Live Casino Gaming Wiki

Getting into life games for the first time might be a bit overwhelming as there are so many new features and options to choose from. A guide to finding the right live dealer casino might be helpful, but finding out how to wager on those games and just how it all comes together might be a struggle at times. That’s why we have created a Live Dealer Wiki page to guide players through finding sites, to creating accounts, finding your games after a deposit, and finally, playing the games featured. 

Finding a Casino and Signing up

Just by reading this article, it would already indicate you’ve tried finding the right site but might have had some difficulty. With our site, you will be able to read reviews, find the most recommended casinos, learn about the games they offer and much more.

Once you’ve found the site you like, make sure they feature the live games your desire. Secondly, ensure they are not restricted in your country, and create an account. This usually only takes a few minutes as only basic information will be needed.

Once your account has been created, you would have already entered your banking details, so head over to banking and choose a deposit value of your choice. If the site offers promotions, ensure that they are available for live dealer games as well (unlikely) before accepting.

Finding Games and Joining the Room

Once your funds reflect in your account, head over to the live dealer page of the casino. Here you will see all the types of games they offer, for example, Roulette, Baccarat, Hold’em, Blackjack, and more. Choose the game you would like to play and wait for it to load.

This will result in a video feed being streamed to your computer screen. The video is live, meaning you can see what the dealer is doing right now as well as all the occurrences in the game. With most developers, your betting values will appear at the bottom of the screen where various chip values are available along with game settings and statical options about the game.

Choose a value and place it on the table. With poker and blackjack, you would position the chip in the ring as with a land-based casino, with Baccarat players, can wager on Player, Banker or Tie. Finally, Roulette has the most betting options and payouts, which might require users to access a game guide if it's your first time. The game is exactly the same as those played at land-based casinos, meaning all bets are available.

The dealer will tell you when bets are open, almost closed, and closed. This means you need to place your bets before they are closed to play in the next round. The developer will allow users to watch the game for a while before betting, ensuring you know how things work before placing a wager.