The Golden Rule Roulette System

The table is divided into three different dozen sections: 1-12; 13-24 and 25-36. From now on I will refer to them as doz1 (1-12), doz2 (13-24), doz3 (25-36). The roulette system ignores the zero. The system can be played on the single or double zero wheel.

The amount that you begin with depends on your minimum bet, but your bankroll must be 10 times your minimum bet. So if your minimum was R50 you would need a bankroll of R500.

The chance of any dozen hitting is theoretically 33%, but if you watch for a while you will begin to notice that it hits within the first section much less than it theoretically should.

Once doz2 or doz3 spins, be prepared to place your first bet. Place two bets down, place one on doz2 and one on doz3, by doing this we are covering 66% of the numbers (excluding zero). The odds paid are 2 to1 so if it hits anywhere between 13 and 36, you win and collect one extra unit to what you put down.

Following you first win, repeat the same bet only once more. After the third hit within doz2 and doz3 the likelihood of a doz1 hit is much greater.

Now all you do is sit back and wait for doz1 to show and thereafter as soon as doz2 or doz3 hits you simply repeat the process again.

An alternative to waiting is to move to another table and watch the above sequence and play this powerful system again. Always make sure you are using casino cash chips and not the table coloured chips when moving from table to table.

If you are unfortunate along the way and lose a spin, don’t worry. It is very easy to catch up. At this point play place the same bet again. If you lose again, stop and wait for doz1 to wear its streak out before continuing play.

Once doz2 or doz3 shows again, start play as you did in the first place.

Good Luck!

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