Relaxed Roulette System

Analyzed and revised by Izak Matatya

There are lots of roulette systems on the market. Most of them win 9 times out of 10, so your first thought is “wow, this must be a sure winner!” Not necessarily so: the one time that you lose is usually enough to take all your winnings back and to push you to the negative.

A few systems perform well but are complicated or not active enough (you have to wait too long before a bet) or they require a lot of bookkeeping or will sometimes eat your capital, and so on.

Still other systems follow the dealer's signature and should perform well IF a dealer would be standing long enough at one table, which very often is not the case.

The system that I have developed has none of these inconveniences or dangers.

The stress level is also very low, because the goal is to walk into a LIVE Dealer casino, bet a few turns and go back home. This is obtained through FIXING a specific amount of units you want to win. If you do this, you will not be seduced by this little devil inside your head, telling you “try another one and another one”. Another advantage is that your exposure to the casino advantage is minimal.

The casino has always the advantage over the gambler AS LONG as he/she plays EVERY turn of the wheel or at least lots of turns. We won’t do this when betting only a few turns and limiting our profit to a fixed amount. Still another parameter enters the scene: we create frequent INTERRUPTIONS along our betting sessions, adding extra advantage to our side.

A really unique side of this system is that you don't need a specific capital (although nothing is against defining one). You can start with 20 units and never have to look back. What if everything would go wrong and you lose your 20 units? First of all, you will NOT lose them, you will only deliver them to the casino TEMPORARILY. You'll get them back. Even if 20 units were the total capital you had, you'd simply wait calmly until you'd get another sample of 20 units. Even in the worst possible scenario, you'll get your total investment back sooner or later with added profited units.

Why is that so? It's thanks to an adapted version of an old well known progression – the Labouchere – combined with a special selection system based on a basic truth and good money management and a PROFIT limit (others are always talking about a LOSS limit). Incredible as it may sound; my roulette system limits profits, not losses! This can be done, because losses will never be FINAL but only temporary. Besides that, the system wins so often, that huge losses are not to be expected.

Let's now look at all these promising parameters in more detail.

  • You always bet on TWO dozens at once;
  • Those two dozens are the LAST TWO ones that just came out, as long as they are different. If they are not different, you don’t place a bet until you get a couple of dozens that are different;
  • If you don't win right away (also because of a 0), you'll continue betting on these same two dozens for a second time;
  • If you still don't win, you'll bet again on these same two dozens for a third and last time;
  • If you win this third bet, you simply continue the system by betting on the last two dozens (so in this case the NEW last ones);
  • If you lost your third bet, you WAIT for the formation of a NEW couple and then you go on (this is the interruption I spoke about);
  • So you go on until you reach your profit goal (I'll come back to that later on);
  • Once you've reached your goal, you STOP for the day (there is a reason for this, trust me) IMPORTANT REMARK: the two dozens you're betting on have to be two DIFFERENT dozens. If a zero comes up in between, you don’t bet until you have a couple of dozens formed during the last 2 spins. Also, if the dozens repeat for more than 3 times, you can start betting on the other 2 dozens.

The progression

  • BEFORE you start your first bet, you write down the number 1.
  • You'll bet 1 unit on each dozen (so 2 units total).
  • When you win your first bet, you circle this number and that's also the amount you've won.
  • If you lose your first bet, you'll add the number 1 twice (because you lost TWO units) to the right side of the first number 1, which gives you THREE numbers 1 in a row;
  • The next bet will be THE SUM of the two OUTSIDE numbers, 1+1=2 on EACH of the dozens.
  • If you win now, you’ll circle these two numbers (the left one and the right one) and you'll see that there is still one number left. You have to bet that one number on each dozen (so 2 unit’s total).
  • If you win this bet, all units are gone and you've concluded your one unit winning;
  • And so the progression goes on by adding to the right side of the row TWO times the quantity of units you lose and by circling the number at the left most side of the row and the one at the right most side of the row if you win.
  • To clarify this last point: if you lose, you add the two extreme numbers of the row (the left one and the right one) and you bet this quantity on EACH dozen. If you win, you circle the two extreme numbers and continue your betting with the numbers that are left.
  • If you start feeling uncomfortable with the next bet you have to place, you can always split the row into smaller units: this will make the row longer and the number of bets to play higher, but in the end the row will be GONE and you'll be automatically a WINNER.

That's the reason I'm saying that this system doesn't care about losses or about a high capital. If your capital (for example the 20 units I mentioned earlier) is gone due to a very bad run, DON'T panic.

