To most Americans, Craps may be the King of games. But to system players and gambling enthusiasts throughout the rest of the world, roulette is the Queen. The game of roulette has a dignity and a studious atmosphere that differs from other casino games. Roulette players enjoy a chance to sit down and get away from the excited shouting of other players and constant spieling of the dealers.

The roulette player is not concerned with the necessity of counting or making constant decisions as in a card game, nor does he have to be concerned with a so called “hot shooter” as in craps.

A good roulette player plays his game far better and lasts longer than speculators at other games. Roulette is a great game and it is our goal to help you become a winning player.

There are two basic forms of roulette. The American style and the more player friendly European style.

Even with a higher house advantage than most other casino games, roulette profits still don't seem to satisfy greedy US casino operators.

In America, you not only have to contend with an extra zero (the green double zero) you also have to put up with the annoyances. American roulette dealers often spin the plays too quickly and sweep the board impatiently. Most Europeans are quickly disgusted with the game as played in the United States casinos as they are accustomed to a much better game with more time to make decisions and a better chance of winning.

There is some good news, however. In recent years more and more casinos have added single zero wheels. The Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, for example, has all single zero wheels and they should be congratulated for their efforts to provide a better game (see bonus pages for more casinos with single zero wheels).

A typical casino might have five to ten times more blackjack tables than roulette tables, but the casinos have been killing off a lot of “21” players lately with all their gimmicks and greedy rules. Many players have found their money goes fast at the blackjack tables and have turned to dice or roulette instead. With a bit of knowledge, an informed player can win at roulette. It just takes a little study and a thorough understanding of the game.

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