The procedure of letting your original bet, plus its winnings, stay on the board for another bet is a Rider. Except for their use while in your pre-progression numbers, the Rider is not an integral part of the Star System. Nevertheless, because of its higher profit potential it will be discussed.

There are certain times when (if successful), its profit potential outweighs the consequences of its failure. One instance might be a situation such as that in recovery session number three at the end of the last chapter. Also, if you are a card counter, and playing the game of Blackjack, you will employ its use.

Use of the Rider was tested extensively during the development phase of the Star System. Serious consideration was even given to making it an integral part of the system by making its use mandatory after every win.

While playing the game of blackjack, it even passed Dr. Wilson's acid test [See Introduction] . The reason it did not become an integral part of the system is because on two occasions it got to the last attempt of the last recovery session before winning.

I consider that a little to close for comfort. As a result, I can not recommend its consistent use, but it truly is a border line case.

Since its use eliminates the canceling out procedure it can cause the number of attempts per session to be significantly lower.

You will get many more attempts per session by not using it. Nevertheless, if used at the proper time, it is safe and will significantly increase your profits when successful. It is these times that you should be made aware.

One good time is if money is not a primary concern, and you're just in town for a weekend of gambling. You might as well go for the brass ring so to speak. You will reach your win goal much faster, and you still stand a very good chance of succeeding. For a short run of two or three daily sessions, I would not hesitate in its use if I could afford the loss in the event I wasn't successful.

To use an analogy, I will compare it to the game of baseball.

If you use the Rider you will probably lose your bankroll about as often as back to back home-runs occur. That may be months away, or it could be the next two batters up. If you don't use the Rider, you will probably lose your bankroll about as often as two triple plays occur in the same game.

If your luck is running close to average (no major losing streaks), then using the Rider will result in far greater profits.

On the other hand, if you get on a losing streak, then your bankroll is going to dwindle at a much faster pace. The problem is, nobody knows when that winning or losing streak is going to come along. When one does begin, there is only one individual who has a good idea about whether it will prevail or not. That person is the card counter in the game of blackjack.

Let's look at an example of the disadvantage associated with using the Rider. You will use a five dollar base bet and 1-1-1-2 as your pre-progression numbers. The exact same number of attempts will be made in both examples.

Riders - Example 1

Now you can see the disadvantage of using the Rider. In the set where you used the Rider you did not achieve your two consecutive wins in thirteen attempts. As a result, you lost the set and your primary session. Now it -is necessary to begin a recovery session. That should not present a problem. You still have two recovery sessions to go.

In the set where you did not use the Rider you only got to the first step of your progression ladder. As a result, you still have an excellent chance to win the set.

The next page shows examples of the advantages of the Rider, Now let's look at the advantages the Rider has to offer. We will use the same base bet. We will assume that you already lost your preprogression wagers and begin with the progression ladder.

Riders - Example 2

From looking at the previous examples it is obvious that the Rider will increase your winnings considerably when successful. It is also obvious that it will cause your bankroll to diminish much more quickly when not successful.

For the above reasons, I recommend you restrict its use to the following situations. First; You are a card counter in the game of blackjack. Unless you are a card counter it is strictly a trusting everything to Lady Luck type wager. Second; You are on a winning streak, and it is early in the progression set. A loss at this point still leaves you several more chances to win the set. In other words, unless you are a card counter, only use it as a fun bet when you can afford it. Otherwise, if you lose, it will cause you to be one step higher on your progression ladder.

A now or never type situation, similar to that at the end of chapter three, is another instance when I recommend using it. You were at the end of your bankroll. You had to have two wins or your day was over. In that case you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose by its use. There are other times for its use. Those times will be covered in the coming chapters which cover specific casino games.

Think of the Rider as being like the Daily Double at a race track. You need to win both in order to collect. If you do, the payoff is usually very good and the risk was worth it.

See appendage # 1, Page 99 (The Rider System), for an excellent system using- Riders.


Every authority and every book on the subject of Blackjack will tell you to hold your playing sessions down to about an hour. If you still want to play after that, then move on along to another casino for another hours session.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that statement is meant only for about that 1% of people who have the capability to consistently vin in the casinos. If you happen to have a;-; computer brain, and can play the Revere advance point count strategy, or you are just the average person who knows the Star System, then you do have the capability to consistently win in the casinos, and that needs to be a secret that only you know. If and when the casinos ever discover it, you will be barred. There is no i f ' s, and's, or but's about it. A consistent winner is something they simply will not allow.

I don't even recommend that you play one on one. By doing so, you are going to stand out like a sore thumb because of your ability to consistently win. I recommend that you play at a full table if possible, and from a multi deck shoe. By doing so, you will be able to blend in with the rest of the players while you just sit there and whittle away a little at a time.

You can be sure that most of the time, within five minutes after you sit down, the casino will have already identified you as a possible card counter or a non card counter. If you are identified as a non card counter (and you will be if playing the Star system), then they are not going to waste their time on you because they know the odds are in their favor and you are going to lose over the long run. So, as a result, you are probably going to get thirty or forty minutes of free playing time.

At that time it is probably going to become obvious to someone that you are consistently winning and that they should take another look at you.

First, they are going to check you for card counting again and that's going to take about five minutes. When they are convinced that you are definitely not a card counter, they will probably check to see if there is any cheating going on such as a partnership between you and the dealer. To make it short and sweet, your hour is going to be up and you will be out of there before they ever figure out what is going on. One thing for certain, you must have just been on a lucky streak because they know that there is no such thing as a betting system that works.

But, if you continue to sit there for several hours as a continuous winner, and give them the time to really key in on you, then they will discover the fact that you are playing some sort of a winning system. At that time you will be barred. In addition, they probably have your picture on video tape and you may discover that you are also barred at other casinos because the casinos share that type information.

So, A WORD TO THE WISE, play about an hour and then move on, or you may find out that you can't play at all. As a result, I don't recommend that you use a monetary figure as a win goal. Instead, I recommend that you use an hours playing time as your win goal and take whatever it will give you.

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