The Royal Roulette Method has been devised over a period of seven years. Its author has spent many hours and collected thousands of recorded spins to prove that the method works under controlled conditions and more importantly - at the LIVE casino.

The method has been laid out as simply as possible. You will see that there are 3 main areas of operation.

  • Picking the Winning Columns & Dozens
  • Betting Calculation & Odds Regulation
  • Loss Adjustment & Recovery

It is pointless to try to "improve" the method or rearrange any of the selection or betting sequences to give yourself an increase in winnings or short cut. Doing this will result in losses to you bank. Please avoid "s at aft costs by sticking exactly to the rules of the method. Your total concentration is directed towards achieving your target.

It is important to recognize the basic mathematical results that will occur over an average number of spins. Your sole purpose in playing this method is to give yourself a winning advantage over the casino. Therefore, you should only play a method that is proven and only play when conditions suit you and not the casino. Simple statistics will show that if you play I- columns or dozens against 1 for the casino, your choices will win on average (plus or minus positive or negative runs of numbers.) 66% of the time.

Picking the Winning Columns & Dozens

We can increase this average by using a column or dozen selection process that manages to 'captured winning columns or dozens and string them in to a continuous series, series of spins. We call them winning, "Click". The longest winning, "Click" we have observed was 4'- continuous spins in a row in our favor. with 2 losing spins and then another winning "Click" of 17 spins' s in a row.

Every bet following a win is easy to calculate.

Betting Calculation

This is so because there is no increase in the stake unless you decide to "upgrade' your win opportunities. in which case your bank- is upgraded too.

You will also be using odds to play the method.

Odds Regulation

These odds only change immediately, after a loss or after a win. The purpose of introducing odds into your play is to maximize your win possibilities when in recovery, mode and to minimize your losses when you hit a bad run of numbers. Remember. every bet following a win is easy to calculate because there is no change to the stake, Sooner or later you will hit a run of bad spins that go against you. It is important not to be concerned about this because it is a natural consequence of playing Roulette. The longer you play, the more likely you are to hit a winning or losing run.

Most players usually do one of 4 things when confronted with a losing run of spins when playing with other systems for LIVE roulette

  • Leave the table to play another
  • Increase bets to recover previous losses
  • Panic and lose control of the game
  • Wait until the table recovers

Whichever one applies, the player is still losing money from bets placed during the bad run of numbers.

You will see later that our method requires You to play a sequence (Loss Adjustment) that minimizes your stake and allows you to continue playing until you have regained any losses (Recovery) and puts You back on track with an automatic winning balance to your target. (Your target is the amount of money you are aiming to win at that table session.)

Each time you play Roulette it is called a "Table Session". For example, you may visit 3 tables in an evening for 1 hour each. This would be classed as 3 Table Sessions. When you have finished playing. you add up your table sessions, which you will refer to as your "Total Session Time" (TST).

Adding together all of the winnings from each table session is called "Total Session Winnings"(TSW,). Your TST is divided into your TSW to give you an hourly win rate. For example, if you have won $I.000.00 after playing for 3 hours, your win rate is $333.00 per hour.

Before you begin your first table session. it is necessary to set 2 targets. The first target is the amount you want to leave the casino with = Your "Total Session Winnings"(TSW). Your TSW should be set sensibly and it must be achievable. Let’s say you want Your TSW to be S500.00. Your average win rate based on 60 spins is 5200.00. The second target is Your bet target which starts at $IO for five dollar a column table. You will learn more about the second target later in the mechanics of the "Royal Roulette" method.

The win rate increases in proportion to your unit stakes, if you bet 10 x 1-dollar units per column, your win rate is 5400.00 on average. based on 60 spins.

Following is a guide showing win rates.

Stake Per Column/Dozen Bank Required Spin Rate Win Rate

5 units 1000 units 60 200 units

10 2000 400

15 3000 600

20 4000 800

25 5000 1000

Picking the Winning Columns & Dozens

The first part of the method is in the selection of columns and dozens. You can choose either (or both if You are good enough) however, the method favors the columns Your selection process is simple. You choose 2 columns or dozens and play them twice. e.g.; Columns 1 & 2 then repeat.

You then select the last column or dozen and add the oncoming column or dozen thus; Column 2 & 3 then repeat.

Next you choose the last column or dozen and add the oncoming column or dozen like so; Column 3 & 1 then repeat.

The first six selections should look like this:

Columns or Dozens

1 - 2

1 - 2

2 - 3

2 - 3

3 - 1

3 - 1

Simple isn't it' It is also extremely effective. A fact You can try for yourself.

