Beat The Casino Roulette System

Golden Rules for the Roulette System 'Beat the Casino'. As mentioned on my website, playing the roulette is a four part job, all four parts are necessary for a successful outcome of your efforts at the roulette table. The four parts are:

  • You personal behaviour
  • The rules govering the roulettegame
  • Where to place your bets
  • How much to bet

Your personal behaviour

  1. Never play when you are tired. Better stay on your sofa and go to casino tomorrow.
  2. Never play when you are in a negative mood, only positive people win.
  3. Don't take friends with you to boast how clever you are
  4. Take enough money with you and set a limit for your loosing. Before going to the casino you must test your system and calculate how big a bankroll it claims for a succesful game. And then multiply this figure by four.
  5. Don't forget that playing roulette is like doing business: calculation and budget is a must.
  6. Don't drink alcohol, wine and beer. Just coffee, tea or water to keep your head clear and cool.
  7. Stay calm.
  8. Enjoy the atmosphere.
  9. Don't get arrogant
  10. Now and then take a walk in the fresh air (You don't loose a dime when you don't play)
  11. Belive only in yourself
  12. Belive in yourself and your system. Be confident. However, don't forget that any system has it's good runs and it's bad runs. One day it works marvelous, next day it's a misery. If it works bad at Table One, then try Table Two.
  13. Don't listen to boasting people - 99 % are liars.
  14. Don't discuss the game with other gamblers - concentrate on your own business.
  15. Let your intuitution stay at home. It rarely works at roulette or other games.
  16. Play carefully - very carefully.
  17. Never utilize cheating or illegal devices.
  18. The electronic scoreboard displaying the outcome of the spins is not 100 % reliable.
  19. If you are not ready to bet, just wait for next spin
  20. Keep an eye on your bankroll. Have you lost 50 % then admit it's not your day, stop the game, go to the bar and buy you a cup of coffee - if you don't get it free - and then go home. You can't win at each visit in the casino.
  21. Never sit down at the playing tables - only keep standing.
  22. Never play too long. 30 minutes is a long period in a gaming atmosphere. The longer you play, the higher are the odds for a loosing streak.
  23. Have you problems earning money at the table where you play, then find another table.
  24. Also in your casino people philfer chips. Keep an eye on the chips you have on the table. If you are missing one, then at once tell it the croupier. There is a video controlling the table.
  25. Have you earned 50 % of your bankroll, then consider to stop the game
  26. Have you earned 100 % of your bankroll, then STOP and go home at once. Leave the casino not being tempted playing again – and loosing your money. You also may put the money in a safe, thatonly can be opened next day.
  27. Stick to your system, never never never jump from one system to another. If you don't have a system then buy one. A bad system is better than no system, as it takes you longer to loose your money - you have more fun of the game. Only in movies being an famous actor you can take a high pile of chips, place them on a random number and win - or you have a damned good luck.
  28. Discipline - discipline - discipline and again discipline - the 'A to Z' for beating the casino. Never play with money you need for your family, household or business. You NEVER NEVER can solve your economical problems playing in a casino. When you play under pressure you are not in the right mood to earn money in a casinogame.

As Mr. Winston Churchill once said: ' You may be up or you may be down, the whole question is to be back in the game.'


Mr Oscar Wilde: 'People burned their fingers, because they never learned to play with the fire.'

Follow these rules, they are very important - the basis for a successful game.

This was Part One - the most important part of the system. Read, study and memorize the rules once more. And once again.

About the Theory Behind Roulette

The layout of the roulette machine as we use it today was invented by a wellknown frenchmen Blaise Pascal, he was a famous mathematican and philosopher living in the years 1623 - 1662. It is said that he in 1655 constructed the layout of the machine to a friend, who he owed some money. Mr. Pascal was a clever man, he really was a genius as he constructed the roulette.

The first roulette had no '0' or '00', which was added when the casinos found out that they could not earn money with only 36 numbers from 1 to 36. Then they added two zeroes. A casinoowner in Baden-Baden in Germany took one away, played only with one '0', which was a big advantage to the players.

