** Who This Book is Written For **

This book is written for the average person who likes to gamble but is lacking a system which provides them with consistent wins.

It is written for the weekend tourist who flies to Atlantic City or Las Vegas hoping they might get lucky and come home without losing all their money. It is written for the card counter who wants more camouflage and profits. It is written for anybody who wishes for a way to get from the poorhouse to the penthouse.

The following excerpt is from the book, "The Casino Gambler's Guide," written by Dr. Allan Wilson and published in 1965. Dr. Wilson's analyses of various intricate betting systems rate as excellent by his critics. His views about betting systems are as follows:

  1. I have read a vast amount of literature on the subject of gambling, as the references list indicates. In none of this literature have I ever read a verifiable account of a successful betting system.
  2. In a period exceeding ten years, I have spent an accumulated time of many months in the casinos of Reno and Las Vegas, and I have never seen a successful betting system in action, nor have I ever heard of a successful betting system.
  3. I have a personal knowledge of several individualists who have spent years of their lives experimenting with systems, and these persons have done nothing but lose huge amounts of money.
  4. So many million people have devoted so much time over the years, both in this country and abroad, to devise successful betting systems, that it seems extremely unlikely that nobody would have stumbled onto at least one such system if any existed.

If you think you have a winning gambling system, if you are a skeptic, if you think you have a system, do yourself the following favor. Play your system on paper for a length of time sufficient to double your bankroll several times. Double it three times, so that you have eight times what you started with. Don't settle for winning 20 percent or 50 percent of your bankroll, or even doubling it just once. Double it three times. Give it the acid test. Get into the long run with it. My definition of the long run for testing a system is the length of time sufficient to double your investment three times. (Most system players who do make a trial run on paper make the mistake of too short a test!). If you succeed in doubling three times without going broke, try to do it again, and if that succeeds too, write me and I shall publish it in the next edition of this book as the rarest event of the twentieth century."

The Star System was put to DR. Wilson's "acid test" three time and it passed it all three times. In other words, It took a six hundred dollar bankroll and parlayed it into over forty-eight hundred dollars six consecutive times while playing the game of blackjack. Remember, this is the result of a strictly 100 percent mechanical betting system (no card counting). Each of the six sessions lasted about eighteen hours (108 hr. total), so it meets the prerequisite of being a long enough test. The average bet was roughly six dollars.

This book is the story of how that system came to be. It explains how to play the system and why. In order to illustrate the positive features of the system it is necessary at times to show examples which depict long runs of very bad luck. Please keep in mind that this is not the norm. In actual practice, you will also experience long runs of exceptionally good luck; these are not shown in this book.

It is assumed readers of this book already know the basic rules about the particular game in which they are interested.

For that reason, the basic rules are omitted for each of the individual games herein.

I have never lost my daily bankroll when playing this system and that probably involves several hundred thousand hands of blackjack. I have sometimes grown weary of playing and quit before reaching my win goal, but I have never walked away from a blackjack table a loser, please understand, I am not saying that to brag, I am simply" stating a fact. Let me ask you a question. If you always had a twenty-five percent average advantage, can you think of any reason why you should ever walk out of a casino a loser. It's possible, but the odds against it are extremely high.

Here's hoping you will find this book interesting and that the knowledge you gain from it will help make all your future gambling ventures pleasurable and profitable.

See next page for terms you need to know prior to reading book.


Make yourself familiar with these prior to reading the book.

  1. Pre-progression Bets: A series of small bets made prior to entering your progression ladder.
  2. Progression Ladder: A series of bets in which each bet gets larger than the previous bet.
  3. Stop Number: A specified point in your progression ladder at which you stop and start another set.
  4. Base Bet: The first bet of a progression ladder from which succeeding bets are figured.
  5. Set: A series of bets which ends in a profit being made prior to reaching a stop number.
  6. Primary Session: A series of progression bets which reaches a stop number and results in a lost session. There is no such thing as a winning playing session. They are called winning sets. However, you will have winning daily sessions.
  7. Recovery Sets: A series of progression bets immediately following a lost session. If you reach a stop number in this series of bets, it will result in a lost recovery session.
  8. Bankroll: That amount of money necessary to play one primary session and two recovery sessions in case you lost twenty one consecutive attempts.
  9. Rider: The term for letting all monies from a winning bet ride and becoming your next bet. Think of it as being the same as the Daily Double at a race track. If you win, you win big. If you lose, it only cost you the price of a single ticket.

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