Roulette System Twelves

This Roulette strategy is intended for educational purposes to heighten the awareness of people playing LIVE Dealer roulette.

System Twelves is based on numbers following certain numbers on consecutive spins significantly more often than others, based on our research. You should consult the chart once a number comes up on the wheel. Look for that number in white down the left of the chart, and view the corresponding significant numbers in it's row.

The chart shows the significant numbers in red and these numbers are bordered by their immediate neighbours.

You can use the chart in two ways:

  1. Take the significant numbers and back them plus the three neighbours either side of them (on the wheel, not the chart)
  2. Back the twelve numbers. These twelve numbers include the significant numbers, their immediate neighbours and a few other numbers which mathematically appear more often than any of the others (although not significantly more often in strictest research terms; between 5 and 12% more often).

The red significant numbers are between 15 and 19% more likely than any other individual number to follow the number given, according to our research.

Thanks again for purchasing System Twelves. We are sure you will have a fruitful gambling future!

Roulette Stratefy Twelves Chart - Part 1

Roulette Stratefy Twelves Chart - Part 2

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