Trend Tracker Roulette System

Congratulations on making a very smart decision. You are about to learn a LIVE roulette system that has won many hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 30 years. The system was designed by an 80 year old former mathematics professor, from Pascal, Italy.

The Theory

The theory behind Trend Tracker is that we are trying to capture streaks on even money bets. Whether they be Black/Red, Odd/Even, or High Low, it doesn’t matter chose any or all and play them all at once if you like. In the beginning I highly recommend that you don’t get greedy and try to play all 3 at the same time. Just pick 1 outside bet and master it.

Anytime we are winning at any game, it is for one reason and one reason only, the table is streaking. We are winning more bets than we are losing, and when we really win a lot we have caught a great winning streak and rode it until it was over, and then quit while we were ahead.

Unfortunately, MOST people have neither the discipline, nor the understanding of when the RIGHT time to leave the table is, both from a winning and a losing perspective.

This course will teach you those WHEN to leave, and HOW MUCH TO BET, and WHAT TO BET on. Follow the instructions to the letter and you will NEVER LOSE.

The keys to winning are really 3 separate things and are in your hands. They are:

  • A sound be selection strategy that is followed precisely
  • A great money management program
  • Discipline, and understanding the roulette casino

Trend Tracker takes advantage of these elements by creating a strategic way of playing streaks. From this point on we will use the Red/Black bet as our example.

Whenever a streak occurs it always starts with 2 in a row of something, and in this case it would be Red/Black. There is also the chop (alternating Red/Black) which is also a streak, but we will not concern ourselves with this pattern. It is available in an upgraded version at a later date AFTER you first have won a lot of money. Lets start first of all with how we will capitalize on the streaks and make money with it, while also dealing with the zero(s).

I highly recommend that you play this system on a single zero wheel if possible, but if you can’t then you can still use a 00 wheel. Our examples will use a 00 because those are available everywhere.

However the real power of this system shows up on a euro-wheel (single 0), with real Eruo rules (ie. When the 0 hits you get ½ your bet back or even better your bet goes into en prison and a re-spin occurs and you don’t lose your outside bet).

So after you have played, a lot on the 00 wheel and won money, you need to get to the single 0 wheel as soon as possible as your income will double.

Now getting back to the system we will now explain EXACTLY what you need to do, to maximize your wins and come away a WINNER every time from the casino.

This system can be played with either a flat bet or the way that it is explained. With flat betting you are basically playing to +5 then leaving after 2 successive losses. This allows you to play for larger units, or with smaller units. The method described below is the way that I personally play and have enjoyed over 100 loss free sessions in a ROW!!

System Instructions

The following is a step by step procedure as to how to play the Trend Tracker Roulette System.

  • Firstly you are going to buy in for 30 outside units ($5.00 chips) plus an additional 20 inside units $1.00 each.
  • The goal is to get to +20 in any spin sequence and then leave the table. So essentially, we are going to make a 40% return on our money EVERY SINGLE TIME we play. However each session will be different in terms of how many spins it will take us to get there (anywhere from 10 spins to 180 spins on average).
  • You will now wait for either 2 Blacks or 2 Reds to appear. Once this occurs you will make a $15.00 bet (3 unit) on the Red and a $3.00 inside bet on the 0/00 split.
  • Whenever you are making a bet which is different than a 1 unit ($5.00) bet on either Red or Black, your inside bet will always be 1/5th of the outside bet. So if you are making a 3 unit bet ($15.00) on the outside bet (Red/Black), then your inside bet is always 1/5th or in this case $3.00.
  • As 2 in a row is the START of the streak, and we don’t know how long it will last, we are going to bet until the streak ENDS. This can be anywhere from 1 bet to 25 bets.
  • If the bet wins we, will continue to make additional bets until we lose a bet, and then we will STOP outside betting while continuing to place a minimum inside bet, and wait for 2 more in a row to occur However the second bet (assuming we won the first one) will only be a 1 unit bet on the outside ($5.00) and a $1.00 bet on the inside (0/00 split)
  • If that bet wins, our next bet will be 2 units ($10.00) on the outside and a$2.00 inside 0/00 split bet. As the bets continue to win, we will continue to increase our bets. Here is the winning increases: 3,1,2,2,3,3,4,2,3,3,3.
  • At any time we lose, we STOP and wait for 2 in a row to continue. So for example if 2 Reds appear and we make a 3 unit bet and it loses, then we STOP, and wait for 2 more either blacks or reds to start again with a 3 unit bet.
  • We are basically betting that the 2 in a row is going to become a 3 in a row, and that the 3 will become a 4 and so on, until we lose. Then we just stop and WAIT for 2 of Red or Black to appear again.
  • We always resume betting when 2 of something appears. Once that happens our first bet is ALWAYS 3 units and our next bet win or lose is ALWAYS 1 unit. Then depending on whether that bet wins or loses, determines whether we stay in and keep betting or not. If it loses, we ALWAYS stop, and wait for 2 in a row to occur. If it wins we progress upward to a 2 unit bet, then another 2, 3,3,4,4,2,3,3, until a LOSS FINALLY occurs. Once this happens again we will stop, and wait for 2 in a row and then place a 3 unit bet all over again.
  • Every time we increase our outside bet we increase our inside bet, proportionately. So when we are making a 2 unit bet ($10.00) on the outside the inside bet is $2.00 and so on.
  • However will ALWAYS have a 0/00 split bet out even when we are not betting on the outside and waiting for 2 of something to appear.
  • Then we begin betting on both the outside and the inside.
  • When we lose 3- 3 unit bets in a row, which means that 3 2’s in a row have chopped, we switch to betting with the 2 chopping until 3 in a row appears, then we switch BACK to following the streak, and when it eventually lose, we STOP and then wait for 2 in a row to occur, once again.
  • Stop Wins occur once we hit +20. Once this happens you will continue playing but instead of your first bet being 3 units, when you see 2 of something you will only bet 2 units. If it loses or wins you will be 1 unit, then back up to 2 if it wins or stay on 3 if it loses.
  • Once you incur 3 losses in a row, or your running total drops by a maximum 5 units from +20(+15) you will exit the table.
  • Stop Losses are not required as you vary rarely experience a draw down of more than –30 units before it turns around and eventually finishes at +20. Sometimes this can take 100 or more spins to complete the winning process.
  • You can take a break, if you like at any point and not adversely affect the outcome for the day.
  • The goal is to earn +20 or more units per day, every day.

