1. You are betting on six-lines, but tracking the streets.
  2. As soon as you see a minimum of 3 hits in a street and 1 hit in an adjacent street you have a betting signal.
  3. Start betting on that six-line using the following progression groups:
    • Group 1: 1-1-1-1 then Re-evaluate
    • Group 2: 2-2-2 then Re-evaluate
    • Group 3: 4-4-4 then Re-evaluate
    • Group 4: 8-8-8 then Re-evaluate
    • Group 5: 10-12-14-17-20 then quit

"Re-evaluate" means look for the six-line with the latest 3 hits (or more) in one of its streets and 1 hit in its adjacent street. Then bet on that six-line.

  1. When your six-line hits, stop the progression and start all over again. Play for a maximum of 18 spins until you get a hit or otherwise quit.


      • 1% win rate.
      • With $5 bets:
      • Average win (including losses): $16.79
      • Average win per hour: $180.37
      • Bankroll per session: $600
      • Growth of bankroll per hour: 30%


After following the so-called experts' advice and "clocking" a number of wheels, I discovered that all of this is totally unnecessary. I found that there are "Key Numbers" on every roulette wheel. By observing the spins of any wheel for just a few minutes, these numbers will reveal themselves. And once they do, you start raking in the money.

I'm not talking about something that happens once in while or only on certain roulette wheels. You can play in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or in the Midwest or the South or on the Riverboats, and these key numbers will show. Or take a glorious voyage on a cruise ship and pull sizable winnings off the roulette wheel. Or take a European vacation and hammer the European wheels. Once the key numbers show (and they always do), you will start raking in the bucks.

This system works because of a simple strategy that lets you "target" the key numbers. The wheel literally tells you how to wager. But it doesn't scream. It's more like a whisper that only you can hear.

Using this approach, it is easy to win over $300 an hour making $5 bets. If you want to bet higher, you can make much more per hour!


I want to give you an astonishing fact. The target strategy is so effective that I have won 94.3% of the time using it.

Can you think of anything else with a win rate this high? The stock market?

Sports betting? Can you imagine a baseball player with a batting average of 943?

Let me tell you what this kind of win rate means. You can walk up to any roulette wheel and watch for the key numbers. After the wheel shows you the numbers, you start wagering. And in about fifteen to twenty minutes, you walk away a winner.

Here's what I did on a trip to Las Vegas using the exclusive target approach:


1 16 mins. $ 100

2 17 mins. 45

3 9 mins. 75

4 22 mins. 115

5 14 mins. 80

6 16 mins. 75

7 16 mins. 60

TOTAL 105 mins. $ 550

If you care to compute my hourly winnings, it's about $314.00 an hour. I was using a $300 bankroll for these sessions and making $5 wagers. This works out to over 100% return on my bankroll per hour.

I haven't found a more effective way to win at casino gambling than targeting the roulette wheel. The power of this system is awesome!

When you use the target approach, it's almost like you have clairvoyant powers, as wager after wager wins. I've had more than one dealer simply shake her head after paying off one winning wager after another.

This Roulette strategy is so powerful that it simply overcomes the house edge over 94% of the time. And those times when the house wins? The losses are never large and are easy to make up in a couple of quick games.

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