SPARKLING DOZENS Roulette System Guide

Congratulations! You have acquired one of the most sophisticated Roulette systems ever developed for betting on the Dozens in Roulette.

Most Roulette systems are based on progressions or regressions. The amounts of bets are increased or decreased on a loss or on a profit with the idea of generating profit units at the end of the round.

What makes a good Roulette system is to optimize those progressions or regressions and to combine them with good money management strategies to let you go home with your winnings in your pocket.

The 4 methods provided in this document perform exactly the above.

System 1 limits your losses to as low as 1 unit and your winnings can go up to 60 units per round.

System 2 also gives you open-ended winnings provided the table meets certain conditions.

System 3 lets you win one unit at a time and eliminates your losses with a threshold.

System 4 optimizes your winnings and cuts your losses within not more than 2 bets.

All 4 systems give you a variety of betting schemes from which you may chose the one that best suits your betting style, all with the aim of generating profits over hundreds of sequences.

The 4 systems are very different from each other, but they are very easy to learn. There are no complex betting schemes, they are simple to use, yet very effective.

The systems are based on betting on Dozens only, giving you 2 for 1 payout. The main idea is to bet on changing Dozens. That means, if number 21 came up for instance (Dozen 2), you will bet on the two other Dozens, that is on Dozen 1 and 3 on your next bet. If the next number is 36, you will bet on Dozens 1 and 2 at the same time. The amounts of the bets will be according to various betting schemes.

The betting schemes will be different in each system. So please learn them separately and don't apply them at the same time. At times, there will be some similarities between some systems, but use them one at a time.

The reason behind betting on changing Dozens is that statistically Dozens will alternate frequently generating at times long winning streaks. I have seen Dozens alternating more than 20 times before they finally repeat. Otherwise, Dozens will also repeat every now and then. I have written a full set of systems on repeating Dozens as well under the name Peak Profit Roulette that is also available from Let’s Talk Winning. The 4 systems presented here will capitalize on the features of changing Dozens only.

Before I go into describing each system, let's talk about the features of changing Dozens. Since you are betting one chip on each of two Dozens, you are betting two chips of the same amount every time.

We will call that chip a betting unit. The betting unit is the amount of the table's minimum bet amount. It can be as low as $1 (particularly at an online LIVE casino), or as much as $50 to $100 in a real casino. Let's take $50 as our betting unit for instance. When you bet on a changing Dozen, you're betting one unit at a time on each Dozen, that is a total of two units or $100. If the bet is successful your profit is $50, because only one of the Dozens will win, giving you $150 minus your $100 bet. If the bet loses, you lose your two units, your $100 bet.

One main advantage of betting on changing Dozens is that you are covering two out of three Dozens on each bet, every time increasing your odds to 24/38 in American Roulette with a double zero or 24/37 in European Roulette with a single zero. Simulations shown in this document are performed for an American Roulette. Results will be even better on a European Roulette.

Now let's go into each system and see how they work.