One of the best books I have ever read on the subject of gambling is "Renzoni on Baccarat", by Tommy Renzoni. Mr. Renzoni has lived his entire life as a gambler, and is the person responsible for introducing the game of Baccarat to Las Vegas in 1959. It is said that he has probably observed or presided over more than twenty million decisions in the game of Baccarat.

As you may already know, the Baccarat tables are normally sectioned off from the rest of the casino in a lush and richly decorated area. The dealers are usually dressed in a tuxedo, and it is normally thought of as a high stakes game in which high rollers are the main participates.

Over the years, Mr. Renzoni has probably known more high rollers on a first name basis than you or I will ever see in a lifetime. According to him, all the successful ones have one trait in common, and that is the fact that they let almost every win ride. With that in mind, I came up with this system which I call "The Rider System". For a good understanding of the potentials that letting a bet ride can offer, please review chapter four (Riders).

I recommend that the use of the Rider System be restricted to the game of Blackjack for the following reason. If one of your wins is a blackjack or doubles, or a combination of both, it will increase your profits from three to ten times over that which you would have achieved via two consecutive wins in any other game.

A chart showing all combinations and their respective payoffs can be found on pages.

Needless to say, if you are going to play Blackjack, it is absolutely necessary to play Basic Strategy (page # 51). All results shown in this section were achieved by playing basic strategy and no card counting was involved.

Although this system is a spin-off of the Star System, and many of the principals used in its design are similar to the Star System, it is definitely not the Star System. For one thing, the Star System does not employ the use of Riders in its progression ladder unless you are a card counter in the game of Blackjack.

Ten or fifteen losses in the Rider System may only be five or six losses in the Star System. In fact, it's possible that it may even be zero losses. There are also major differences in their progression ladders and recovery sets. Last but not least, the Star System will give you a higher percentage of profits versus money invested. For those reasons and more, I consider the Star System to be about twice as good as the Rider System.

Nevertheless, the Rider System easily passed Dr. Wilson's acid test (see Introduction page). The time involved was about the same as the Star System. That means it should take you about six hours to double the $520 bankroll which the system requires. For that reason I recommend that you use $100 as your win goal.

It should take you about an hour to win that much. That works out just right because almost any book you read on the subject of blackjack will recommend that you hold your playing sessions down to about an hour. There are two reasons for that. First, it keeps you from getting tired and making mistakes. Second, It is a big help in preventing the casinos from identifying you as an undesirable. An undesirable is anybody that can consistently beat them, and that is regardless of whether you are a card counter or not.

The following results are from fifty sessions I played using a $500 bankroll and $100 as my win goal (i.e. Win $100 or lose $500).

sessions 1-26: won, lost # 27, won 28-34, lost # 35, won 36-39, lost # 40, and won 41-50.

My profit was $3,570.00 due to the fact that it is very seldom that you will end a session with an exact $100 win. Usually it will be two to five dollars over. Since then I have probably played another twenty sessions without a loss.

Only one of the losses, would I classify as a battling situation. The other two losses were due to those unbelievable losing streaks that will happen to everyone sooner or later. One loss was the result of twenty-five consecutive losses. The other one only had one consecutive win.

Probably both could have been prevented had I been playing in a casino and changed tables after a losing session. Instead (because I was so sure I couldn't lose), I continued to play out of the same shoe which was in pitiful shape and naturally I ended up losing. After the third loss, I decided to check the condition of the cards in the six deck shoe from which I was playing. It contained about six or seven separate slugs of cards and each of those was comprised of about 10-15 high cards or 10-15 low cards. As a result, Rule # one. Just as in the Star System (page #55), always change tables after a lost session and be rid of that particular card combination forever.

Don't forget, there is no such thing as a perfect system that can't lose. Sooner or later, everyone is going to experience one or more of those unbelievable losing streaks. Your savior at such a time is to have a daily bankroll and stop if you lose it. When such a streak does come along - before you blame the system - ask yourself the following question. Could any system have beat the run of luck you just had? I believe you will discover that the answer to that question will be No.

