Roulette Rules And Etiquette

Roulette is played the same basically throughout the world, so once you learn how to play roulette somewhere, you can play anywhere. Here are the very basics of LIVE Roulette.

Here's a quick table layout for those learning how to play roulette. The betting layout starts with numbers 0 and 00 at the top, and then extends from numbers 1 through 36 at the far end of the table. This area is referred to as the "inside" betting area. Inside bets consist of the following: single-number bets, including the 0, 00 and 1 through 36, are made by placing your chip in the center of the number you select. If that number wins you'll receive 35 to 1 for every chip you have bet.

It's important to note that players purchase special roulette chips, each player with his own color, so that the dealer can tell who made a winning bet and pay off that player. The chips generally have a set value of $1.

There are only a certain amount of colors available. Most online casinos have only 6 colors. This means that only six players may play at a table at one time. If the table looks full, you should ask the croupier (dealer) if there are any openings.

The only exception to the above is that you are also allowed to play with regular casino chips or “color” as long as you notify the croupier and as long as no one else is playing with regular chips at the same time.

A player may request whatever value he wishes for his chips, above the $1 standard amount. The dealer will specify the worth of that particular colored chip. Players may also bet larger amounts by using $1, $5 and $25 regular.

When buying in at any casino game, you must place your money directly on the table felt. Never ever hand the croupier your money. They are not allowed to touch any player and are certainly not allowed to take money or chips from your hand.

You are allowed to place your bets directly on the table felt as described below. The exact way you place your bets on the table tells the croupier (and the eye in the sky) what you are betting on. It is the croupier’s responsibility to ask you about any bets that are not placed properly, but to make things go smoother, you should study the overview of the different bets below so that you know how to place your chips for the bets that you want to make.

At some point during the placement of bets, the croupier will wave his/her hand across the table and declare, “No more bets”. Any chips that you place after this pronouncement will be picked up and given back to you, and you will get a reprimand, so listen!

After all the bets have been established the wheel is spun and a ball is placed on the outer edge of the wheel. The ball will then drop into one of the numbered pockets once the wheel slows down. The numbers on the wheel alternate pairs of odd numbers, with pairs of even numbers, and alternate between black and red. The two zeros are green in color and are placed at opposite ends of the wheel. The object of the game is to determine which number or color the ball with ultimately land on.

When the ball finally stops on a number, the croupier will place a marker that usually resembles a crystal on the felt on top of the number that hit. Then he/she will clear all of the losing bets off the felt leaving only the ones that won. The croupier will then begin the process of paying the winners. All inside bets are paid directly to the players. However, for outside bets, the winnings are placed next to the successful bets on the felt. DO NOT under any circumstances touch your bets, the board, or your winnings paid on outside bets until the croupier removes the marker crystal from the felt. This is the easiest way to get a tongue lashing from the pit boss as many times people will try to cheat this way.

Once the marker is removed, it is open season on bets for the next spin.

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