Win Street Roulette System


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System Procedure

You will need a $100 bankroll to start playing this roulette strategy.

This is a system based on betting on doublestreets. This bet is placed on the outside borders of 2 sets of three numbers. You are betting that 1 of those 6 numbers will hit on the next spin. This bet pays you 5 to 1 if a number hits.

You will select 3 sets of doublestreets to bet on by watching 10 spins first and recording the results. You will choose the 3 doublestreets which include the least amount of hits in the last 10 spins. Preferably 3 that have had no hits at all. If there are more than 3 doublestreets with the least number of hits on, choose any 3 of these.  Stick to the 3 you have chosen throughout the session and do not be tempted to change.

Start with 5 units on each of the 3 doublestreets. You will increase your stake only when you win. This is the best strategy to play on any gambling game. By increasing your bet only when you win ensures that if you lose you are losing mostly the casino's money.

This system can yield very good results in only 5 or 6 spins. 

So you have placed 5 units on each of the 3 doublestreets. This is an outlay of 15 units. If you are a winner on one of those 3 doublestreets you will get back 25 units plus the 5 that was on the winning doublestreet. You now have 30 units, that means you have made a profit of 15 units. Now because you have won you will increase you stake by 5 units on each of the 3 doublestreets, so your next bet will be 10 units on each of the 3 doublestreets. This is a total outlay of 30 units now. If that wins you get back 50 plus the 10 that was bet on the winning doublestreet. Giving you a profit of 30 units. Your total profit is now 45 units. Your next bet is 15 units on each of the 3 doublestreets, a total stake of 45 units. Continue to follow the betting structure as listed in the table above.

As soon as you have a loss with this system you must go back to betting 15 units, without exception. The idea is to make as much as possible on winning runs but to lose as little as possible during losing runs.

Each time you win with this system you must increase your bets according to the table above.

If you win more than 6 times in a row just continue to bet 40 units on each of the 3 doublestreets. The best results I have had with this system is $740 betting in $10 units. Don't forget if your betting 40 units on each double street, you get back 120 plus you original 40 on the winning street.

Don't forget only to raise your stake after a win, otherwise it could become very costly for you.

Use the cut-offs outlined below to allow you to stay control and end up in profit:

Win stop and loss top settings

These are particularly important. They allow you to achieve your goals and keep  your losses under control.

Session stop win limit

If you are having a good run and you have made a profit of say $320. Then you should set you stop win limit to about 1/2 say $160, then if you encounter a losing streak you must quit the session at $160. This ensures you stay in profit. This is good money management and enables you to gamble again.

Alternatively, you may want to consider quiting the session after you have had 3 or 4 wins in a row. This could mean you end the session up by $90 or $150. Knowing when to quit is the key to winning.

Session stop loss limit

If you are $100 down, quit the session. Never get more money to try and recoup your losses. Have a break and then go to a different table.

Daily stop win limit

Having a daily stop win limit is also very important. This tells you when it's time to quit. Set a daily stop win limit you are happy with. $200 is reasonable to start with. If you win more than $200 in a day, you may also increase your daily cut off accordingly. For example, if you are up $500, make you new daily stop win limit $400. When you reach this limit, quit for the day. Be careful that greed does not control your decision making process.

Daily stop loss limit

If you are a total of $200 down, quit for the day.


At the end of the days play it is important that you divide your winnings into half. You may use half to increase your playing bankroll and in turn increase your profit. However, it is very important you put half away in a reserve account and only use it if you need to. This strengthens you as a player and allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Recording information

Note all spin results, stakes, profit and loss. This will help you build a database of knowledge you can learn from when playing future games. Keeping good clear records is essential it will allow you to see patterns of play develop. It will teach you which tables and bets you have better success on. Most online casinos supply roulette scorecards for you to record information on.

Good luck!


This system is a guide only and offers no guarantee of winning. Gambling is your choice and no responsibility is accepted for your gambling decisions. You do so at your own risk.

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