ROULETTE Chip Values

Had a pretty good question regarding the use of OFF AMOUNTS at the Roulette table.

In my Advanced Roulette book, I talk often about the use of betting in off amounts.........which means not the standard $5 and $10 and $25 levels. Most people have Bankrolls that average around $300 for a trip to the LIVE casinos, and if you listen to my advice, that money should be broken into SESSIONS.

When you walk into a casino with your Bankroll (we'll say $300), that is your Bankroll, but I don't want you taking that total amount to a table. A losing streak could eat deep into that amount. My suggestion is to break it into

Sessions of equal amounts

Let’s assume you decide on 3 Sessions of $100 each. You set your Win Goals and Loss Limits, decide on a system of betting and then CHART the tables to see one going in the direction you plan to play.

All of that is clear, Mike has asked that suppose he went to a table and wanted to use the Regression System and incorporate Off Amounts....the use of Dollar Chips. Instead of betting in increments of $5, $10, $15, etc., he could use $7, $8, $12, $17, etc.

This Roulette method is especially effective for the person with a smaller bankroll and a small Session amount, say $50. There is NO QUESTION they should bet in a Series such as $7 and then down to $5, then up to $8, then $12 then Regress again to $5.

That Series would look like this 7-5-8-12-5 etc. A loss ends the SERIES and you begin over. The Power being that after the first win, you are in a no lose situation.

Learn the Regression

Mike, to you, yes, even with your heavier Session amount of $200 or $300 per Session, you should use the OFF AMOUNTS and should have a healthy amount of chips in front of you. Obviously, you can't use more than one color (example orange), so up to about $15, you would merely stack the dollar orange chips on the bets you intend to make. It'll be a high pile.

In your note you indicated the Regression, so I assume you mean the Outside bets of Black/Red, High/Low, Odd/Even. In your case, with a strong Session amount, you could also use casino chips of (red) $5 value as part of your play.

For instance, you decide to bet $22 on BLACK. You would put four red casino $5 chips and your designated color (orange) 2 chips, valued at $1 each on the layout. But DO NOT remove your eyes from your bet.

In Roulette, especially on the inside bets, there are stacks of chips from various players, which mean it is not uncommon to see green, orange, brown, yellow ...AND AND AND casino $5 chips stacked on top of each other.

In your case, if you have used the casino chips, along with your Red casino $5 chips, you have to make sure someone doesn't put a brown (for example) chip on top and then CLAIM the casino chips were his, after a winning decision........…

The casinos will not give you two separate colors for two separate amounts (roulette casino chips) but you CAN incorporate the dollar chips they give you, with the casino $5 and $10 chips.

A case in point......I play a lot of Pai Gow Poker and many (most on weekends), have $25 minimums. To use the OFF AMOUNT method, I use green $25 chips and red $5 casino chips to bet OFF AMOUNTS. for instance, $35-$25-$30-$40-$30-$50-$30 etc. is just like your situation in Roulette. I surely don't just stick to the normal??????????/ $25-$50-$75 etc. denominations.

Hope that answered your question. and my compliments to you on the use of the OFF AMOUNTS and Regression System, regardless of the amount you play.......

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