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Profit by the Hour

Thank you for choosing "Straight Up Systems". During the course of this document, you will learn the roulette strategies to maximize profits at the roulette table.

As a career banker, numbers have always been a significant part of my daily life. About two years ago I set out to figure out a way to maximize opportunities when playing "numbers" games at the casino. Keno was my favorite game, but after awhile this game the only thing that this game produced was a "slow drain on my bankroll". I could play keno for hours and lose little money.

But why settle for losing?

After playing roulette with regularity, I devised some systems outlined in "Straight Up Systems - A Roulette Profit Strategy". These systems were tested over several months in real play at the LIVE casino as well as in computer simulation and other testing methods.

As most will agree, unless you catch a lucky streak, the house will eat up your money - sometimes much, much quicker than at other times. The key, then is to maximize winning sessions and minimize the times when the session is not going your way.

To accomplish this, you will need a good progression system. Progression is vital with many casino games because without eventually increasing your wager, you will soon be trying to capture lost funds should you not win. With a progression, you may lose money in the early stages of your gambling session, but when the winning begins, look out, because you will net a nice profit.

Here's a very basic system (a sample, if you will) of what you will find in "Straight Up Systems - A Roulette Profit Strategy", my first roulette progression system document.

Begin a session at the roulette table with the intent to stick it out 40 spins. To use the following progression, you will need at least a 115 unit bankroll. Pick one number (that's right, just one number) and place one unit on your lucky number. If your number does not "hit", place a one unit bet on the same number.

You will do this fifteen spins (one unit) on your same number. If your number has not hit during these 15 spins, increase your wager to two units. If your number has not hit after five additional spins (20 spins since your session started), increase the wager to 3 units. You will play 3 units on this number for five more spins. If your number has not hit, increase to four units per spin. You will increase to five units for five spins, then six units for five spins if your number has not hit. See the chart below for complete breakdown of wagers, wins and aggregate units played.

Straight Roulette System Table 1

If at any time your number "hits", discontinue the session and start a new session at spin number 1, or leave the casino for the day knowing that you are a winner!

As my research has shown, a number usually will hit within the first 30-40 spins. This would be the norm, since there are 38 (or 37) numbers on the roulette wheel. However, we know that sometimes a number sleeps for a while and does not appear for many, many more spins and that is when some of my strategies outlined in "Straight Up Systems - Profit by the Hour" will come into play.

I hope you found this "Introduction to Straight Up Systems" helpful. I wish you the very best of luck as you study and test my systems.


So you are thinking about possibly heading out to your favorite casino and want to sit at the roulette table for a couple hours, but want to really want to assure yourself that barring some incredibly bad luck, you want to walk away with a respectable profit, right?

What is a respectable profit? Well, to many it could mean a flat hundred bucks. To others it could mean a fair percentage of the amount wagered (50%, for example). For others still, it could mean getting a few dollars (barely above breaking even), a couple free cocktails and maybe a casino comped dinner.

How about thinking in terms of getting paid as though you are "working". So again, some folks out there want to be paid a wage similar to the regular labor rate they are paid at their job -- $10, $20, $50, $100 an hour and so forth.

The latter is the strategy I have put in place with my system entitled "Straight Up Systems - Profit by the Hour".

Strategy Basics

"Straight Up Systems - Profit by the Hour" is designed to help the more conservative player sit down at a table for an extended period of time and with just an ounce of luck, walk away (when the session is over) with a respectable profit.

To review what this means in terms of the average roulette player, I will use a very basic example of my system:

Let's suppose you sit down at the table and start playing (only) number 15. If you play this number without ever increasing your wager, you will not make a profit (unless you are fortunate to have this number 'hit' within the first 34 spins of the wheel). With "Straight Up Systems", you would choose a system, based upon your bankroll and win goals to increase your wager proportionate to the amount you want to win.

For instance:

You begin playing number 15 with a one unit wager, then if at spin number 10, your number has not hit, you would increase the wager to 2 units. If after the 15th spin your number (15) hasn't hit, you would increase the wager to 3 units per spin. If, for example on the 19th spin number 15 hits, you would have a net profit of 76 units (3 units times 35 (105) minus 29 total wagered units) as opposed to 17 units if you had maintained your one unit wager through 19 spins.

That's a pretty respectable return for only a 19 spin session, right?

Profit By the Hour

Since roulette is my "passion", I love to sit down at the table and play for hours. During a recent visit to a Vegas casino, I believe that I witnessed three shift changes during my stint at this one table. The pit bosses couldn't believe that I could sit there playing for nearly a day straight - with only brief breaks for food and the restroom.

It wasn't long after that visit that I designed the strategies that are outlined below. There was some serious consideration as to what I should base the strategy upon. Because noted in the Introduction Section of this Manuscript, many people will consider a respectable profit a specific dollar amount or a percentage of funds played. I feel I have done an adequate job in outlining pay back percentages when I wrote "Straight Up Systems - A Roulette Profit Strategy". This is an excellent way for those concerned about making a 20%, 50% or 200% return on their "investment" to play my strategies. However, with this segment of my roulette program, I wanted to outline some systems that were great for someone that may even consider playing roulette as an occupation. I won't go so far as to suggest that to anyone (as it is truly a matter of personal decision), but if you have the mentality that you want to be compensated equally for your regular profession and playing roulette - this system could be for you.

Unlike "Straight Up Systems - A Roulette Profit Strategy", these systems are designed for longer session play.