You can begin where you like at any column or dozen so long as you keep to the sequence. We recommend however, that you choose 1 - 2, 1 - 2 to begin every table session.

The only time you should break the sequence is when you have 4 losing spins in a row. This is OPTIONAL (but it is sensible to change sequence at this point) and it is designed to thwart any potential run of bad spins.

Changing columns or dozens may help you at one table session and hinder you at another so it is Your choice whether or not to apply the change. It is worth remembering that our research shows that beginning a table session with the 1 -2, 1 - 2 start has a slight edge on the others but in most cases the end result still shows a substantial winning run in You favor.

Occasionally you will find that changing columns or dozens out of sequence cuts a losing run early and put You into recover, much sooner.

If You cannot get to the casino to record spins for comparison. we recommend a book by Martin Blakey called "Roulette - A Winning Strategy". It contains 40.000 actual recorded casino spins at the Roulette wheel and it is excellent to practice this method without spending a fortune in time or money at your local casino. The book is available from Your local casino bookshop.


Increase your bet to 15 x 15 units. If this results in a win. -you will be 5 units in front. You will usually have a win after a loss.

Occasionally, you will have two or three losing spins in a row. If this happens, follow the Loss Adjustment Recovery Procedures explained later.

On very rare occasions, you will have 4, 5 or even 6 losing spins in a row.

Don't worry about this because you will learn how to recover and get back to your original position. There is a diagram printed showing the results of 12 losing spins in a row, (which has never happened in 7 years and 100,000 spins!) and how much bank you will use to get back on track to recover.

Remember the statistical facts - when you play 2 columns or dozens against the banks 1 column or dozen, you will win 66% minimum on average over a certain number of spins. In addition, you have the opportunity to change your column or dozen.


Following is the formula for winning with the R.R. method.

Please note: round bets down to whole dollar amounts if less than .50 and round bets up to whole dollar amounts if greater than .50.

  • Set your bet target (i.e.: 1 0 units).
  • Divide your bet target by odds of 2/1 and place Your bet on the chosen columns or dozens. (I. 5 x 5 on columns 1 & 2).
  • If your first spin is a winning spin. start the next bet exactly the same and continue until a losing spin.
  • When you hit a losing spin, adopt the following procedure:
    1. New bet target of 10 units. Plus, last bet target of 10 units. Plus losing column or dozen bets 10 units (5 x 5)
    2. Total bet = 30 divided by 2/1
    3. Your next bet is 15 x 15 (example: 10 + 10 + 5 + 5 = 30 divided by 2/1 = next bet of 15 x 15.)
  • If Your second spin is a win you will have recovered your previous spin losses. and show a profit of 5 units. Carry on as shown in #1.
  • If the second spin result is a loss. You will show a bank deficit of 40 units. Put this deficit to one side. Don't worry. You will recover it later.
  • Set a new bet target, 20 units. Increase odds to 4/1 and divide by 4. Your next bet (spin 3) is 20 divided by 4 = 5 x 5.
  • If this spin is a winning spin, decrease Your odds to 2/1 and set your new formula (ie: 20 + 20 + 5 minus 10 = 35 divided by 2/1 = 17 x 17 next bet). Remember to deduct the previous winning amount from the new formula. If the next spin wins, (spin 4) set your new bet formula 20 + 35 + 17 minus 34 = 38 divided by 2/1 = 19 x 19. If this spin wins (spin 5) you have recovered and show a profit of 1 unit.
  • If this is a losing spin, (spin 3) increase your odds to 6i'l and set your new bet formula (ie.: 20 + 20 + 5 + 5 50 divided by 6/1 = next bet 8 x 8. If the next spin is a lose (spin 4) increase you odds to 8,/1 and set your new bet formula (ie: 20 + 50 + 8 + 8 = 86 divided by 8 = 11 x 11.
  • If you continue to get losing spins. adopt the betting procedure enclosed with this report.


The betting, formula used is quite simple to operate and you not need to use your notes after a couple of hours practice. Following are some guidelines to help you initially.

