This is a very simple to use but quite effective and successful way of betting on the Single Streets.

Chart the table for approximately 10 spins and pick which ever Streets hit the most frequently - there are usually 2 Streets that have hit more than the others.

Bet 1 unit on each of the chosen Streets and continue doing so until you win. Check your profit/loss position and if you are showing a profit then look for another Street to bet on and start over again at 1 unit.

If you are showing a loss then start over again but divide your loss by 10 to arrive at the new starting bet figure e.g. say you won on spin 15 this would mean that you are losing 4 units/10 = 1 unit (15 - 11 profit = - 4) so your new starting bet would be 2 units per spin (the starting bet of 1unit plus the "loss recovery 1 unit).

You can do the same sort of thing with bets on Single Numbers - just divide your losses by 30 after each win.

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