Today you in Europe find '0', and in USA mostly '0' and '00'. The way the numbers are placed on the wheel is different for the two types. The layout of the tables are also a bit different. On both types you have numbers from 1 to 36, half black and half red:

Black are: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, 31, 33, 35

Red are: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 30, 32, 34, 36

Green are the '0'

You may place your bets on full numbers (Plein) or on combinations of numbers,

1st, 2nd. or 3rd dozen or 1st, 2nd or 3rd coloumn ( the 36 numbers are placed in 3 coloums:

1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31 and 34 in the 1st coloumn,

2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32 and 35 in the 2nd coloumn,

3,6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33 and 36 in the 3rd coloumn.. Please note in 2nd coloumn you have 8 black and 4 red, in 3rd you have 4 black and 8 red.).

The 'even money bets' are : Black / Red , Even / Uneven and Low(1 - 18) / High (19 - 36).

In my roulette systems we only will concentrate on the 'even money bets', as they are the combinations where you have the best chances for earning money.

It is often discussed, whether it is possible to earn money playing the roulette. Mathematicans say, it is impossible due to the following:

  • The layout and mathematic behind roulette.
  • The ivory ball has no will and memory. It has no will to say: "This spin I will hit 36 red/even/ high, and in the next 20 spins I will only hit red.". The ball has no will, no memory, no brain.
  • Each spin is a whole new game independent from all previous spins.
  • Take a look on the wheel, when the ball is running in one direction and the wheel in the other. Note how it's running on the sides of the wheel and how it's direction is interrupted. Note also that sometimes it runs down in one cage and then jump over the wall to the neighbor!! Where it stops is only a matter of chance.

What these clever people say ought to be right, but it is not 100 % right. There are some laws governing the game. I will tell you: The wheel has 37 (38) numbers. If you make 37 (38) spins you don't get 37 (38) different numbers. Normally 12 of the numbers don't occur (The 1/3rd rule). It may vary from 9 to 17, but never 37 different. Make a try, it's easy to control.

In roulette history you never have seen more than 27 reds in a row. However in roulette anything is possible, but 50 blacks or reds after each other is very very unbelieveable. The blacks and reds (and the other even-money-bets) are coming in series. Not that they come systematical: 1 black, 1 red, 2 blacks, 2 reds, 3 blacks, 3 reds, 4 blacks, 4 reds and so on. No, they come in a real mix-up. It's impossible in advance to say whether the next serie will have 4 reds, 2 blacks or 14 reds or will be a '0'. A single black or a single red is called an 'intermittens'.

On a seperate sheet I will show you how many series and spins are needed to make a 12'er serie and a 20'er serie.

You see, half of the spins are used to make small series: one's or two's. The ones's also are making series. Very often the spins come so: red, black, red, black, red (Zig-zag'ing up to 10 - 12 times), and you also often have up to four or more two's after each other (red, red, black, black, red, red, black, black).

I have counted the numbers, that came out March 1993 at Table 1 in Casino Bad Bentheim in Germany. See the seperate sheet. You see how random the numbers came out. For the whole month Number 33 came 52 times more than average, Number 10 came 40 times less than average. The difference 92 is only 1 % of all spins, not very much. If you take day 1 - 5, add them together you will find a bigger percent-difference. That means that the more spins you have the smaller is the difference in percent. If you have enough spins, maybe 10.000.000 spins, you hardly see any difference. We gamblers just have to cope with maybe 150 spins a day.

On March 27 the '8' didn't show up.

You will also note the difference in black and red, in even and uneven and in high and low The roulette-game is based on the theory of probability, it's a game of chance.

To be succesful you must work with the chances given by the casino and your own strategy.

And never forget: It's impossible to say in advance, how the next spin will come out.

Where to Place Your Bets

I just have written, that it is impossible to say, how the next spin will come out, and now I will give you a good advice about where to place your bets. Am I crazy - NO.

