You may find that on American wheels, especially if you are the only player at the table, the dealer may try to “out spin” you. To combat this tactic, pick a “friendly” dealer or try to play where there are a few other players at the table to slow down the pace and camouflage your play. Of course, tipping the dealer after a good win or putting a small chip on one or more numbers you are betting on “for the dealer” is also a good way to get them to slow down the pace and get them on your side.

Speaking of dealer tricks, there are many ways the house can engage in aggravation tactics. Good system players are not appreciated. Not that they think you will win a lot of money with system play. They just don’t like the lengthy struggle when they can get plenty of disorganized and foolish players to occupy the seats and drop their bankroll faster. In a large, reputable US casino you don’t have to worry about crooked roulette wheels. They can easily discourage your action by other means.

Less push on the ball can cause quick spins (quick decisions). There are also fast sweeps and quick restarts and the occasional and seemingly unintentional mis-pay. This can cause arguments and your temper may take over which can not only cause you to play poorly but could also get you thrown out. To avoid such confrontations, a good player chooses his playing spots intelligently and plays at the best times. Do not play on a busy, crowded weekends when the house needs the space. Conversely, don't play in an empty house. Weekday afternoons and evenings are good. Avoid holidays, busy weekends and large convention crowds.

Avoid “confrontational” type dealers and SKIP THE FREE DRINKS. You may think that one little drink does no harm, but anything that slows down your thinking or relaxes your inhibitions in the slightest works for the house. One bit of daring action, especially if it is successful, leads to another and eventual breakdown of all good rules of logical play.

Have you ever heard of the one dealer that can drop a ball in any particular numbered slot? Probably just a myth. There are a few “talented” dealers that can place a ball within a certain section, however. Maybe not every time, but if you are a one number player an expert dealer can easily beat you by causing the ball to land on the other side of the board.

Dealers can spot a good system player just as easily as a true sucker. Casinos are only worried about good system players and big betters who might get hot and make a big score.

In LIVE Dealer blackjack, for example, good card counters often draw unwanted attention (and a reshuffle of the deck) when they up their bet from 5 to 20 dollars. Whereas a constant 50 dollar flat better at the same table will get no attention at all. A good system player must rotate his action from casino to casino and learn all the tricks of the trade. Generally speaking, though, it helps in any game if you are NOT the biggest player at the table.

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