The longer you play, the more likely a number will hit??? Yes and No. We all know that any number could hit twice in a row or not at all for hundreds of spins. Laws of averages tells us that on the 00 wheel, your number SHOULD appear once every 38 spins. We know that it doesn't happen this way very often.

My research and testing of systems has shown that a number follows the norm or the extreme. Meaning, a number will hit within 30 to 40 spins, or will sleep for an extended period of time 75-100 spins or longer. This is yet another reason that I have outlined extended strategies for playing the single number "Straight Up". If you have the Patience, Persistence, and Bankroll for a longer session, the next section of this document should help you become a winner.

The Systems

I have outlined three systems for various playing habits.

Dollar-A-Minute: This strategy is a little aggressive, as it the goal is to win about approximately $1 per minute played. (Minimum bankroll needed to play one session of 100 spins: $861.00)

$30 hour: This strategy is focusing on a casual and conservative player who wants to play roulette for a couple hours but leave with a respectable profit in hand. (Minimum bankroll needed to play one session of 100 spins $664.00) 160 Spin, 4 hour Marathon: Wow! To play this strategy as it is listed, you must be able to find a low minimum table and be able to tough it out despite some leg cramps or a hint of boredom. (Minimum bankroll needed to play one session: $1737.00)

First Things First. Each of these systems start with a very low (by most player's standards) minimum opening wager. I have chosen to use a low minimum because it serves two purposes. First, for the player with a higher bankroll, you only need to multiply the wagers prescribed by the unit level you wish to use. Keep in mind though, that your wager should be consistent throughout, otherwise pay back percentages will get out of whack. (If it suggests $1 wagered, you could choose $2, but remember to make your $2 wager a $4 when necessary). Secondly, when one plays deep into the session (for instance 75 spins), it can get out of reach for some. This again allows a broader range of players to take advantage of the systems.


Assuming you are at a table with several players, or when the croupier gives you a little more time to lay down your bets, this strategy will allow you to win on average about $60 per hour. In design of this strategy, I have used a 90 second window of time between each wager (this seems fairly accurate unless there are a lot of players with several pays per win).

This chart shows that you start with a $1 bet and progressively increase your bet until your number hits. Like in my original "Straight Up Systems" methods, you will follow this session through all spins outlined until your number hits.

Once your lucky number hits, you will call the session over and begin with spin number one all over again.

If you are at a higher limit table ($2 or $5 for instance), you have several options to play this or my other strategies. The first idea is to play multiple numbers to meet the table requirement. You will use the same playing strategy (or use one of my others) when playing multiple numbers. Once your "main" progression reaches the table minimum for single (inside) bets, you can discontinue your other progressions or continue them until they hit (I would suggest that you continue playing the others until they hit or you are not fully capitalizing on the strategy progressions).

Another suggestion is to use multiples of the suggested wagers to meet table minimums. (As I mentioned earlier). If you are at a $5 table and have the bankroll to support the higher progression wagers, by all means, when it suggests $1, play $5, when it suggests $2, play $10 and so forth. Keep in mind though, that you will want to continue using the progression until the end, otherwise you will not fully reap the benefits of the system. (In this case, you could call your session complete when you hit a predetermined spin – spin 50, for example, instead of spin 100).

Straight Roulette System Results 1

Straight Roulette System Results 1

Straight Roulette System Results 1

$30 An Hour Strategy

Here's a strategy for the player that wants to act as though he/she may be at "work" playing. While $30 an hour isn't a huge dough, it does keep one playing and still know that the likelihood is great to walk away with a profit once you leave for your "coffee-break".

Once success to this strategy will be to find a low minimum table. ($1 works well, as this system is set up, however I know that there are many $2 minimums (with 50 cent chips) at Vegas casinos. Therefore, you could use this system playing two numbers or more with little early progression risk).

As in the $1 A Minute Strategy above, these spins are based upon a spin every 90 seconds. At this pace, your 100 spin session will take about 2 ½ hours. Not bad - just short "marathon length", which is the next strategy outlined.

Straight Roulette System Results 2

Straight Roulette System Results 2

Straight Roulette System Results 2

160 Spin, 4 Hour Marathon

This could be the highlight to your day, if you like to sit at the roulette table and play a fairly conservative game. Though the progression will reach a total aggregate wager of $1737.00 if all spins are exhausted; but you will also average better than $20 an hour in profit should your number hit at any point during the session.

As I have already outlined, the probability that your lucky number will come up in the course of 30-40 spins is pretty good, as this is the law of averages.

However, we know that quite often it takes awhile for number to appear. This is where this strategy comes into play.

While 160 spins will take about four hours to complete, like any of my systems, I suggest you to call your session "over" should your number hit at any time.

You then can begin at spin number one and work the progression from the beginning again. You'll risk less money beginning with a new session and of course, you can breathe a little easier by not wagering as much in the onset. The key to this strategy will be to 1. Find a table where you can bet in 25 cent units. This is tricky, but can be done. 2. If you can't locate a table with this low minimum, you can opt for playing multiple numbers during the early rounds or use multiples of the progressions listed. (i.e. 25 cent wagers become 50 cent wagers, $2.00 wagers become $4.00 wagers, etc. etc.)

Straight Roulette System Results 3

Straight Roulette System Results 3

Straight Roulette System Results 3

Straight Roulette System Results 3

In conclusion, I wish you the very best of luck should you try any of these roulette profit strategies. Though I would very much love to guarantee results, for obvious reasons, I can not guarantee your fate when you enter the casino.

Have Fun!

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