Stay at Black/Red, at Even/Uneven or at High/Low. Your chances are much better.

Set on Number 7, and if Number 7 comes out is it wonderful, you earn 35 chips, but it comes out only once out of 37 (38) spins, if you don't have a special agreement with Lady Luck. The '0' costs your whole bet.

Place your bet on Red, it comes out every second spin, pays however only one piece. Of 37 spins the 18 spins bring you a chip, it is much nicer with many wins and not so difficult to hit the right one. The '0' costs only half your bet.

Due to the '0' here in Europe, we loose 2.7 % of our capital when playing on numbers, dozens and coloumns. If you play Black/Red, Even/Uneven and High/Low you only loose 1,35 % because the casinos at these bettings only take away the half of your bet. Most of the serious people studying roulette play these chances.

What I now write about Black/Red has the same validity for Even/Uneven and High/Low. Only is it easier to play Black/Red due to the electronic scoreboard at the roulette.

How to Place Your Bets

There are more rules, I have listed them here by importance:

  1. There is an old fine rule: 'Follow the bank' or 'Follow the colour' or 'Follow the trend' or 'Stay with the winners'. That means that if last spin came out black, you again bet black.
  2. However you often see 'Black, Red and Black', it zig-zags, then you follow the zig-zagging and bet Red. I have seen 12 zigzags, it's luck to get on that wagon.
  3. Have you had f.ex. 4 or more 'blacks' followed by one 'red', you very often will see some blacks following the red. The red made a 'nose'. You don't follow the red but the black.
  4. Have you had 'Black Black Red' then bet Red and if that bet was right bet Black and if right again Black, and if that also was right then Red and Red. You make 2'er-series.
  5. Often the ball makes patterns f.ex ' Black Red Red Black', then try to follow with 'Red Red Black Red Red'. Keep an eye on these possibilities. You will learn there are many patterns to follow, but most pattern don't repeat themselves more than threetimes.
  6. Don't forget there is only around 48 % chance for Black and the same for Red.

How Much to Bet

Forget to bet the Martingale-system or the d'Alambert-system, they just ruin you. You know the Martingale betting: after loss just double up. Sooner or later you loose your money due to the maximum of the table. I have tried it for you. Forget Martingale.

The d'Alambert is a bit better but no good. After loss add one chip and when you win deduct one chip. You also here loose your money, special due to the '0'.

You bet in this way:

Bettting System #1:

Rule: At winning you add one chip to the bet just won, at loosing you deduct two from the previous bet.

Bet #1: Start with one chip. Do you win let both stand as new bet.(Next bet is two chips).

If you loose, only bet one chip.

Bet #2: Do you win again there are four chips on the table for you, but you take only one and bet three next time. And put the one in your pocket. Always put your winnings in a special pocket, that you can see how much you have earned.

If you loose, your next bet is one chip.

Bet #3: Do you win again after betting three, there are six chips on the table fore you. Your new bet is four ( 3 + 1) and you have two for your pocket. Just go on in that way until you loose. Remember you started with one chip and have three in your pocket.

If you loose, next bet is one chip (3 - 2).

Bet #4:You win again, your bet was four, there are eight chips on the table for you. Your next bet is five, and you can pocket three.

If you loose, your next bet is two ( 4 - 2)

Bet #5: If you win, there are ten chips on the table for you. Next bet is six and you pocket four.

If you loose, you have to say bye-bye to five, and your new bet is two chips lower, you bet three chips.

Bet #6: If you win again after betting six you have 12 chips on the table: Next bet is seven and you may pocket five.

Above at Bet #5 I wrote, that if you lost, you bet three. If you also loose these three, your next bet is one.

However stop adding to your bet before you loose!

When has the time come ? It's impossible to give an exact answer to that question, but take a look on the list of series and you will see, that after a serie with six there is only around 9 % chance of getting a serie of 7 or more. If you bet 7, you have the chance for winning seven or the risk for loosing seven. The chance is 48.7 % for winning, 48.7 % for loosing and 2.6 % for '0' that takes 3½ away. It's your money, it's up to you to decide.

