How To Pick Roulette Numbers

First of all I have my own casino wheel and I test plays on it everyday for hours. Doc, there is not roulette system. Roulette is beat by playing a good betting pattern. You know that number will hit, you just have to play in a way that you will get a hit and profit from that hit without going over the limits of the house. They say wait for this and that then play Red Even and after 2 times play Black Odd. Then the last line will be if you hit all that you will be EVEN!!!

Forget the Even bets. The only way to play is 35:1. That is the downfall of Roulette. If you place just 1 chip on a number, you have 35 times to hit it or break even. Now if you do not hit it you can raise the bet and subtract 35 from 70 and that leaves 35 so divide that by 2 and you get 17 more chances to hit and still have your money back. You are now at 47 rolls. You can take it on and on until it has to hit and still not be out a fortune.

If you want to make up a "system" or "smart play" Just use that theory. Now, you don't want to break even so you do your raise a little earlier in the game. How much would you make if you did 15 rolls with one chip and then raised to 2 chips and did 10 more. if you hit in 25 rolls you would make 35 chips profit.

Think of this. If I take my wheel, or play in casino it always and I mean always gets a repeat. Sometimes it is on the first roll and sometimes it is on the 30, 40, 70, 80, but it always hits. If you believe in a system that you place one chip on and somehow magically get hits wothout ever raising because it is a system that someone discovered that a wheel can be outsmarted, then you need to give up Roulette because I can tell you now it ain't gonna happen!

So, lets don't outsmart the wheel let's do something like this... Let's gamble! Let's gamble that it is going to hit because it always does. Let's be prepared to go that 100 rounds if we have to. If you take your chip and place it on the number that the dealer just hit, and follow him over and over until he has a "come back" you will bank if you bet right. Work out your own play for as big of money as you can afford. If you play 1 chip for about 20 times, then raise to 2 for 10 times and 3 for 10 times and 4 for 10 times and 5 for 10 times that's 60 rolls!!!! If you hit you get a profit.

if you are playing for $5 and advance to $25 you kill. Everytime I give someone a system to play they get scared to death when they miss for 30 or 40 times.

They quit the play and write me back and tell me about the hits they got in 15-25 rolls and then say lost $125 on roll 45. I play these games at the Casino and at home and I never loose. I stack it until it hits!! Try this play following the dealer and see how long it takes for a comeback. Setup your betting plan as needed.

Here's the other way to play. Pick a number, or as many as 4 numbers at once. Play these numbers exactly like you play the dealer number. When you get a hit drop off one of the 4 numbers. You will see that you will hit and you will make at least 125---175 chips everytime you play. Take a calulator and write down at what point you got your hit on one of the 4 numers. You can then check your play and see how much you won by hitting at that certain time.

Increase Your Winnings At Roulette

With a fair and balanced roulette wheel, it is safe to assume that at any given time, all numbers will come up in equal proportion. Let's see whether we can use this fact to our advantage with the 12 number combination bets. While you are playing, try to make note of any combinations that do not come up for at least five spins.

Then try wagering on them using the following sequence: 1 chip, 2, 3, then 5. If the combination doesn't hit in that time, just forget it, but most of the time, it will come up. A win at any level insures a profit with odds of 2 to 1.

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