Stop betting for a couple of hours or even days and then go back to CONTINUE with your row of numbers where you quit. This principle stresses the importance of ALWAYS knowing where you are exactly in your row of numbers. As long as you continue later on with this row, you finally come out a WINNER. You'll NEVER lose at the end and the BIG advantage is that you can stop whenever you want and start again whenever AND wherever (another table, another casino). YOU decide.

Everything is now turned upside down: YOU are in control and NOT the casino (they CAN'T stop when they want or use another casino). Bookkeeping is also very simple: each row that is completely circled (and remember this can be and often IS only one number) equals 1 UNIT PROFIT.

As you'll see in the paragraph “money management”, the profit LIMIT is 5 points.

VERY often this goal is reached in less than 20 turns of the wheel. Calculate your earnings/hour and you'll be delighted, even when using moderate unit values.

One golden rule (again): BE HAPPY WITH YOUR FIVE UNITS/DAY and you'll never be exposed to the casino advantage and you'll have plenty of time to LIVE. If you think that this is peanuts, I'll convince you quickly of the opposite: suppose your units are 50 US$ (you can build this quickly on the back of the casino or you can start this unit value from your own money). Winning 5 units a day would then equal 250 US$/day or 5,000 US$/month when playing only 20 days a month!

When you've built your capital high enough (and that will go much quicker then you can imagine, see the money management) in order to feel at ease with higher unit values, you can quietly earn a small (or not so small) fortune in this way. Even if you touch one day at the table limit, this WON’T be a problem, because you'll simply split your bets just enough to stay under this limit!

You can deduct from these calculations that I'm a lazy person who likes to enjoy the good life!

Money management

Let's suppose a starting capital of 50 units of 10 US$ = 500 US$

  • Winning 5 units/day = 5 x 10 US$ = 50 US$.
  • After 10 days, your profit is 500 US$ and your capital has already doubled.
  • Now I have to ask for a little patience, because we'll put these 500 US$ in a safe place and start all over again, until we reach again 500 US$ profit (another 10 days).
  • Now we have a capital of 1,000 US$ and our risk is...ZERO US$ (because we put our first 500 US$ profit in quarantine).
  • From here on the betting unit goes to 20 US$.
  • 20 US$ x 5 units = 100 US$/day = 2000 US$/month for 20 days of play.
  • When we have done this for 15 days, our capital becomes 1,000 US$ + 1,500 US$ = 2,500 US$
  • Now we bet with 50 US$ units.
  • 50 US$ x 5 x 20 = already 5,000 US$/month!
  • But a little greed is allowed and we want to reach 100 US$ units.
  • Therefore we'll have to play for only 10 days with our 50 US$ units = 2,500 US$ + 2,500 US$ = 5,000 US$
  • There we are! Betting 100 US$ units with ZERO risk! Now the gambler’s live becomes rosy and I suggest to stay awhile on these 100 US$ units, in order to build a very healthy capital that can sustain everything. And of course you can go to higher and higher units, although I recommend not to push this to extremes for the simple reason that the casino's won’t allow you to milk them to the bottom. It's better NOT to kill your golden cow!

One remark at the $100 unit level: you may want to set your profit limit to not more than 3 units instead of 5 and even 1 or 2 units will give you sufficient profit. Result: even less stress, less exposure, quicker winning sessions and STILL very high income.

Now you'll see an example coming from a real casino that can be checked by everyone who wishes to do so. I'm taking the most recent results, so that I won’t give the impression to choose a permanence specially to prove my system.

Spielbank Hamburg

Tisch (table) 0001

02.10.2001 (October 2, 2001)

Gewinnzahlen (the numbers that came)



24 Here we start (betting on the two last different dozens 1 and 2) and we win right away.

19 Our new two dozens are 1 and 2 and we win again.

1 We DON'T bet, because we don't have two different dozens.

32 We bet on 2 and 1 and we lose, so our row becomes 111.

36 We bet now 2 units on each dozen (2 and 1) and we lose again, ? 11122.

32 We bet now 3 units on each dozen (2 and 1) and we lose again, ? 1112233.

16 We WAIT for a new couple, because we lost 3 times in a row.

17 Now we bet 4 units (2 times) on the new couple (3 and 2) and we win, ? 11223

16 We can't bet, because there is no couple of dozens that are different.

25 We still can't bet.

29 Now we bet 4 units (2 times) on dozens 2 and 3 and we win, ? 122.

28 We don't have a new couple, so we don't bet.

28 We still can't bet.

9 We still can't bet.

7 We bet 3 units (2 times) on 3 and 1 and we win, ? 2

7 We can't bet.

11 We can't bet.

31 We can't bet.

9 We bet 2 units (2 times) on 3 and 1 and we win, ? DONE!

36 We bet 1 unit (2 times) and win right away.

34 and so we go on until we've won 5 units.

