Dwaine C. Douglas

Why this book was written

The average person likes to place a bet ever now and then. It may be on a horse or a ball game. It may be a weekend trip to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or a trip on a cruse ship. Most, if not all, cruse ships offer Las Vegas style entertainment and online casinos.

The vast majority of these people will lose money on their gambling ventures. Some might get lucky and win for a short period of time. Practically all will end up losers if they continue to play for a longer period of time. This book was written to show such people how to put the odds in their favor and become consistent winners.

Its philosophy is not to make big money fast, but to win lessor amounts consistently. It was primarily written to give the average and small bettor a method via which they can eventually become financially independent. In the game of Blackjack, it has consistently averaged a twenty five percent advantage over the house for more than a year. That sounds impossible when compared with card counting which rarely exceeds a three percent advantage.

The main premise during its development was to survive that inevitable long losing streak with minimal dollar loss and have a safe recovery method. In certain casino games, you will even discover a way to cancel out long consecutive losing streaks with very little or no money lost.

It is by no means another one of those fly-by-night systems that you see on the market now days. On a scale of one to ten, its degree of difficulty can be considered to be about a three. The average person should have the Star System's betting procedures mastered in just a couple of hours. Although it is a simple system to learn, the results will amaze you, and any observer that is trying to figure out what you are doing will have an almost impossible task.

Its design allows it to take full advantage of the several mathematical opportunities present in the game of Blackjack such as splits, doubles, blackjack, and card counting. Even so, statistics show that it works just as well, or even better, in some of the other casino games.

There are chapters in the book devoted to some of the most popular of these games such as Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, and Sports Betting. In some of these games the degree of difficulty is nil. This is because you will have the time to refer to your notes, rather than have to trust your memory as you would in a fast game of Blackjack.