19. Skilful Play

There are a number of decisions you can make in becoming a Maximum Advantage Roulette player. You must decide where to play and whether you will tip or not.

You will also need to make decisions on setting up and using a casino credit line as well as having your play rated. How you handle these situations can have a great bearing on your long-term success as a winning LIVE Dealer gambler.

Picking where you play

Your first choice in deciding to become a roulette winner is deciding where to play. I rate casinos on several different aspects. My first concern is whether the casino offers games that I find playable.

Every casino sets minimum and maximum bets for its table games. Typical minimum and maximum bets for roulette games offered by small casinos might be $5 minimum bets and $500 maximum bets for outside bets. These limits will be acceptable for 90% of the players using the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy. But a few players may require higher betting limits.

A more typical problem faces players in casinos which set minimum bets too high. Some East Coast casinos set their minimum roulette bets at $10. Many casinos will change their minimum wagers depending on the time of day and day of the week. Minimum bets are raised in the evenings and on weekends. If you are an Atlantic City player looking for tables with lower minimum bets, you will find more roulette tables with lower minimums if you play during the week instead of on weekends.

Besides table limits, I also consider the atmosphere of a casino. I absolutely refuse to play in casinos with rude dealers. I can tolerate slow dealers, dealers still in training and dealers who don't talk much. But I refuse to put up with dealers who make sarcastic remarks to other players or criticize my play. Life is too short.

Change tables or, if necessary, change casinos. Fortunately, casino employees are reasonable people and problematic dealers are not seen too often.

Some casinos have other annoying quirks. Can you tolerate a lot of smoke? Some casinos have poor ventilation systems so that a dull cloud of smoke seems to permeate the casino area. If this bothers you, don't play there.

Other casinos are dirty or have crowded, uncomfortable playing conditions. For several years there was a casino less than ten minutes from my house where I absolutely refused to play because the place resembled a dump (it has been updated and is now acceptable). These are choices you must make. If you play in Las Vegas, you have just about every choice you can imagine available. If you want to play in a real players' joint, try Binion's Horseshoe downtown. Would you like some real elegance? You'll like the Venetian or Bellagio's.

One thing I don't do is discuss my system while I play. Some dealers will comment on it; most don't. You may get questions from other players. If you decide to discuss your system, keep it simple. You might state that you like to make the outside bets and you vary your bets depending on how the table is going.

If you start talking about the system, you will undoubtedly lose your concentration. In addition, it is almost a given that if you are trying to demonstrate the system to someone, you are going to have a loss. Call it bad luck or bad karma, but you can believe that discussing the system while you are playing is not a good idea.


If you don't like to tip, most international play will suit you fine. Most casinos in Asia, Europe and Commonwealth countries like England, Australia and New Zealand forbid tipping the dealers.

In the U.S. you really have no choice but to tip. Many players refuse to tip, arguing that tips come right off their bottom line. I can't argue with the logic, but I will question the results of a no-tipping policy.

I personally have a great deal of respect for most casino personnel and especially dealers. I enjoy tipping them in exchange for good service, and once it is established that I am a "George" (slang for a good tipper), the level of service increases appreciably.

When I tip, I never just give the dealer the tip. I only tip by making bets for the dealer.

I tip by making an outside bet for the dealers if I have been winning. The dealers appreciate this type of wager as they realize that they are much more likely to win the wager and get the tip with an even-money wager than one with high odds against it.

Act like a gambler

Play like a loser. If you are in a prolonged winning streak, don't rub it in the casino's face by continuing to play at the same table. If you do, make sure that you consistently make the kinds of moves which will throw the pit off. But your best ploy is not to overstay your welcome, especially if you are winning a bundle.

If you have a nice win and a floorman comments on it, you can casually mention that you dropped a bundle at craps last night and you are still not close to even. But don't do this if you never play craps. Make your story plausible.

Hide Chips

As a winning player, you will want to look for ways to disguise the amount you are winning. The easiest way to do this is to pocket chips.

This is harder to accomplish if you are playing alone, and is easiest to accomplish if you have a playing partner.

How to Survive and Prosper as a Professional Gambler has some excellent suggestions on chip hiding routines. With a female accomplice, it is easy to slip chips to her and let her hide them in her purse. Sometimes my wife carries a shopping bag with her, which is a great place to stash chips and offers additional cover to help us look like a pair of happy, typical tourists.