  • Your bet target is a minimum of 10 x 1 dollar units divided by your odds. (Your odds always start at 2/l) You can increase your bet target in multiples of 5 x 1 dollar units up to a maximum of 25 x 1 dollar units.
  • When setting a new bet formula following it loss, always adopt the following procedure:
    1. write down your bet target ie. 20 units
    2. next add the total amount of your last bet before the odds division so if you last bet was 20 units divided by 4/l (= a stake of 5 x 5) you would add a further 20 units.
    3. add each of the last losing column or dozen bets ie, 5 + 5. Your total new bet formula would be 20 + 20 + 5 + 5 = 50 divided by you new odds. If you were setting a new bet formula following a win you would deduct the total win from the calculation. Therefore the above example would show thus:
      • new bet target of 20 units
      • plus total last bet amount 20 units
      • plus last losing column bet of 5 units
      • minus total last winning column of 10 units It would look like this: 20 + 20 + 5 minus 10 = 35 divided by new odds
  • Change Your target amount when Your bank. shows a deficit of the following amounts.

BANK DEFICIT -40 -120 -280 -400 -600 -1000

NEW TARGET +20 + 40 + 80 +100 +125 + 150

  • Remember to set aside any previous bank deficits when changing to a new target and always start with the new target amount only and then divide it by your new odds. When playing with larger bet targets, increase all of the above figures by a percentage relative to your increase. For example. Playing with a bet target of 40 units (20 units per column or dozen) would require a bank of $4000, the bank deficit and new target figures would be 4 times the example above. The new target amounts for the other betting divisions are as follows:

10 UNITS per column/dozen

BANK DEFICIT -80 -240 -560 -800 -1200 -2000

NEW TARGET 40 80 160 200 250 300

15 UNITS per column/dozen

BANK DEFICIT -120 -360 -840 1200 -1800 -3000

NEW TARGET 60 120 240 300 375 450

20 UNITS per column/dozen

BANK DEFICIT -160 -480 -1120 -1600 -2400 -4000

NEW TARGET 80 160 320 400 500 600

25 UNITS per column/dozen

BANK DEFICIT -200 -600 -1400 -2000 -3000 -5000

NEW TARGET 100 200 400 500 625 750

The bet formula does not change, only the new target amounts. When you play higher stakes, you must move to a higher limit table or else You will be out of upper and lower table limit amounts.

  • Always start your play with odds of 2/1. Keep them at 2/1 for the first 2 spins. If you have 2 losing spins in a row, increase your odds to 4/1 and continue to increase them by 2 until you have a winning spin, then HALVE your odds for your next bet and HALVE them again if a win down to a maximum of 2/1. Let’s say you have sat down to play your first table session and you have had 5 losing spins in a row (very, very unusual!) followed by 4 winning spins. Your progressive betting rate would look like this:

Spin 1. Odds 2/1 lose

Spin 2 Odds 2/1 lose

Spin 3 Odds 4/1 lose

S pin 4 Odds 6/1 lose

Spin 5 Odds 8/1 lose

Spin 6 Odds 10/1 win

Spin 7 Odds 5/1 win (Half previous odds)

Spin 8 Odds 2/1 win "

Spin 9. Odds 2/1 win (as previous odds)

You would continue with our new bet formula until you had recovered fully and start again at your minimum bet target at odds of 2/1. In the above example, it would take 4 straight wins to recover to give you a plus amount of 32 units after 9 total spins. The maximum bank- used would be 114 units and the maximum column or dozen bet would be 64 units (At the beginning of Spin 9, Your bank. deficit was -10 units. If You wish. you can adjust your column or dozen bet to recover the bank deficit only. This would bring you out even after 9 spins.)

When you are winning there is no need to change your stake because it remains the same until you hit a losing spin. When this happens you adopt the loss adjustment and recovery procedure explained earlier and play cautiously until you begin your recovery. The whole point of the method is to give you small but regular winning amounts that add up to give you your "TSW" (Total Session Winnings) without alerting the casino or attracting too much attention to your play.

There is no problem whatsoever in winning regularly with this method. The skill comes with proper betting calculation and odds regulation so that you can control the game and only spend what You want to spend. When you hit a bad run of spins you are comfortable knowing that You have the method to 'ride out' the bad patch and recover any losses calmly and without using too much bank.

It is worth noting at this point that there will be when the wheel acts " out of sequence" (The term is 'Choppy') This occurs when you get a win, then a couple of losses, then another win a loss. a win, a couple of losses etc.

THIS IS THE ONLY TIME THE ROULETTE WHEEL CAN HURT YOU. If this choppy problem occurs adopt the following procedure.