Wishing you the best of luck with my Relaxed Roulette, Edmond Petitjean


Hello, this is Izak Matatya. I have reviewed Edmond Petitjean’s Relaxed Roulette system described above and I would like to add the following analysis.

I have tested and used Relaxed Roulette and had great success with it. I have questioned why betting on two dozens while applying a Labouchere progression should yield a winning system. For one thing, when you bet on two dozens simultaneously, your chances of winning the bet are 2 out of 3, or nearly 65% considering the zero(s). This also means that on the long run, you would be winning 65% of all your bets. With the Labouchere progression, you are required to win one plus half (or 50%) of all your bets in order to be able to close the run, which gives you 1 unit profit.

Therefore, if your run lasts say 17 bets, you will need to win 9 of them. With the 65% probability, chances are you will win 11 of them and your run will be closed with 1 unit profit.

I also analyzed what it would take to lose 3 times in a row according to Edmond’s system.

Relaxed Roulette requires you to give it a break should you lose 3 times in a row. In a sequence of 5 spins, there are only 6 ways you could lose 3 times in a row. And those are:

  • 1 2 3 3 3, (those numbers are the dozens of the numbers that show up) this is because when you get a couple of dozens such as 1 and 2, you will be betting on those two and only if dozen 3 shows up 3 times in a row, you will lose.
  • 2 1 3 3 3
  • 1 3 2 2 2;
  • 3 1 2 2 2;
  • 2 3 1 1 1;
  • 3 2 1 1 1.

Now those 6 permutations are out of 3 to the power of 5 or 243. Therefore, the chances of getting such sequences are 6 out of 243 or 2.5%. They will happen and they did happen when I tried the system live at a frequency of 2-3 times in 100 spins. And they cost the loss of 12 units, because when you lose 3 times in a row, your betting scheme becomes:

1 1 1 2 2 3 3, and you have placed on the table 1+1+2+2+3+3 = 12 units.

Another way of looking at this is the following: If you have a couple of dozens, the chances of losing once is 33%, of losing twice is 11%, and of losing three times in a row is 3.6%. So you would lose 12 units only 3.6% of the time.

Edmond says that you can come and play once again after you take a break after having lost 3 times and go on from where you were left off by placing 4 units on each dozen and pursue with the progression until you win your unit profit. This requires a higher bankroll. If you have about 100 units to play with, this method is not a problem.

A different approach is to simply accept the 12-unit loss and start over again from the beginning. I found that recovering 12 units can be sometimes less stressful and does not require the betting of large amounts. And one recovers the 12 units pretty fast with this winning system.

An additional method, if you don’t want to wager large amounts, is to split your bets. There are various ways you can do this. Suppose you are down by 18 units after the following win/loss sequence: L W L L W L L, as this is what happens:

L > 1 1 1

W > 1

L > 1 1 1

L > 1 1 1 2 2

W > 1 1 2

L > 1 1 2 3 3

L > 1 1 2 3 3 4 4

At this stage you would take a break and split the 18 units in 3 different groups:

(1 2 3), (1 3 4), (4).

You can also split the last 4 into (1 1 2) if you like. This way you would have to place only 3 units on each dozen instead of 4. Then you go on with the progression starting with those numbers written down, instead of 1. You would only have to win one extra bet in order to close the runs.

You can apply this splitting method for as much as you wish. For instance you can take the second set (1 3 4) and make it two groups of (1 1 2). And come back to the LIVE Roulette table any time at your easy pace and win every session in a relaxed manner without having to bet big unit amounts.

One final approach, which is riskier, but works more than 80% of the time is the following: If you have lost 12 units by losing three times in a row take a break, find a newly formed couple of dozens, then bet 12 times stronger. In other words, you would start betting from the beginning by writing the number 1, except that your unit will be 12 times more than what it was at the very beginning. Then, the moment you close this run, you would recover your previous loss immediately. This method can be applied if you are using $1 minimum tables. Then if you lose 3 times in a row, you will be down by $12. Then you go to the $10 minimum table and use $15 as your unit value. As you close this run, you will recover the $12 and be ahead by $3. Then you can come back to the $1 table and go on playing relaxed.

Wishing you lots of success with Relaxed Roulette.

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