22. Casino Etiquette

If you know how to dine in a fine restaurant without making a scene, or automatically open doors for others and say thanks when someone holds open a door for you, you will probably not have any trouble knowing how to conduct yourself in a casino. I normally don't think much about etiquette until I see some jerk raising hell with a dealer about his losses, or chewing out a cocktail waitress for taking too long with an order. Then I have to wonder how the concept of manners has escaped him completely.

I said him, because boorish, obnoxious behavior nearly always comes from males, with very few females managing to become the perfect asses that males seem to delight in being.

Casinos seem to attract a higher than normal number of persons with a need to blow off at some unfortunate casino employee.

The times I have somehow gotten in the middle of these disputes, I nearly always take the side of the dealer or floorman, especially if a male patron is unjustifiably berating a female employee for no reason other than he has poor control over his gambling, managed to lose much more than that should have, and is now looking for a scape goat.

For most persons who visit casinos, etiquette is simply a matter of common courtesy. It's okay to get a little wild in a casino. These are supposed to be places of fun, and drinking a little too much may be part of the entertainment. But for a successful Maximum Advantage Roulette player, the rules are not quite the same. The casino is your place of employment and drinking should be limited. It goes without saying, courteous behavior should be practiced at all times.

At all casino table games, the rules of etiquette are pretty simple. Treat the dealers and other players with respect and avoid being loud, pushy or belligerent. If you get into a disagreement with a dealer, stay calm and be gracious even if the dealer really is wrong. It does not make sense to win an argument over a single payoff and create an enemy for life. Whatever the problem is, you don't want to be cast as the bad guy - by the casino employees or by other players.

Here are some specific tips that apply to the LIVE Dealer roulette game:

  1. To enter a game, find an empty spot or seat around the layout and put your money on the table for the dealer to exchange for chips. Make sure the dealer knows your intentions. Do not place your money anywhere on the layout where bets are made as it could be misconstrued as a wager. If you want to play with casino chips rather than the special colored chips used at roulette, ask the dealer for the chips. The best time to facilitate this exchange of cash for chips is right after the dealer has paid off all of the winning bets from the previous spin.
  2. Once you have received your chips and the dealer has removed the marker from the table, you can make your wager. Be sure to observe the previous decision so that you know which pattern to chose for beginning the game.
  3. You can make a wager when the ball and wheel are spinning until the dealer announces, "No more bets."
  4. When the ball drops into a numbered slot, the dealer will place a marker on top of the winning number on the layout. The losing bets will be cleared away immediately. The winning bets are paid last. Please keep your hands away from your wager until the dealer has either removed a losing bet or paid you for a winning bet.
  5. When you have finished playing, you can ask the dealer to color you up before leaving the table. If you are playing with the special colored roulette chips, you must exchange the chips for LIVE casino chips before departing as the colored chips have no stated value at any other table.
  6. Watch your own bets at all times. Outside bets are easy to track as you handle the bets yourself and place them directly in front of you.
  7. Don't force your way into a crowded table. It there isn't room for you to reach the table and make your wagers, perhaps you don't belong there.
  8. Don't slow down the game by constantly asking the dealer basic questions about how the game is played or how bets are made. There are hundreds of books on how to play roulette including this one. You should learn the correct payoffs for the bets you will be making.
  9. Try to be discrete about your wins and losses. No one really cares to know how much you are willing, and it doesn't do you any good to advertise that you are a consistent winner.
  10. While playing, conduct yourself courteously at all times. If you drink, refrain from overdoing it and never get drunk. You will need to stay alert to correctly make the wagers required by the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy, and contrary to the opinion of some drunks, alcohol does not make you think clearer.
  11. Toke the dealers. Dealers call tips "tokes" as in a token of appreciation. Many players don't realize that dealers are not paid much more than minimum wage. Roulette dealers try very hard to please the public. Most dealers want the players to win and have a good time. They know that if the players enjoy themselves and win, they will get toked. I always toke the dealers. If I win more I will toke them more, but even if I lose, I will make several bets for the dealer. This is not only the right thing to do but will pay you off in spades if you do it consistently. Even floor personnel know who the tippers are, and my experience has been that if you tip, you will be more than repaid by hard working dealers, who will watch out for your bets and by casino complementary, controlled by and large by pit personnel who rate your play.


It's time to pull together everything we have learned. The next chapter reviews all aspects of the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy and gives you a concrete game plan you can put into action.

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