  • If you get 2 or 3 consecutive losses followed by a win then a further 2 or 3 consecutive losses - STOP PLAY!
  • Wait until normal sequence has won 3 consecutive times and lost once then continue your betting sequence.
  • Always play intelligently. The system will win for you regularly. You need to be aware of an impending chopping and changing of wins and losses. When this happens You lose twice as much as you win and your bets will become increasingly larger. It is part of the systems strategy to stop and wait until the wheel regains its composure and plays to your winning, sequence.
  • You will always regain the upper hand but You must not play when the wheel is out of sequence. The other alternative is to chance sequence again similar to what You would do after 4 continuous losses. This may break the cycle but is evidently better to stop play and wait for sequence stability.

Example of 12 Continuous Losing Spins & Recovery.


2, /1 1 1 - 2 5 x 5 Lose 10 + 10 + 5 + 5 = 30 divided by 2/1 -10

2/1 2 1 - 2 15 x 15 Lose New target of 20 divided by 4/1 -40

4/1 3 2 - 3 5 x 5 Lose 20 + 20 + 5 + 5 = 50 divided by 6/1 -50

6/1 4 2 - 3 8 x 8 Lose 20 + 50 + 8 + 8 = 86 divided by 8/1 -66

8/1 5 3 - 1 11 x 11 Lose 20 + 86 + 11 + 11 = 128 divided by 10/1 -88

10/1 6 3 - 1 13 x 13 Lose New target of 40 divided by 12/1 -114

12/1 7 1 - 2 5 x 5 Lose 40 + 40 + 5 + 5 = 90 divided by 14/1 -124

14/1 8 1 - 2 6 x 6 Lose 40 + 90 + 6 + 6 = 142 divided by 16/1 -136

16/1 9 2 - 3 9 x 9 Lose 40 + 142 + 9 + 9 = 200 divided by 18/1 -154

18/1 10 2 - 3 11 x 11 Lose 40 + 200 + 11 + 11 =262 divided by 20/1 -176

20/1 11 3 - 1 13 x 13 Lose 40 + 262 13 + 13 = 328 divided by 22/1 -202

22/1 12 3 - 1 15 x 15 Lose 40 + 328 + 15 + 15 = 398 divided by 24/1 -232

24/1 13 1 - 2 17 x 17 Win 40 + 398 + 17 minus 34 = 421 div. by 12/1 -215

12/1 14 1 - 2 36 x 36 Win 40 + 421 + 36 minus 72 = 425 div. by 6/1 -179

6 / 1 15 2- 3 71 x 71 Win 40 + 425 + 71 minus 142 = 394 div by 3/1 -108

13/1 16 2 - 3 131 x 131 Win New Target of 10 divided by 2/1 + 23

Max. Accumulate Bank Loss 232 units (Bank. reserves at this point = 768 units)

Max. Single Col/Doze Bet 131 units (Bank- reserves at this point = 506 units)

Total Spins 16

If you are uncomfortable betting large amounts per column or dozen. Simply increase the odds to decrease Your bet. The net result of this is a longer wait before recovery


  • Start at columns 1 -2. Set target of 10 units divided by 2/1 (5x5).
  • Place Your first bet (5x5) on columns 1 - 2.
  • If this spin loses set a new bet formula of 10 - 10 + 5 - 5 = 30 divided 2/1 = a new bet of 15 x 15.
  • If your second spin loses, set up your new bet formula. New target of 40 and put your losses to one side.
  • This spin usually recovers to give you a plus of 5 units. If this is a loss follow the loss adjustment procedure.
  • Always increase your odds by following a loss and halve your odds following a win to a maximum of 2/1.
  • Remember that you have to increase your target amount when You reach the following total losses:

Bank Deficit - 40 -120 -280 -400 -600 -1000

New Target +20 + 40 + 80 +100 +125 +150

Your new bet formula is made up of these elements:

  1. Your new bet target (i.e. 10 units)
  2. Your last total bet amount before division (i.e. 10 units)
  3. Your last column bet totals (i.e.: 5x5)

Example: 10 + 10 + 5 + 5 = 30 divided by new odds.

Following a win

  • Your new bet target. (i.e.: 10 units)
  • Your last total bet amount before division. (i.e.: 20 units)
  • Your last column loss (1 only i.e.: 5)
  • Deduct the total last winning column amount. (one only i.e.: 10 units

Example: 10 + 20 + 5 - 10 = 25 divided by new odds.

  • When changing to new bet targets, put your previous losses to one side and divide the new bet target only by new odds. Example: Previous losses 40 units. New target 20 divided by new odds 4/1 = 5 x 5.
  • Please do not attempt to play until you are fully trained, with the method.

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