If you are a black chip player, you are better off hiding green chips, as the bosses are more concerned with watching your stack of black chips. If you commonly wager $500 or more, then you can get away with hiding $100 chips, but don't try to stash the$500 chips as the bosses may catch on.

Play for Cash or on Credit?

There are many advantages to establishing credit with several casinos. Once you have established credit, it is there any time you want to use it. You don't have to carry cash, arrange for wire transfers or try to talk casinos into cashing checks. You generally will not be able to even cash a cashier's check in a casino until it has been verified. If you show up on a Saturday hoping to cash a cashier's check, you will be out of luck until your bank reopens on Monday and can verify the check.

Another advantage to establishing credit is that when you use casino credit, you get to sign markers at the table. You will look like a gambler, since most gamblers who play with black chips have casino credit lines.

I'll let you in on a dirty secret. Casinos are not in the business of loaning money to gamblers, at least not now. If you have a bad gambling habit and a weak bank account, your local friendly loan shark is more likely to accommodate you than your not-so friendly casino.

When you establish a credit line, the casino is agreeing to advance you no more than the average balance in your checking account for the last six months.

Your creditworthiness has nothing to do with getting casino credit. These guys don't care whether you are employed, just filed for bankruptcy or are dodging your other creditors. Casino credit is based on how much bread you keep in your checking account. Do you feel a little better about the high rollers signing the markers? They are signing magnetically coded checks which can be run through their checking accounts. Normally markers are not handled this way as the casino prefers to be paid by check, but if necessary, the casino markers can and will be deposited by the casino and will be presented for payment at your bank just like any other check you have written.

If you are a black chip player, casino credit is almost mandatory unless you want to carry a large amount of cash with you, which I don't recommend. If you know where you will be playing, you can arrange to have cash deposited with the casino cashier and sign markers against your own front money on deposit with the casino.

Rated Players

Once you start playing with green or black chips, you are going to be asked by a floorman if you want to be rated. Many novice counters resent the intrusion of a floorman and answer evasively or even negatively. This is a big mistake. By rating your play, the casino is evaluating your ability to receive comps or freebies from the casino. Comps can really add to your bottom line and can be very profitable once you learn to play the comp game. Another reason to become rated is that being rated and receiving comps from the casino is what gamblers normally do. And you want to look like just another gambler.

Even if you are a low to mid-range player and want to get full RFB, which stands for Room, Food and Beverages comped, there are many casinos which will accommodate you. Using casino comps, you can travel just about anywhere and get full VIP treatment. Many casinos will even pay your airfare. But you have to know how to work the system to maximize these benefits. I suggest that you learn how to get the maximum amount of comps and let a casino pay for all of your gambling excursions.

As a Maximum Advantage Roulette player, you are in the perfect position to get and benefit from comps. No matter what your level of play, you can increase your enjoyment and profits by availing yourself of casino comps.

Learn to play another casino game

I highly recommend that you learn to play at least one other table game besides roulette. My number one choice of the game to learn is LIVE blackjack.

Blackjack is still a favorite game of many high rollers. Just by learning basic strategy you can play almost even with the house.

If you add a winning strategy on top of this, such as the unique betting system revealed in Power Blackjack, then you are on the way to having a second casino game you can beat.

Blackjack, using the Power Blackjack Strategy, is an excellent game for using hit and run tactics. If you have been playing roulette and are tired of concentrating on your wagers, blackjack may give you just the break you need. This can't hurt your reputation with the casino. Because many high rollers now favor blackjack, you will enhance your appearance as a high roller when you add this game to your repertoire. By mixing a little blackjack play in with your roulette games, you will look more and more like another gambler to the casino bosses.

You may be surprised how well you do at blackjack. On a typical casino visit, I usually make almost as much money playing blackjack as I do playing roulette. Silverthorne Publications is the premier publisher for winning blackjack systems.

If your casino offers craps, you may want to learn to play the game.

You can play craps for fun and relaxation, but even when I relax I enjoy winning money. I use an intriguing craps system which wins over 90% of the time and throws off nice winnings even against the American wheels.

And so, you are almost ready to start beating the casinos, but.

. .

You are almost ready to take on the casinos. I have presented a system which has been proven to win against casino roulette. Perhaps you have been practicing the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy. You have figured out how to put together your bankroll. However, the greatest battle still awaits you. The casinos have even more powerful weapons at their disposal than the house edge. They are masters at a whole number of psychological traps set to ensnare you, with the end goal of relieving you of as much of your money as they can in the shortest and most pleasant way possible. Let's take at look at the casino's battery of weapons and see what you can do about them.

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