The objective of a winning system is to win more money than it loses over the long run. The Rider System should easily do that for you.

In any game of chance where you basically have a fifty-fifty chance of winning, you should have just a good a chance as the dealer of getting two wins in a row. I'm sure you will agree, getting two consecutive wins is not something you would consider unusual. In fact, three wins in a row is not uncommon. With the Rider System, your goal is to achieve two wins in a row (in the Star System, one win will often do it.).

Below is your progression ladder. You will need to memorize it. You don't need to memorize the profit figures. One thing you want to remember is the fact that this is a slow system that is designed to win a little at a time. Its primary objective is to get you through those long losing streaks and still end up with a profit.

Probably the most important ingredient needed to make it work, is patience on your part. Suppress that desire to go for the big bucks fast.

All wins ride

Baccarat Rider System Chart

Although this seems to contradict what I just said, I have found it to be extremely rare to begin the first session of the day with fifteen to twenty consecutive losses. So, like a race horse coming out of the starting gate fast and then settling back to a nice safe pace with plenty left in reserve, I like to start my first session of the day off with recovery # 1 until about twenty-five dollars ahead. Then switch back to my primary set and remain there until I have reached my win goal or lose the set (remember, a lost set is a lost session). If you lose your primary session, then go to recovery # 1 again, and this time begin at the six dollar step. After you achieve two consecutive wins, you then start the set over and this time you include the ones. Do so for each new set you play while in recovery # 1 until you have recovered the $63 you lost in your primary set. At that time you revert back to your primary set.

The procedure is the same in the event you lose recovery # 1 and have to play recovery # 2 (I.E. Skip the ones and begin on the $10 step). After you achieve two consecutive wins, you then revert back to using the ones until you have recovered the entire $123 you lost in recovery # 1. At that time you would switch back and play recovery # 1 until recovering the $63 you lost in your primary set.

Let's run through an example in which one of your wins is a blackjack. Let's say you begin your primary set and lose eleven hands in a row. That puts you sixty-three dollars down. You then begin recovery # 1 on the six dollar step. You lose the next four hands ( $6, $8, $10, & $15 Total = $39 )• Add to that the $63 you lost in your primary set and you are $102 down. Your next bet is $20 and you win. You now have $40 which you let ride and you get a blackjack on the next hand. Your payoff is $100 and that is the end of the set. You have recovered all but $22» You now begin another set in recovery # 1, and this time you include the ones. All kinds of combinations are possible. The best one is to win a doubles and follow it with another doubles. In that case, you win ten times the amount of your original bet. In the above example, a doubles followed by doubles would have recovered everything and given you a $78 profit to boot.


In the event you are past the half way point on your progression ladder, and your first win is a blackjack or doubles, you may want to play it safe. That decision will be up to you. In either case (blackjack or doubles), the procedure is the same. You pull your original bet (or bets if doubles), and let your winnings ride. If you win, you win big. If you lose, you lose nothing as it was all house money at stake. Think of it as a free shot. Example: You bet $10 and get a blackjack (pays $15). Pull your original $10 bet and let the $15 ride. If you win again, you have made a nice $30 profit. If you had lost instead of winning, you still would have your original $10 and can replay the $10 step on your progression ladder. Let's look at a doubles example. You bet $10 and decide to go down for doubles. You now have $20 invested and you win. Pull your original $20 and let the $20 winnings ride.

If you win, you have a nice $40 profit. If you lose, you still have your original $20 bet and can replay the $10 step that you originally began with. As I said, think of it as a free shot. If you win, you win big. If you lose, you break even and can play that step on the ladder again.

With average luck and no long losing streak, this baccarat system will make you a consistent winner. It is a lot safer and it will give you a higher percentage of profit versus money invested. More important than that is the fact that it will survive most any long losing streak which the Rider System might fail.

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