Positions On A Baccarat Table

For many years, baccarat has been considered as a favorite card game in the LIVE casinos in various parts of the world. In fact, the game has become a regular entertainment activity for adults as well as the young. LIVE Baccarat is played on a specially designed table with decks of cards and can accommodate 12 to 14 players. The game is played between two hands, the banker and the player.

It is generally a simple game, but in order to increase your odds, understanding the rules of the game is paramount. From our baccarat Wiki you know, that the objective of the game is to draw two to three cards that total to 9. Face cards and cards with number 10 equals zero and cards between 2 to 9 carry the same value as their numbers. On the other hand, ace cards are equal to one. A winner is declared if he or she attains a value close to nine.

Basically, if you must win in baccarat, you have tobe acquainted with the baccarat’s table layout and design where the game will be played. Since there are three possible positions that the game is played, the table plays a critical role in initiating the game.

The baccarat table consists of a middle area and two identical ends. However, the table is divided in six areas: the croupier (caller), dealer (2), drop box, tip box and discard trays.

On the baccarat table, seats correspond to the number of players on the layout. On the contrary, seat number 13 is eliminated due to controversies associated with it. Therefore the 14th player has to seat on the seat number 15. It is important to realize that your position at the table does not affect the game play whatsoever. As such, you can sit anywhere at the table. Before the players, lies the section for placing bets.

Each table is serviced by 3 dealers. The caller, also known as the croupier, stands in the first position, (between position one and fifteen). The caller is responsible for directing the game and making calls on the hands. Other dealers work on the second and third position. One dealer serves players in position 1 to 7 while the other serves the rest. They also pay bets when on wins and take bets on losses.

Generally, understanding the layout of the baccarat table is important if you want to win the game. This is because the rules of the game revolve around this table.