Smart Roulette System


This system is the result of years of continuous testing in the roulette tables, using real money We spent over S 100,000 during our research to find what we consider one of the most potent roulette system of the world.

We know that, because we tried hundreds of commercial and non-commercial system on the market. Most didn't work, some worked so and so and others were a total disaster.

What we found during our research, is that there are only few kind of bets on the roulette table that can be used by the player to build a good Roulette system.

Our system focalizes in plain numbers in roulette, there are some numbers that fail to hit in a large number of spins. These numbers are called "sleepers" so it is never a good idea to play a single number with a progression, because we have seen a number “sleeping” even for 200 spins.

However, keep in mind that while I or 2 numbers are "sleeping", the other numbers aren't. We found that the perfect group of numbers to play is 6, We will explain to you how you can play a group of six numbers to your advantage. We also offer you alternative methods of play, to fit your needs.

We recommend to follow our rules religiously NEVER deviate from our rules, or the results will be severely affected.

General Instruction

First of all make sure to print our scorecard and bring it with you, Anyway, you can use any Piece of paper for charting purpose.

Obviously it is better to play in the European wheel (single zero), due to the lower house advantage. Anyway, you can play the American roulette without problems.

Using our system you will deal with "Segment" and "Sessions". What are "Segments" and "Sessions"? They simply are your profit goal. A segment is reached and closed when you reach +30. A Session is reached and closed when you reach +60. So a session is basically composed by two segments.

You will start writing down on a Piece of paper numbers from I to 36.

You can find a small ready-for-print card on this manual. You should keep this card separate from the main scorecard, to avoid confusion and to keep the size of the card relatively small This also avoids having to many eyes on you.

You will cancel one by one the numbers that will come out on the wheel, IGNORING the zeros.

You will stop charting when just 6 numbers will remain on the card. These numbers are the numbers you will betting on for the entire session. Write them on the scorecard and begin playing!

A small note, anyway. What we found is that the system can be safely played even with 6 random numbers chosen by the player (more on this "lite" system later). So why we used this bet selection? We used this kind of bet selection to validate our tests in Hamburg Spielbank. Without a clear rule for the selection of numbers, people probably would tell LIS that we selected the winning numbers every day to make the system a winner. This way nobody can tell us that we cheated.

When one of the six numbers will spin, you immediately begin betting 1 unit on each of the six numbers you have on your scorecard. On each spin, you will write on the scorecard the spin #, the number that just spun, and the running total. Remember to put — and + marks on the running total (respectively if you are in the minus on in the plus). This will help to have a general look at the situation and speed up the process.

If the number wins, you will circle It. If it loses, you will cross (X) it.

If you are in the +, your bet will be always 1 unit on each number. If you are in the -, you have to strictly adhere to the follfwing progression chart.

Smart Roulette Chart #1

Some people asked us why the units won are just 30 and not 36, or 45 and not 54 and soon on. Simple: we are betting 6 numbers at time. This means that when one number wins, other 5 numbers lose. If we bet one unit on a number and win, we win 36 units but we must take into account the 5 units that we lost plus the unit that we put on the table first so the real gain is +30.

As you can see, the progression is based on where you are with the spins. So it is fundamental to the spins. You begin to count the spins when your running total goes in the -. There are some rules regarding counting the spins we call these rules "restart" and "reset".

A restart occurs when you reach your session win goal (+30 or more). In that case, you reset your spin count to l, your running total to 0 and your bet amount to 1. You will also stop betting and wait for another number to hit before start betting again.

A reset occurs when you go from a — running total to a + running total, or after a win when are in a + winning total. When this occurs you keep playing without wailing for a number to hit, but reset your spin total and betting units to 1.

Whenever you are in a losing sequence and a win finally occurs, if you are still at a - you continue the progression. So let's say you are at -60, and you win a 30 units. Your running total is still -30, so you will continue the progression and you DON'T reset your spins count. However, there are some exceptions:

If you are in spins 1-30 and the win occurs and your running total is -10 or less you reset the spin sequence to 1 and the unit value to 1. If you are in spins 31-40 and the win occurs and your running total is -30 or less you reset the spin sequence to I and the unit value to 1. If you are in spins 41-50 and the win occurs and your running total is -40 or less you reset the spin sequence to 1 and the unit value to 1.