Keeping Score

It is VITAL for you to keep an accurate running total of wins/losses and your units +/-. Whenever you win you will place a W in the W/L column and when you lose an L. If you win a 2 unit bet for example you would be +2. Don’t count the fact that you had a 1/5th of a unit bet on the 0/00 split.

Pretend that doesn’t exist. Now whenever you win a 0/00 bet, if you are not on the outside bet, count this as a +1/ If you have an outside bet and the 0/00 hits count this as whatever the + would have been if you would have won the outside bet.

If you lose a 0/00 bet by itself with no other bets out, don’t count this in your running total, and if you lose the 0/00 be when you have other bets on, don’t count the running total of the 0/00 loses.

More often than not when you get to +20 you will actually be a little better than that depending on whether or not many zeros have shown. The more 0’s that appear the BETTER it is for us, as we ALWAYS have a bet on them. The size of the bet is determined by our outside bets, and if there are no outside bets, it is the same as if we had a 1 unit bet on the outside.

More often than not the zeros help you. Remember when the zeros hit you are really winning 2 units not 1 unit. Because you have at least $1.00 on the split which pays 17:1 when it hits you are winning +$17.00- $5.00 = +12.00.

Where this is particularily helpful is when you are betting say 4 units on a win streak and the 0/00 appear, it counts as a win so your progression continues plus you have won more than 4 units.

In actuality, you have won 17:1 x 4 = +$68.00- $20.00 (outside losing bet)= +48.00/$5.00 units = +9.5 units. But again we only count this as a 4 unit win and continue betting as if we had won.

The reason we don’t fully count the 0 hits is that this makes up for the times we are just betting on 0/00 without any other bets up and are losing those bets. Sometime this evens out, other times it comes up short, but MORE times than not it comes out way ahead after we have left the table with 20 chips and it turns out to be +30.

Any time a 0/00 hits you count it as a win but ignore it and continue where you left off before the 0/00 hit. So if you were in a winning cycle, you would continue or repeat the last bet that the 0/00 hit on. If you had not made an outside bet you would continue not betting on the outside until 2 successive outside colors repeated. So if you had say a Black, 0/00, Black, then you would bet on the next decision because you were ignoring the 0/00 hit but still counting it as a 1 unit win on your way to +20.

Here is an example of a scorecard:

Trend Tracker Roulette Scorecard

Again you are keeping track of the W/L and the running totals. At the end of the spin sequences when you have hit +20 and then taken your bets down to minimum levels until 3 losses in a row happens.

As I said earlier, I have been playing this method for about a year now. I started with $5.00 chips just like the system says, and gradually built myself up to $25.00 chips. Now I play with $100.00 chips to +20 about 5-7 times per month.

For me this is enough, and I have days that I make $5,000 and days that I only make $500 because I don’t have the patience to play all day for the +20 As I said earlier, I have been playing this method for about a year now. I started with $5.00 chips just like the system says, and gradually built myself up to $25.00 chips. Now I play with $100.00 chips to +20 about 5-7 times per month.

For me this is enough, and I have days that I make $5,000 and days that I only make $500 because I don’t have the patience to play all day for the +20 units. But if you have the time and the patience to play, you will NEVER leave the casino a loser.

Since this version was written there has been an updated version which takes into account the chop streaks. If you are interested in this version it is available for $99.00 USD.

This version will NOT be offered on the Net and is only for repeat customers. This version is like a TURBO version of this method.

Take the time to practice and learn this method . Don’t let the $39.00 price tag fool you. If the man would have let me sell this for $1000.00 I would have because I KNOW that you will win every penny of it back.

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