Have you won 20 chips, you stop and take a break for fresh air and coffee. Or go home. Or put your earnings in a safe.

Have you worked hard to earn 10 chips, you stop. Have you lost 10 chips, just stop and take a break or go home.

The casiono opens tomorrow again and gives you a new chance. Never forget: Let the winnings run and stop the loosing. After betting 10 chips I however recommend to go back to one or two chips and start over again.

Let us play some spins: (My old spins from Germany September 28, 1995) Betting System One:

Bet chips: on Number came = Colour Earning/loss Total

1            B            11          B            +1          +1

2            B            16          R            -             2            -1

1            R            18          R            +1          0

2            R            14          R            +            2            +2

3            R            31          B            -             3            -1

1            B            6            B            +1          0

2            B            23          R            -             2            -2

1            R            7            R            +1          -1

2            R            25          R            +2          +1

3            R            26          B            -3           -2

1            B            11          B            +1          -1

2            B            22          B            +2          +1

3            R            1)          23          R            +3          +4

4            R            16          R            +4          +8

5            R            30          R            +5          +13, we ought to take a break here as we have worked hard to earn 13 chips.

Above at 1) we bet on red due to the pattern came: R R R B B B, and we saw R R R. This was followed by one Black, six Read, one Black (made a nose) and seven Red. Try to figure out how many chips we could have earned that afternoon..

Betting System #2

This is another way of betting to recommend. It's an old bettingsystem, that also today is sold in USA. (New good betting systems are scarce).

You write a small row of numbers in this way: 1 2 3 4. Add these figures and you get 10, the game is to earn ten chips and then that game has finished.

For your first bet: you add 1 and 4 is 5, you bet 5 chips.

Next bet is 2 + 3 = 5.

Let us go back to your first bet: 1 + 4 = 5. You didn't win the 5, and to your row of figures you add 5, so your figure-row is now: 1 2 3 4 5. Add the figures and you get 15 = the 5 you lost and the 10 you want to earn.

Your next bet is 1 + 5 = 6, which you win. Next bet is 2 + 4 = 6, which you also win, and you now bet 3, winning again, all in all you won 15 chips minus the 5 chips, you lost. It makes 10 chips, as you wanted to win.

We make a new round and write 1 2 3 4.

  • In first spin we loose 5 and our figure-row is now 1 2 3 4 5, and we bet 1 + 5 = 6
  • In second spin we loose again and our figure-row is now 1 2 3 4 5 6. New bet is 1 + 6 = 7.
  • In third spin we win and our figure-row is now 2 3 4 5 and we bet 2 + 5 = 7
  • In fourth spin we win and our figure-row is now 3 + 4 and we bet 3 + 4 = 7
  • In fifth spin we loose and our figure row is now 3 4 7 and our new bet is 3 + 7 = 10
  • In sixth spin we loose and our figure row is now 3 4 7 10, our new bet is 3 + 10 = 13
  • In seventh spin we win 13 and our new figure-row is 4 + 7 and we bet 11 chips

We win again and the round is finished. We have won 10 chips.

If you mean that the 13 chips you have to bet after the sixth spin are too many, you can split them up in two games and make two new figure-rows: 3 4 7 10 to two games: 2 2 3 5 and 1 2 4 5 and play them after each other.

Take the spins I used above (Bettting System #1) and use this betting system. The chipvalue is 1/5th of above, i.e. 10 chips have the value of two chips from system above. You will come out with a winning on 40 chips = 8 chips above.

With the first system, you won 13 chips, your betting was higher, up to 5 chips equal with 25 of the chips used in Betting System #2.

My impression is, that System #2 doesn't involve as high risk as System #1.

You can within the rules of the casino decide the value of the chips. You should not make it higher than 2% of the betting maximum.

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