LIVE Roulette Dealer Signature

There are a lot of different ways of trying to attack LIVE roulette games to gain an advantage, and one of those is through the identification and exploitation of something called a roulette dealer signature. This is a fancy way of saying tendencies that a roulette dealer might have in how they release the ball and where they release the ball. The key to this is that players can normally continue to wager up to a certain point once the ball is released, and if the person running the game is too consistent with how they release this ball, then it allows players to target specific places on the wheel.


There's a bit of work required to identify dealer signature, and it will often take hours of observation and taking down data to make a strong conclusion. The way to do this is to take notes about where the roulette dealer tends to release the ball and how many "spots" over the spin on the ball and its velocity causes the ball to fall. The layouts of roulette wheels are standardized, though they don't go in a particular order, and that makes it easier to identify exactly where the dealer is releasing the ball relative to the green zero. In turn, this makes it easier to identify a potential signature.

How to Exploit

Suppose that you've determined after watching 100 spins of a certain dealer at a certain roulette wheel that he or she tends to deliver an average of an eight-space "gap," meaning that the position the dealer releases from tends to be about eight spaces away from where position where the ball ends up landing. Your goal would be to prepare a bet that is about eight spaces away from where the ball is released. However, because the ball is released at different points on different spins, it'll take a bit of practice to be able to quickly place the bet after the ball is released.

Visual Problems

The main problem that most players will run into while trying to exploit roulette dealer signature is that it's not very easy at first to identify where the ball is being released on the wheel. The best way to do this for beginners is to follow the relative position of the green zero. The reason for this is that the green zero stands out on the wheel like a sore thumb, even when the wheel is spinning quickly, so you can tell where the ball is being released relative to that green spot.

To make placing the bets easier along these lines, players could make a reference "cheat sheet" off to the side that says where to bet if the green zero is in different parts of the wheel when the ball is released. These will be based on the number where the ball is being released and the "gap" that we mentioned above that helps to determine where it will end up.

Tracking Dealers

One more problem players will run into at first is that a roulette dealer will only be around for a few hours in any given game, and that means players will need to keep up with separate notes for different dealers. Playing on the computer makes this easy with a simple screen shot so that you can remember what the dealer looks like, but it also means that you'll need to be patient and wait for that dealer's shift or learn the LIVE Roulette casino's schedule to know when you can expect that dealer at the tables.