System 2

This Roulette system is similar to System 1. The difference is on the very first bet of the round. Instead of betting 2 units, you bet 20 units (10 unit on each Dozen). Then the subsequent bets are 2, 3, 4, etc. units, increasing by one unit when you win, until you lose once and start over again with 20 units on the first bet of the round. This system seems riskier than System 1, but may increase your profit level.

In this system, only if you lose your first bet, you will be down by 20 units. Otherwise, your winnings will be open-ended, regardless of when you lose next.

Losing 20 units up front or anywhere is not that alarming, as it would take not more than 3 rounds to recover this loss.

Table 3 below illustrates the above betting scheme (in units):

Table 3

Sparkling Dozen System 2 Table

As you can see in Table 3, if you win the first bet and lose the second you are ahead by 8 units.

If you win the first two bets and lose the third, you are ahead by 8 units again.

If you win the first 9 bets and lost the tenth, you are ahead by 22 units, etc.

Let us see now how this Roulette system performs by observing the 200 spin simulation in Table 4 (bet unit value is again $50):

Please note that your betting unit can be as low as the table's minimum.

Table 4

Sparkling Dozen System 2 Example

Sparkling Dozen System 2 Example

Sparkling Dozen System 2 Example

Sparkling Dozen System 2 Example

Sparkling Dozen System 2 Example

Sparkling Dozen System 2 Example

Sparkling Dozen System 2 Example

You win your first 20 unit bet in Sequence 2, cashing $500.

Your second bet in Sequence 3 is now 2 units in total, with 1 unit on each Dozen (or $100, $50 on each Dozen) and you increase by 1 unit (.5 unit on each Dozen) on the winning bets of Sequences 3 to 5, until you lose in Sequence 6.

Sequences 7-10 follow the same pattern. You win the first 3 bets and lose the 4th. According to Table 3, this means a gain of 8.5 units (or ($50 X 8.5 = $425), increasing your overall net from $475 in Sequence 6 to $900 in Sequence 10.

Sequences 11-13 give you a 3rd time loss, with an 8 unit gain to $1300.

At Sequence 16, you lose your 20 unit bet reducing your net from $1700 to $700.

This happens a few times, such as in Sequences 61, 62, 75, 113, 123, 150, 151, 165, 172, 179 and 188. Every time it happens, it's a $1000 loss. However, this doesn't affect the overall performance of the system. You still end up with a tremendous profit of more than $12,000 at the end of spin (Sequence) 200.

This system doesn't even require long winning streaks as in System 1. If they happen, that's even better. There is a ten sequence winning streak on Sequences 17 to 26, giving you a gain of 26 units increasing your profit by $1300 (from $700 in Sequence 16 to $2000 in Sequence 27).

This system performs very well. However, some cautiousness is required, as it's not unlikely for a Dozen to repeat a few times in a row (such as 4 times in Sequences 59-62). When those trends exist at a certain table, you should go to another one observing the various scoreboards.

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