The strategy for roulette uses ten numbers, consisting of a six-line and four straight up numbers.

Any six-line can be chosen, but when choosing your four straight-up numbers, study the wheel and pick four numbers that when added to your six numbers from the six-line are all within three or four spaces of each other. I.e. action numbers.

For example; Take the 31-36 six-line i.e. Nos. 31-32-33-34-35-36. If you now add Nos. 5-8-21-29 you will see from looking at the wheel that the ten numbers you now have chosen are all within three or four spaces of each other. The ball will never land more than two spaces away from your chosen number. To bet, place one chip on the six-line and one chip on each straight-up number.

When the six-line wins, add one chip for the next bet, i.e. two chips, but only bet one chip on the straight-up numbers.

When the straight-up number wins, double up on all bets. Every time the six-line wins add one chip to the next bet on the six-line only. Every time the straight-up number wins double-up on six-line and number bets.

After a loss, go back to the beginning, i.e. one chip six-line, one chip on each number. You will see that you are risking only five chips, but a double win on the numbers for example (which is not unusual) will return you a profit of 93 chips.

Mr. Perry Moskowitz used this system when he won the Roulette portion of the Sands Casino Gaming Tournament in Atlantic City, U.S.A. some years back.

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