players will use the cards the casino gives you to keep track of what numbers have hit. Many roulette players will pick the hot numbers that hit often or the ones that haven’t hit in a long time and place their bets on these assuming that there is a greater likelihood that these numbers ill hit. This is not true! But I want you to grab one of these cards they use for this purpose and write your bets down on them.

Here is how you need to do it. First of all, you need to decide how much you intend to bet to start. You should bet no greater than 2.5% of your bankroll, and preferably 1% of your bankroll to insure that you will not go broke during an extended losing streak. Let’s say that you bring $250 to the casino and decide to start betting $5 per spin. Take 20% of your minimum bet and write it down. 20% of $5 is $1. Now write down what 40%, 60%, and 80% of your minimum bet is. With a $5 minimum bet, you should have “1234” written on the card.

This is what you will do. Your bet will always be the sum of the first and last numbers in the series. For your first bet, you will have the outside numbers 1 and 4 so your bet will be $5 which is your minimum bet that you decided on at the start.

Every time you lose a bet you will write it at the end of the series. So if you bet your $5 and lose, you append it to the series and are left with “12345” on your paper. Your next bet will be the sum of 1 and 5 for a total of $6.

Every time you win a bet you X-out the FIRST AND LAST NUMBERS in the series. So if you now win the

$6 bet, you X-out the 1 and 5 and are left with “12345”. I have drawn two lines through (or crossed out) the 1 and 5 and now my new bet will be the sum of 2 and 4 for a total of $6 again.

If I win this bet, I cross out the 2 and 4 and am left with “12345”. So what is my bet? You guessed it! I bet $3 on the next hand.

Let’s say I lose this next hand. I add a 3 to the end of the series. I now have “123453”. My next bet is 3 + 3 = $6. Let’s say I win. I strike out both 3s and the series is complete. “123453”. I have just won $10.

How did I win $10? Well, I lost $5 on the first bet, won $6 on the second bet, won $6 on the third, lost $3 on the fourth, and won $6 on the fifth. -5+6+6-3+6=$10. Using this system you will always win the sum of the four numbers you begin the series with. If you start with 1234 you will win 1+2+3+4…$10 when you complete the series successfully.

If you wish to bet a minimum of $10, you could use the series “2468”. Each series you complete will win you $20. The more adventurous can bet a “5 10 15 20” series that will produce a $50 profit on a $25 minimum bet. However, you should be sure to have at least a $1,000 bankroll to tide you over during the inevitable losing streaks.

During extended losing streaks, you will be able to win money even if you only win 35% of the spins! You can bet black AND red on the same spin and win! Just run two different series on the paper. A more intelligent solution would be to bet red, 1-18, and even at the same time and triple your winnings!

Here is an example of an extended losing streak and how you still come out ahead with a $5 bet and $500 bankroll!

Series Bet Result Bankroll

1234 $5 Lost $495

12345 6 Lost 489

123456 7 Won 496

123456 7 Lost 489

1234567 9 Lost 480

12345679 11 Lost 469

1234567911 13 Lost 456

123456791113 15 Won 471

123456791113 14 Lost 457

12345679111314 17 Won 474

12345679111314 15 Won 489

12345679111314 14 Lost 475

1234567911131414 19 Won 494

1234567911131414 16 Lost 478

123456791113141416 23 Won 501

123456791113141416 9 Won 510

123456791113141418 Series Complete You Won $10

Isn’t this amazing? You Lost 6 out of 7 at one point and never won more than 2 in a row and won $10! I don’t have the space to show you, but you can literally lose 19 out of 30 spins and make your $10 profit! For every two that you lose you must win one to stay even. Think of it this way, if you lose two, you add two numbers to the series. For every win, you X-out two numbers in the series. So in order to win, you need to do just slightly better than 33.3%. Remember, the odds say you will win 47.74% of the need only to win 34% to win. The odds are in your favor!

We recommend that you try this on a casino computer game before trying it in a casino with real money. Familiarize yourself with the system. You can also use this basic system to determine your bets in any other game. Baccarat especially is a good game to run this regression system on. Bear in mind that most casinos will not allow you to “take notes” during a card game however. Black jack is also a good candidate for a betting system. For simplicity, increase your bet by a set number every time you win, and decrease it by the same set number down to the table minimum every time you lose.

And lastly, a disclaimer: this is gambling. Even with the best system, you will not win money every time you play. That one time the wheel spins against you 40 times out of 50 no system on earth will bring you out of it a winner. This system betters your odds dramatically but it is not a guarantee. Also, I am not responsible for your use of this system. If you win money it is not because of me, and if you lose money, it is not my fault either. So play at your own risk, and if you are the cautious type, consider the preceding information for your entertainment purposes only and not as a suggestion to gamble. This said, I believe in this system, and it should work for you in many cases.

Try it out today!

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