So when your running total goes in the -, you begin betting the progression chart. There is only one exception to this: if a winning number fails to hit within 26 spins, you stop betting and restart. You will begin betting again when another number will hit, keeping Intact your running total.


It is very important also to set strict stop win and stop loss rules. In the LIVE Dealer casino, there always is a point when players are ahead. But at the end of the day, 99% of them lose all money. Why? Because they don't know when to quit.

So we have two exit points. The first is the segment, or +30. When you hit +30, you will allow only one more loss before restarting. There is only one exception to this. You will allow another loss only if that bet will not put you under +30. So if your running totally is EXACTLY +30, you immediately STOP betting, since if the next bet fails your running total would be +24.

The next exit point is +60. Two segments, a session or even one segment — whichever comes first. However, we have an exception also for this. Your goal is to be at +60 each session. This not necessarily means two sessions of +30 each. If for example in the first segment you end up with +40, your exit point for the second segment is +20 (40 + 20=60).


Setting a stop loss limit is equally important. The first stop loss limit is -150.  If you are playing a segment and you hit -150 or a bit less, you will allow only another loss before pausing. Pausing means that you keep you running total and your progression. but you stop betting and wait for a winning number to hit. When the number hits, you begin betting again following the progression you just interrupted, You must close the session when you running total is more than -250.

Usually, the ideal way to play the system is to play a maximum of 2/3 sessions per day and then quit. However, if a session ends in negative you should play more sessions to recover your losses.

You probably think that 250 units are a pretty big loss. Well, in reality it isn't. With the system you win most or the time, and since you win more than 60 units per session usually, the recover is very fast.

A way to recover faster the losses is to double your unit value and play with doubled units until the losses are recovered.

In most cases you will have +60 units in less than 60 spins.

Feel free anyway to follow your personal guidelines. Some people prefer to play a maximum of 60 spins and slop if they are in the +, while some prefer to reach the maximum level of profit and head for +60.

The key is: patience. Consider this a long-term investment.


As you probably already understood, we are players like you. We play regularly on the casino, we learn from the mistakes and we are constantly updating our systems.

What we found, thank also to the collaboration of some clients, is that the system demonstrated similar results even if played without charting. Yes, basically you can play with 6 random numbers and win anyway. However we didn't modify the system, because the "charting" version is also good. But if you don't want to spend time to chart, you can also play with your numbers. The results so far seem almost the same. Give it a try.

If you are going to play the "lite" version, there are some exceptions to the rules. With the "regular" version, when you are in +30 for a segment you usually stop if your result is EXACTLY +30 because you don't want to risk to drop down the segment total to +24. If you play lite, you can allow this loss.

Also you will leave at -200 and not at -250.

When you will hit +60, you will not stop betting but you will simply decrease your betting unit by half. So if you play with $1 units, for example, you play $0.50 units and keep playing until you accumulate 6 successive losses.

A client told us that he got tremendous results limiting the charting to the last 6 repeating numbers. So he basically attacked not the sleepers but the repeaters. You should try every variant and find what do you like best.


You must have at least 500 units to play the system. 500 units are more than enough in 99,9% of the cases. However we strongly suggest a bigger bankroll. If you can, bring with you 1000 units. A common mistake is trying to win a lot of money with a small bankroll capital. It is exactly the opposite. Your goal is to win 10% of your lifetime bankroll every session.

With a 600 units bankroll, you aim to win 60 units.


In this tutorial session we will use standard charting method

Hamburg Spielbank 03 January 2000

Numbers 5 22 23 26 33 35

Smart Roulette Example

Hamburg Spielbank 10 January 2000

1 11 12 21 24 25

Smart Roulette Example #2

Smart Roulette Example #2

Tracking Card

Smart Roulette Tracking Card


In the grey column record the spins. In the other column record the numbers, and in the other column record the running total. The scorecard support 120 spins, usually more than enough for a session.

Pocket Progression Card

Smart Roulette Scorecard Blank

This card is very useful for your first trips, when you need to get used to this system. You can attach it directly on the back of the scorecard.

Smart Roulette Progression Card

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