LIVE Casino Giant Jackpot

The dream of every casino player, no matter what type of games you prefer to play, is to take down a big win. In the LIVE dealer side of things, there are a number of LIVE casino jackpots that you can shoot for that can provide you with some serious payouts. While the online casino world mostly has jackpots that center around online slots, the LIVE casino giant jackpot selection that you'll find online is more about the table games. You can find these potential prizes in a number of titles, but it really just depends on where you're playing as to what the exact rules will be.

Roulette Jackpots

A good example of what LIVE casino jackpots should be like is a common form of progressive jackpot play for roulette. The basic idea is that you'll make a progressive side bet, normally of something nominal like $1, in addition to whatever other bets you're winning. Then if the same number comes up four, five or six times in a row, you win the progressive jackpot. The chances of this happening are pretty slim, but it will happen once in a while, and that leads to winning a huge amount of money. This side bet adds a bit of excitement to roulette, which is a game that some complain is too plain for their tastes because of the somewhat limited payouts with normal play.

Blackjack Jackpots

Another great example of a LIVE casino giant jackpot is what you get in a number of blackjack games with various side bets. You might have a progressive or non-progressive jackpot that you can win when you pick up a hand with three sevens. What's interesting about this is that you might have to adjust your strategy a bit compared to how you'd normally play if you're dealt two sevens if you want to qualify for the jackpot. Having 14 against a dealer who holds something like a 4, 5 or 6 normally means you're supposed to stand, but if hitting gives you a chance to win a substantial amount of money if another seven comes, then the correct strategy changes due to those circumstances.

Jackpots in Baccarat

While LIVE dealer Baccarat is generally seen as the type of game where things are more about long winning streaks instead of winning a ton of money on a single play, you can still pick up a pretty big jackpot in certain games with side bets. For example, you might be able to place a side bet on LIVE casino jackpots for all four starting cards being of the same rank (two for the banker hand and two for the player hand). This adds another level of fun and excitement to a game that players already love.

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