BasicPlay + AdvPlay1 + AdvPlay2 = TRIO-PLAY.

"One has Confidence, Two has strength but Three has Victory!"

All three Roulette systems combined will form the basis of the TRIO-PLAY system. The first system/part of TRIO-PLAY will serve as your safety-net to give you confidence to ride through all the low-runs. It is the foundation of TRIO-PLAY. It , and only it will keep you in the game. If you neglect to master and perfect all the calculations with this system you will not be able to capitalise your winnings with the other two systems. This system alone will ensure that you'll never lose your playing capital (Your starting Bankroll). It is thus essential that you master the BasicPlay's rules and calculations.

Before we continue with AdvPlay1 and AdvPlay2 lets quickly summarise the basic rules of BasicPlay:

  • Never deviate from your money management rules (Page.14)
  • Always keep to the same Even-Money bet (High/Low, Odds/Evens , or Red/Black) that you started with from spin One. (The system only works on even money bets)
  • For each Win cancel only ONE(1) count. DO NOT be tempted to cancel two or three if the win is a Two or a Three. Even if the win is a Five you still only cancel One count. (Remember the system works on mathematics (page. 24-30). If you cancel more then one count for a Win you will indirectly create two potential losses!. Refer back to page 18 to refresh your memory on the mathematics of BasicPlay.
  • For each loss add only the next number count. i.e. if the count is at three then the next count will be four (3+1) and so on. If the count reaches 6 then play AdvPlay.1 until the count goes down to 5 and below. If the AdvPlay.1 count reaches 9 then play AdvPlay.2 until you reach zero. DO NOT go back to AdvPlay.1 when the count goes below 12, keep on playing BasicPlay and AdvPlay.2 until you reach a count of zero/one.
  • If you have to stop play for a while ,then only stop when you on a count of zero or one.
  • Whenever there's a No-Spin or a Miss-Spin then you will have to start the count at zero again no matter how high your losing or winning count is. Please refer to the Practise pages to practice and master the BasicPlay system. (pages 51-60) before you attempt to study AdvPlay.

Advance Play One (AdvPlay. 1) (APO)

The only Play that will give you the Professional edge and control to have a successful session.

*A WORD OF CAUTION: There is no guess work in this system, you strictly do what your calculations tell to do, AND DON"T EVER DEVIATE FROM IT!

I suggest that you make a printout of this email immediately and then study the system according to the printout. You can then make notes on the paper as you read trough it. I also recommend that you draw/write on a blank piece of paper the layout of the numbers of the roulette table and then draw (make notes) on this layout as you study the system.



Refer to the graphs on page.27. You will notice that all even-money bets balance out closely after +/- 100 spins.

The average is 55/45. Nine out of ten times the discrepancy between two even-money bets will be less the 20 i.e. 60/40. YOU WOULD WIN NINE OUT OF TEN TIMES WITH BASICPLAY IF THERE WERE NO TABLE LIMITS. BUT, the LIVE Casinos also need to be profitable. This is why we developed AdvPlay1 and 2.

I strongly believe that The TRIOPLAY Roulette System can give you more CONTROL over the game then any other so-called "guaranteed" systems. I've seen some of these systems that cost over $1000, frankly you can rather put a $1000 on a single number bet and you will have a better chance of winning. For this illustration we play High (1-18) on the outside with one chip (i.e.$10) to start. If the outside bet is to expensive for your decided bankroll, you can play the first three double streets with one chip on 1-6, one chip on 7-12 and one chip on 13-18.


column one = Number on roulette wheel

column two = Win/lose

column three = Count

column four = Number of chips played (The "smallest previous Count" will always indicate the amount of chips to be played on the next spin)

column five = Win/ Lose per spin

column six = Running Total of Chips.

Value of each chip depends on your Bankroll i.e. $2/$5/$10/$25/$50/$100

column seven = Number of NEXT spin.

one two three four five six seven (NEXT Spin)

24 lose 1,2 1 -1 -1 1

* when you lose add one count (2)

35 lose 1,2,3 1 -1 -2 2

* when you lose add one count (3)

16 win 2,3 1 +1 -1 3

* when you have a win cancel the smallest count (1) and play the next count (2), thus play 2 chips.

