As everyone knows, there is nothing that takes the place of experience. I have never played the game of Baccarat so I will not pretend to be an authority on the subject. I will, however, pass along my thoughts on Baccarat and tell you why, and how I would play the game.

The reason I would play Baccarat is that the house percentage is down around 1%. Some people think it is as low as .85%, but the real authority on the subject thinks it is closer to 1.25%.

Either one is no problem for the Star System, and I do consider myself an authority on that subject. What I will attempt to do in this segment is to take my experience with the Star System, and combine it with the experience of the Master of Baccarat. The results should be a good and profitable system.

The Master of Baccarat can be no other than Mr. Tommy Renzoni. Mr. Renzoni was born in 1915 and has spent his entire adult life playing the game of Baccarat. It was he who first introduced the game to Las Vegas in 1959. It is said that he has probably observed or presided over twenty million Baccarat decisions. If he doesn't know the game, then nobody does.

His book, "Renzoni on Baccarat", is unique and is one of my favorite books on gambling. In it there is not one single system for beating the game. It simply contains the basic laws, doctrine, and the so called secrets of gambling, that can only be obtained by a lifetime of gambling. I hope to have absorbed some of that information, and that it will prove profitable in the days to come for both of us. I am sure you would also enjoy the book. It contains much valuable information that the serious gambler needs to heed. It is published by Lyle Stuart, Inc., Secaucus, New Jersey 07094.

The one thing that he consistently emphasizes is that regardless of what game you are playing, you must learn to recognize and respect streaks. Not recognizing and respecting streaks is the primary reason for losing when gambling. He has seen many fortunes lost by people who refuse to swing over to the other side. In the past, entire kingdoms were lost for this reason when playing the game of Baccarat. In other words, Learn to go with the flow. This is especially true in the game of Baccarat.

I feel that the reason all those kingdoms and fortunes were lost is as follows. Hundreds of years ago someone, an Einstein of those days, invented a game that went against all the laws of probability as known by the average person. That game today is known as Baccarat. The same principles that apply to modern day card counting are also at work in the game of Baccarat. Because eight decks are in use and nine is the point number it becomes much more difficult to comprehend. Why else would the banker be required to hit and stand on certain numbers in certain situations, and the players be required to use a different set of circumstances.

The basic laws of probability are an almost natural instinct to the average person. They tell you that any time you have a fifty-fifty chance of winning you should win if you stick with the same position for a few more times. This is a valid assumption. In fact it is one of the corner stones of the Star System.

In Baccarat, this philosophy does not seem to be valid. The reason is simple. That is the way the game was designed. Over a long period of time the banker and player will both win about the same number of hands, thus the fifty-fifty chance of winning is valid.

However, for the short run, due to the composition of the eight decks, and dealer-player mandatory requirements, there can be a very long run of losses for one side or the other. If you're a King using a progression system, you just lost your Kingdom. If you are just a millionaire, you only lost a fortune. Why? Because you refused to go with the trend.

According to Mr. Renzoni, runs of seven or eight passes are common place and there are many runs of nine to twelve passes.

Sometimes, as high as fifteen or twenty consecutive passes may occur. Mr. Renzoni says that he considers three or more decisions in one direction enough to be a trend. Almost any book you read on Baccarat will tell you the same thing. It's a fact. Baccarat is a game of streaks. You need a way to take advantage of that fact.

There are two ways I can see that this can be accomplished. The first is simple. Use the basic Star System and switch sides every time you experience three consecutive losses. By using that approach you will never suffer defeat by the seven or eight losing passes which are common place in the game.

The second approach is quite a bit different, but still simple.

It is strictly an insurance bet against the streak. It will cost four dollars if you are using a ten dollar base bet. All you need to do, in order to break even, is to win just one time out of fifty.

If seven or eight consecutive wins or losses are common place, then one time out of fifty is acceptable odds. It not only ensures you against the long losing streak, it can also make you a lot of money. Here is the way it works.

On your fourth and last pre-progression bet, wager an equal amount (the insurance bet), on the other side. You will let this bet ride while you continue to play your normal progression set on the opposite side.

As I said, it is an insurance bet against the streak. If just one single win occurs on the side that you are playing, you have lost your four dollars. You will then be without insurance for the remainder of the set. At least, you will have one win going for you. If the lost trend continues - just one time out of a fifty - for five more hands, it will have paid for itself. Remember, continuous streaks of seven and eight are common in Baccarat.

Let's look at an example: Let us use a $10 base bet and play the bankers hand. When you get to your fourth pre-progression bet you will place a $4 insurance bet on the player's side.

Baccarat Strategy Chart

As can be seen, at the $50 step on your progression ladder, you could quit and have an eight dollar profit. If you continue to the last step and lose you have made a $56 dollar profit on the insurance side. At this point you are probably hoping for another loss so you can collect the insurance money. I repeat, I have never played the game of Baccarat, but the above two methods should have good results when playing such a game. Either one will ensure you are never the victim of the streak.

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