Roulette Old-Fashion System

The basis of the casino system is this.

  • You use the system on Black and Red.
  • The Roulette Table must be a 25$ Cent minimum table for optional use of the system.
  • You bet each spin.
  • What we hope to catch is the so called gold rushes of 4-5 in a row, that happen several hundred times a day!
  • Our bankroll consists of $50 (200 units of 25 cent Chips)

How We Play

We approach a table that matches the rules of OLD-FASHION and start by playing I unit on Black and 1 unit on Red. Let's say Red came up and Black lost we would then replace the I unit lost on Black With a new 1 unit. The units won on Red we keep on the table and let them go for a new "Ride" If Red wins again

I will replace the 1 unit lost on Black with 1 new unit and let the units on red go for a new "Ride". What we are looking for is that either Black or Red will win 5 times in a row and give us a total of 32 Units. If this happen take all of the units and start over again!

To Remember

  • Always replace the lost unit(s) with a new Unit * Always Let the Winning Units ride for a total of 5 wins in a row giving us a total of 32 Units when it succeeds.
  • You will never lose more than 50$ and if you win enough go to the higher bet tables for a bigger profit!
  • The 5 winnings in a row happens several hundred times during a normal day of playing.

New Update to Old-Fashion

If you are having too many bad days to reduce the total of 5 winnings in a row to 3 or 4 it might pay even better in the long run!

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