Sports betting, such as Baseball, Basketball, Football, and others may very well offer you the best opportunity of all when it comes to gambling. Without a doubt, it is the easiest because you have no memory work at all. You will have plenty of time to refer to your notes.

To use a good analogy let us compare sports betting with blackjack betting. By doing so, you can easily see why sports betting should be very profitable. First of all, card counters in the game of blackjack get barred because LIVE casinos know they are vulnerable to them. Second, A card counter's advantage rarely exceeds three percent. Add that three percent to the fifty-fifty chance you have when using basic strategy, and you get fifty three percent. It all boils down to this: A fifty three percent advantage will make you a winner.

Pick-Em Services

In sports betting there are Pick-Em Services. You will find their advertisements in many sports magazines and newspapers. Some of these services advertise a success rate of approximately seventy percent. These services are in competition with each other therefore one that doesn't produce good results will not stay in business very long.

Can you imagine playing blackjack with a seventy percent advantage all the time. That would be better than owning your own gold mine. If they can really attain the percentages they advertise, then I would be more than happy to pay them the small fee they charge for their services.

These companies normally consist of a group of professional people who make it their business to know which team, horse, or dog has the best chance of winning on any given day. Probably all these services are computerized and have immediate access to all the latest and pertinent handicapping information. In addition, many of them have their own personal contacts that supply them with a little inside information ever now and then.

Daily Line

There is also the Daily Line which is more popularly known as the Spread. Its source is Las Vegas. It handicaps sporting events and its results are normally printed in your local newspaper. Its function is not to pick winners, but to provide a point handicap to one of the participants. When applied to the final score, this point handicap should result in the teams playing to a tie.

For example: you notice in the local paper that the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets are playing tomorrow and the Jets are a 10 point favorite. That means if you were to place a bet with someone you could get Dallas and ten points or you could get New York and minus ten points.

You may as well flip a coin. When the Spread is applied, you basically have a fifty-fifty chance of winning. Using the same analogy as before, this would be the same as playing blackjack with a neutral deck. A good example of playing with a negative deck would be to tell your friend to forget the point spread, you will take Dallas even.

At this point the pick-em services take over, and via one way or another, they attempt to pick the winner. They will give you their picks every day for every team in the league. They will usually have about three which they highly recommend. They also will normally have a pick of the day. The teams are usually given a rating such as a one star team or a three star team. The pick of the day may have a four star rating. Chances are good that a little inside information was obtained on this pick.

There are several routes you can choose to use when betting the sports. Probably the safest route would be to play the pick of the day and let all wins ride. You are only going to have one bet a day going for you, so you may as well put some money on it. An example of a $100 base bet is: 20-20-20-40, 100-200-300-500-800. It is hard to believe that the pick of the day could go nine times without winning two in a row. Via using the rider you will ensure a nice profit.

Let's say that in the above example you finally got your two consecutive wins at the $200 step. That would give you a $400 profit. If you prefer, you could forget about using the rider (cancel out method goes into effect), and stretch the set out to possibly 15 or 20 attempts. If the Rider isn't used, then your profit in the above example would be $200.

Another route could be to go with all three of the top picks.

Odds say that two of them will win more often than two of them will lose.

Also, you might entertain the idea of betting all the picks every day. Theoretically speaking, you still have the odds in your favor. Even if your pick-em service was right only half the time, that still gives you a fifty-fifty chance. That is exactly what the Star System is designed to beat.

If you live in an area where there are no betting parlors, and you are doing your betting with a friend, then I suggest that you get several friends. Friends are like the casinos, when they discover you are winning by skill, instead of luck, they prefer you go someplace else to do your betting.

I have never personally gotten involved in sports betting because I have always lived in places off the beaten track, and the opportunity was not available. If I ever do live where there are pickem services and betting parlors, then I am sure I will. Make yourself a wall chart similar to the one below and it will be easy to keep track of your betting.

In the following example let's use a $100 base bet and 20-20-20-40 as our pre-progression bets. Let's go with every team picked by our favorite pick-em service.

Sport Betting Strategy

Dallas: Picked by pick-em service to win on 1 June. They lost. They were also picked on 2 June. They won. On 5 June, they were picked again. Our bet from 2 June was riding. A win equals a profit of $40.

New York: On 3 June they were picked to win and did win. On 4 June they were picked again. Our previous win is riding. They won again and the results are a $60 profit & end of set. On 7 June they are picked again and we initiate a new set.

Atlanta: Picked on 2,3,4,& 5 June to win and lost all four days. On 6 June they are picked to win and do. On 7 June they are picked again. Our bet is riding and they win. Our profit is $200 and that is the end of set.

Denver: On 1 June they are picked to win and did win. On 7 June they are picked again. Our previous bet was riding and we lost it. On 8 June they are picked again and we make our second $20 pre-progression bet.

Houston: Houston was never picked to win 1 thru 7 June.. they are picked to win we will be letting that money ($40) ride. Because of limited space the above chart is only a segment of an actual chart. An actual chart would contain every team of the league and cover the entire season. A large wall chart might be what is needed.

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