It has often been said, “There are many roulette systems as there are Frenchmen.” This may be true across the big pond, but in the US there are only a few basic types of players.

Many US players are the “shotgun” type. They love to put chips all over the board and cover a lot of numbers. Sure, they get some winners at 35 to 1… but they plow so much back into the game that their winnings are very temporary.

Then we have the “overdue” believers. If a number or a color or a section or dozen on the wheel fails to come up for a while, they will start following it. Some will progress their bets too steeply. Rarely done in an organized fashion, this isn’t a very good plan to begin with. Ask yourself this: How can you find a real big slump if it doesn’t start out as a little one? Therefore, isn’t the “overdue” player walking right into all the big slumps? Research indicates that something that is HOT and HITTING is much better to play than something that is (supposedly) “overdue.”

Finally, we come to the simple but steep progression players. The double-up players and the cancellation believers… all living on borrowed time. Some players with a big bankroll will try a double up progression and get out ahead for a little while. Eventually though they will hit a streak of losses that wipes out all of their gains and/or they hit the table limits. In any case, steep progressions have not worked for centuries and never will as long as table limits exist and losing streaks are part of the game.

Good system play is founded on lengthy study and research. A plan must be tested over thousands or even tens of thousands of decisions to know the maximum “slump potential” and capital requirements.

Very few players take gambling as a serious business. They want success to fall in their laps and hit the jackpot five minutes after they sit down just like in the movies. If, instead they would adopt a more realistic approach and accept a few percent profit, they would have an excellent chance of winning.

The most logical approach to roulette is actually to WAIT until something appears, then bet on more appearing soon after. If the run of more of the same fails to appear, back off and accept that this isn’t one of the times for a statistically normal “clumping” or “bunching” of numbers to appear. Don’t keep stubbornly betting as this can cost you your entire bankroll.

Some “favorite number” roulette players will start out betting one chip on each of their favorite numbers UNITL they get a winner. Then they will increase their bets for the next spin or for a pre-determined length of time.

If they win again with the larger bet, they will again increase their bets on the next spin or for however long their plan calls for. If they are fortunate and run into a “bunching up” of their numbers they can accumulate a very nice gain. The smart ones will quit as soon as the hot streak tapers off BEFORE they give back all of their gains.

You may wish to try this method on any kind of selections you like. Sometimes it will work. The trick is to calculate your capital sufficiently and to have the discipline to walk away while you are ahead.

Wheel section players know that the ball will drop in a section for a few times before getting erratic again.

They play a waiting game and try to capitalize on a good run. Some use a mild progression and actually get away with it. This too takes study and a complete understanding of your plan.


The first thing you need to do is to decide what sort of action appeals to you. Some people like the short odds plays found on the outside of the layout. Some like long shots such as straight up numbers at 35 to 1or split numbers at 17 to 1. Others like to cover 4 to 6 numbers at a time and get a mid-range payoff.

You must remember that the longer the odds, the longer the slumps. This, of course, is compensated for by the fact that long shots have a bigger payoff when they do hit. Fortunately, with roulette, there is no difference in the negative percentage (dice players on the other hand have to take a bad percentage bets if they wish to play the long shots).

Roulette system players, especially in Europe, are commonly seen with a pencil and pad. In American roulette casinos the system player gets a lot of kidding from non-believers. Keeping a good record is very necessary, however, unless you have a relatively simple plan. A very small notebook or palm sized index cards are suggested for record keeping. Always use an ever-sharp (mechanical) pencil with an eraser, never a pen. Under the pressure of the game you can make mistakes or get behind if a pen fails to write on a slick surface or runs out of ink. The purpose of keeping records is to know what has happened and know what the next correct move should be.


The basis for a good system play is cycles or patterns. Research shows what it takes to constitute a hot streak and roughly how long to follow it before it cools off. Granted, a number or a section will often hit just after it was dropped; but those frustrations are expected and are a part of the game. You cannot keep altering rules based on a few outcomes. Rules of play must be based on research done on tens of thousands of decisions.