19 lose 2,3,4 2 -2 -3 4

4 win 3,4 2 +2 -1 5

* when you have a win cancel the smallest count (2) and play the next count (3), thus play 3 chips

18 win 4 3 +3 +2 6

30 lose 4,5 4 -4 -2 7

12 win 5 4 +4 +2 8

17 win one 5 +5 +7 * Go back to one chip 9

9 win one 1 +1 +8 10

26 lose 1,2 1 -1 +7 11

30 lose 1,2,3 1 -1 +6 12

13 win 2,3 1 -1 +5 13

21 lose 2,3,4 2 -2 +3 14

11 win 3,4 2 +2 +5 15

2 win 4 3 +3 +8 16

9 win one 4 +4 +12 17

28 lose 1,2 1 -1 +11 18

33 lose 1,2,3 1 -1 +10 19

25 lose 1,2,3 20,4 1 -1 +9

14 win 2,3,4 1 +1 +10 21

34 lose 2,3,4 22,5 2 -2 +8

22 lose 2,3,4 23,5,6 2 -2 +6 24

* when the count reaches 6 then play AdvPlay.1 (For this illustration we will keep to Basic Play only)

32 lose 2,3,4 25,5,6,7 2 -2 +4

15 win 3,4,5 26,6,7 2 +2 +6

20 lose 3,4,5 27,6,7,8 3 -3 +3

6 win 4,5,6 28,7,8 3 +3 +6

16 win 5,6,7 29,8 4 +4 +10

29 lose 5,6,7 30,8,9 5 -5 +5

8 win 6,7,8 31,9 5 +5 +10

10 win 7,8,9 6 +6 +16 32

13 win 8,9 7 +7 +23 33

31 lose 8,9,10 8 -8 +15 34

*when count reaches above 9 then play AdvPlay2 until count reaches one. DO NOT play AdvPlay1 again if count goes below 9. (For this illustration we will keep to Basic Play only)

7 win 9,10 8 +8 +23 35

3 win 10 9 +9 +32 36

27 lose 10,11 10 -10 +22 37

18 win 11 10 +10 +32 38 (Next spin is 38)

4 win one 11 +11 +43 STOP

*STOP PLAY TARGET REACHED! Well done. Go and have a Drink! ($430)

Whenever the difference between the number of spins (38) and the amount of chips you have as profit (43) is more then 5 You MUST STOP.


From the above we can deduct the following:

  • The purpose of BasicPlay is to keep track of the count and to indicate a high or low tendency.
  • Whenever the difference between the number of spins(38) and the amount of chips you have as profit (43) is more or equal to 5, then You MUST STOP!
  • Take a brake and go to another table (43-38=5)
  • Play designed to bring the count back to one in the shortest number of spins as possible.
  • From the above session you can see that Basic Play can sometimes be VERY PROFITABLE. (See above practice session)
  • However the stakes can sometimes get very high ( a count of 10 and up) and it will be necessary to study so that you don't lose control over the game.
  • This is not a "Double-up System"
  • At first glance it may seem like some form of "Martingale" system, BUT it is not. On the Martingale systems there is no count indicators, there is only an indication of the sum of chips you have to add up and then play that amount of chips. (This can radically increase the stakes between the previous spin). So the number of chips you play, depends on the total amount of previous losses.
  • With Trioplay you play the number of chips according to how many times you have won. With Trioplay you only move to the next count once you've won on the previous specific count. Our aim is to reduce our exposure to escalating recovery bets, which can become quite frightening, as in the various Martingale systems.


What the TRIOPLAY System is not:

  • It is not a doubling up betting scheme.
  • It is not a Block-Out system (playing numbers that haven’t come up)
  • It is not a "sleeper" system.( Looking for numbers that haven't appeared in a long time)
  • It is not a watchdog system.( Tracking a wheel for hours hoping to find a pattern or bias)
  • It is not a salt-and-pepper method. (Playing multiple numbers on the layout in artful-creative designs or patterns and stacking towers on some numbers). Some people are actually selling these "crap" systems, its UNBELIVEABLE.
  • It is not an astrological system. (Yes, its not funny , people are actually buying these StarWars-absolutely- crap-systems)
  • It is not a croupier tracking system.(Watching croupiers ,trying to find their rhythm or lucky number)
  • It is not a Bill Gates system. (Using large amounts of money for your bankroll.)

In Conclusion The TRIOPLAY Roulette system is a LONG-TERM wager/betting system only. Its simplicity will have you jumping through the roof with confidence. I don't want to make you a winner at roulette, I WANT YOU TO BECOME A SUCCESFULL, PROFESSIONAL ROULETTE PLAYER FOR LIFE.

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