The Star System, as covered in chapters one, two, and three of this book, is a very safe system to play. As advertised, it is a very slow progression system. Many people may find this slow down in action a reason to become discouraged with the system. For that reason, there are several versions of the Stars System which you prefer to play.

These versions are relatively safe. They are for the gambler who, for one reason or another, prefers faster action and is willing to accept the additional risks.

Version 1: It is quite rare to get to the second recovery session (maybe once per 200 sessions). Let's dispense with it, and play a primary base bet session and only one recovery session. By doing so you can now use sixty as the figure to compute your bankroll and primary base bet. Example: You have a $600 bankroll. Divide by sixty and you can now start with a ten dollar base bet. A three dollar base bet is called for if playing two recovery sessions.

Remember, you will only get to play one recovery session, but about ninety-five percent of the time that is all you need. Every time you double your bankroll, double your base bet. Example: You have a three hundred dollar bankroll. Divide that by sixty and you can play a $5 base bet primary session and a $10 recovery session.

As soon as you bankroll increases to $600 you can switch to a $10 base bet primary session. You will still have enough money to play a $20 recovery session if necessary.

Version 2: Version two is a compromise between the primary Star System and version one. The bankroll required is 105 times your primary base bet and it will let you play a minimum of nineteen consecutive losses before losing your bankroll. When compared to the twenty-one consecutive losses the regular Star System lets you play, it can be seen that it is almost as safe as the regular Star System, but for only one half the required bankroll.

The major advantage over version one is that you will recover much faster due to the fact that you are tripling your base bet rather than doubling it. In addition, you will now have ten steps on the ladder of your first recovery set instead of just six as in version one or the regular Star System.

Your primary session progression ladder remains the same as in the normal Star System. Example: Tens = 2-2-2-4, 10-20-30-50-80-stop. There are three changes concerning your recovery session.

  1. Your primary base bet will be triple your primary session base bet. This can be accomplished by dividing your loss from the previous session by seven rather than ten. Rounding it off to the nearest whole number that is divisible by five is O.K.
  2. You do not total up your pre-progression numbers and bet them as one bet as in version one or the normal Star System. Always play them one at a time, just as you normally do.

An additional step is added to the progression ladder. The changes occur on the last three steps. Example: $10 base bet.

An additional step is added to the progression ladder example

Four or five winning sets while in your recovery session will usually fully recover your loss from the previous session and you can then return to your regular primary session base bet. If you are a card counter in the game of Black jack, you may want to exercise some of the options found on pages 62 and 63. By doing so, you may recover with just one winning set.

If you are playing dice, then keep in mind that once you get pass the come-out roll, the odds swing way over to your favor. That being the case, you may want to entertain the idea of letting all wins ride and enjoy the profit potentials found on page 47. Version 3: A version of the Star System for Craps, Roulette, etc. in which you still have nine steps on your progression ladder, but a higher average win rate due to the fact that most of your wins come prior to the fifth attempt. X means to wait and watch for one or two losses before you begin to bet.

Gambling System Chart 1

Version 4: A version of the Rider System (appendage # 1, pg. 99). A mini rider system that only requires a $111 bankroll. If you wait and watch for a loss or two, you can in reality get thirteen steps on your progression ladder.

Gambling System Chart 2

No recovery sessions: Via playing that set over & over again, you should come out ahead in the long run.

Version 5: Another version of the Rider System for the $5 minimum, $100 max. bet tables you may occasionally run across such as on a cruse ship. You could b et 14 steps in this ladder if you waited and watched for two losses before you begin to bet.

Gambling System Chart 3

Gambling System Chart 4


Tournament Blackjack is 180 degrees out of phase with the Star System. In tournament blackjack your goal is to win as much possible in about an hours time.

At the present time I am working on a betting system for tournament blackjack. It will still be based on two consecutive wins but will employ a more consistent use of Riders coupled with the found on page sixty-two of this book.

Blackjack Tournaments Chart

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