This research indicates that each different odds bracket has a cycle period. These provide the basis for rules of selection. One thing you will notice very early on is that one winner does not necessarily indicate the termination of a slump or the start of a winning streak. It does pay to stop action, however, when your plan blanks out too long and to wait for a winner or a pre-determined betting cue before restarting.


Beginning with the shortest priced plays and working up to the long shots, let’s take a look at the rules of selection. What scientific research indicates that you should do may seem absolutely contrary to most player’s beliefs or preconceptions. For example, many people think that if black hits four or five times in a row, now is the time to bet red. Research says just the opposite.

Even money bets: Even money plays are not HOT or ready to follow UNTIL THEY HAVE HIT AT LEAST 4, PREFERABLY FIVE OR SIX TIMES IN A ROW.

Of course, if you start on 4 you will get slightly longer winning streaks when you do hit a run. On the other hand, you will make more false starts than if you start on 5. Research indicates 5 is about right and 6 is quite good too. Start watching the even money propositions such as red/black, odd/even, or high/low.

When one of them hits five or more times GET ON IT and stay on it till it loses. This selection, of course, needs a wagering plan to fit (which will be discussed later).


Compare the overall profit or loss percentages with starting on ANY even money bet at any other time, including after a string of losers. If you examine thousands of plays, you will see that this way helps a bit and, in gaming, ANYTHING you can do to improve your bet selections in the slightest will give you a much better chance to fight your enemy - the house percentage.

Dozens and Columns: Next are the 2-1 shots and the most favorable time to start betting on them. Research indicates you should wait for TWO OR THREE CONSECUTIVE hits on any particular dozen or column before betting on it. Wait for only two if you are anxious, but three is better. Again this needs a good wagering plan which will be covered later.

Research these methods of selection yourself, write down the individual results and practice until you are completely comfortable that you know what you are doing.

Six Blocks: Now for the longer odds (pays 5 to 1) on the 6 block. This is where you place your chip on the edge of a half a dozen numbers. The time to pick up on a 6 block is after it has hit TWICE in a row.

Stop on a loser and adopt a good wagering plan.

Longer Odds: Finding cycles for long odds play is slightly different. Consecutive hits are no longer needed. Although, two in a row is, of course, time to pick up the play. Any time a strip of three numbers hits twice in a row (pays 11 to 1) OR a split of two numbers hits twice in a row (pays 17 to 1) play it to REPEAT and continue as long as it keeps hitting. Anyone watching you make these plays might think you are crazy. But, even though you may be playing a long shot, it is not quite as long as it appears.

For example, let’s say 11 comes up twice in a row. You put a bet on it to hit for the third time. Someone at the table will probably say out loud, “It can’t hit again!” Some will even say the odds are astronomical.

Actually, the odds of a number hitting three times in a row are quite long BEFORE you have two hits in a row. But, after two have already hit, the three in a row odds are no worse at all. In fact, research shows them to be slightly BETTER due to the cycling or bunching effect. NEVER HESITATE to play long shots to continue repeating.

Strips of Three: If you are interested in long shot plays, strips of three numbers can be watched and charted. If a strip hits TWICE in a row or TWICE within FOUR spins, play it next spin. If it hits THREE times within SEVEN spins, follow it FOUR times. Continue to follow it if it re-hits until you get four losers in a row, then drop off.

Splits: Next are the 17 to 1 shots or split numbers. The cycle for any 17 to 1 shot to qualify is: If it hits TWICE in a row, play it the next time out. IF it hits THREE times within TEN, follow it FIVE more times. Stay with it as long as it “cycles.” Drop off after FIVE losers.

Individual numbers: If you like long shots, you may as well go for straight up numbers. The cycle on single numbers has been exhaustively researched and it goes like this: If a single number hits TWICE IN A ROW, play it next spin. If it hits TWO TIMES WITHIN TEN, play it only once next spin. If it hits THREE TIMES WITHIN TWENTY, follow it for TEN spins. As long as it re-hits within 10 when following, continue to follow until you hit ten losers. Then drop off until it re-qualifies.

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