Instead of sitting there and waiting all day for it to load, here is the easy way. Enjoy. What you have here is the top professional roulette system called Roulette Pro. It is used by professional roulette player/teams around the world because it has proved to win over and over again.

What our studies and other have showed is that in average only 2/3 of the numbers come out, this means that in the next 37 spins only 24 different numbers will show up (average).

There has never been a run where all 37 different numbers came up in 37 spins! This is a FACT just ask any roulette expert! In theory it should be possible that 37 different numbers showed up in a trial of 37 spins!! But this have never happened before because the possibility is I -billions (more than your calculator can calculate!!!)

This is what we try to take advantage of with the Roulette Pro system!

Rules of The Strategy

When a bet comes up we bet this number for the next 25 spins. This means that after 5 spins we are betting 5 different numbers. We only use the numbers one time in a session. A session is finished when we have been betting on 25 different numbers! After that we start all over again!

Example: Roulette Spins from The Real Gulf Casino'.

35 17 29 10 30 35 26 16 16 0 33 29 11 2 3 8 31 19 1 22 23 17 18 3 30 25 28 24 19 21 0 26 36 14 13 33 29 8 4 14 29 28 31 24 17 35 34 18 1 11 18 2 2 29 6 20 18 28 25

The numbers in () shows which number from above we have won or lost on. This way you the roulette player can also test and see if you do it correct on these numbers!

+30 (35)

+15 (17)

+26 (29)

-25 (10)

+15 (30)

+10 (26)

+34 (16)

+14 (0)

+10 (33)

-25 (11)

-25 (2)

+26 (3)

Total Loss/Win

Won +295 Units

Loss -250 Units

Total + 45 Units

We stopped after number 14 because this was the 25th different number that we had been betting. You start over again after a few spins! I normally leave the LIVE casino when I am 100 Units ahead.

Practice until you come to the same result as me! The payout on a flat number is 35- 1. Actually you get 36 because you also get the chip you used as bet but this I give to the dealer.

I agree that the system can be a little hard to play, but as an option you can play as a team with up to 4-8 persons doing it! It takes practice BUT the system is the only system to have beaten 9 different roulette tester books!

Our tests show that when you are +100 Units ahead then it is time to stop playing for today! Do not be greedy because YOU CAN lose with the system!! I normally use a bankroll of 1000 Units but I also paly on a $25 cent table which is $250 USD

Roulette Pro Test on "6400 Roulette Spins, Before Hell": The roulette pro system has beaten the Hell tester book and this you can check by using the strategy on the books numbers which have been submitted in the SciTech 998 Roulette packet! The net profit depends on how you play it! If you just play it on all numbers it will give +200 Units (dealer tips have been given). But the pro system is at one point also over +700 Units ahead so it depends how greedy one person are! Therefore, stop a playing day when you are 100 units ahead!

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