3. Present Day Gambling

Gambling is a great equalizer. While there may be a class system in different casinos around the world, everyone is effected by winning or losing. Winning may bring excitement or even exhilaration, while losing leads to extreme disappointment and even depression.

Casinos are like temples for gamblers. Casinos today are a far cry from the dumpy backrooms and sawdust joints of casinos in the past. Today's casinos are literally glittering entertainment palaces, carefully crafted to draw gamblers and even nongamblers into their web.

In the 1990s Las Vegas casinos started moving towards family entertainment with themed castles, pirate shows and even roller coasters supposedly geared to mom and dad and the kiddies. I never believed that this was the right direction to go. I cut my teeth in Las Vegas casinos in the 1980s. Many of these casinos were still "mobbed up" with craps dealers with names like Lefty, Mac and Aldo, who hailed from Chicago, Kansas City or Philadelphia.

I am happy to note that the major casinos are focusing back on what they do best: offering a very attractive and compelling way to gamble.

Given human nature, the house edge, casino psychology, and a host of other factors that we will discuss in this book, most gamblers are losers and the casinos can count on winning over the long-term.

However, most gamblers are short-term players and the Maximum Advantage Roulette Strategy is geared for short-term play. Since the average game lasts less than thirty minutes, it can be considered a form of "hit and run" gambling.

Casinos in the past were modest affairs with just a few table games that were often rigged against the players. For example, gaffed roulette wheels were often used with the ball controlled by electromagnetic devices.

Today casinos are large palatial establishments. Their legal status has varied widely over the years, but today, some form of casino gambling is offered in 28 of the 50 states in the U.S. Whether the casino is operated by Indians or by corporations, both public and private, is located on land, on a river or on a barge, there is a legal casino within a three-hour drive of three quarters of the American population.

If we consider online gambling, Internet casinos are available to anyone with a computer with a modem and access to the Internet.

Many of these computers offer better odds than their land-based cousins and have other advantages over brick and mortar casinos such as offering large cash bonuses and the chance to play their games for free.

The major roulette casino hubs in the U.S. are located in Nevada, Atlantic City and Mississippi. Spectacular hotel casinos are the resort choices of millions of Americans every year. Besides gambling, these resorts feature theme parks, spas, luxurious suites, world class entertainment, championship sporting events and shopping.

European resorts like Monaco, Spain's Gold Coast and Germany's Baden-Baden offer varied casino experiences but they all rely on one underlying principle - the ability to take money from gamblers!

All gambling resorts make most of their money from gaming activities. Casino executives know that on the average, the longer people play, the more they will lose.

The general focus of all casinos is to get you into the establishment and then offer compelling reasons for you to stay as long as possible.

In Nevada, you can't walk anywhere in a hotel without walking through the casino. Slot machines are everywhere - outside of coffee shops, to adjacent to elevators, and bordering on show lines.

Guests' rooms are not as comfortable as rooms in say a Resident's Inn. The televisions may offer a limited number of channels and there usually is not a "mini-bar." The casino bosses don't want their guests to spend too much time in their rooms. The action is in the casino and that's where they want you.

Even while sitting in a casino restaurant you will be exposed to the gaming focus of the casino. Keno runners will move from table to table accepting bets for the next Keno game. Many casinos are designed so that you can hear slot machines making their distinct types of noises in the background; therefore you won't tarry in the restaurant longer than the time it takes to wolf down your food and rush back to the casino.

Alcohol has a big role in keeping you in the casino. Except for Indian casinos, most casinos dispense alcoholic beverages to all casino patrons as a standard comp for players.

Many casinos pump extra oxygen into the casinos, which gives the players a feeling of well being and may encourage them to stay longer at a game. Casino executives defend themselves by stating that they are just increasing the fresh airflow.

You won't see any clocks in a casino. You are encouraged to lose track of time. Many casinos come without windows, so that the passage of time and the change from day to night or vice versa goes undetected by its players.

One way to play without the distractions of smoke, noisy players, constantly ringing bells and other assorted casino noises is to play on the Internet. When you play online, you can play at your own pace, dress (or not dress) as you like and play with as few or as many distractions as you like.

You can control the speed of the game online and easily take a break whenever you want. Unfortunately, even though many online casinos offer better odds than their land-based brethren, many players manage to defeat themselves by exercising little control over their wagering. The net effect is that the average Internet player consistently loses. While the atmosphere in any ordinary casino may seem unreal enough that losing money becomes a casual experience, the tendency to lose is even more pronounced playing online.

Playing in a casino on a computer does not seem very real, even though it is very real if you are wagering real money. The average Internet casino expects to win about $200 per week per player, even though many of their games are very beatable.

Casino bosses consider themselves successful when they can convince players to leave their inhibitions at the door. Using chips instead of money and creating an atmosphere that seems almost "other-worldish" are part of the plot to loosen up the players' attitudes and wallets.

I am not going to deny that gambling in either a garish modern day casino or even in a "simulated" artificial casino on your computer screen can be an engulfing and even a satisfying affair.

For some people it borders on "spiritual."

If you are one of these people, then I hope you continue to enjoy playing. However, let me help you add an ingredient you probably haven't experienced before. Let me show you how to win consistently.

If you haven't experienced casino gambling, then perhaps you will be willing to try a little roulette play after you read the pages that follow.

In either case, I am going to give you some tools that will help you approach gambling in a way that most people only dream of.

I am going to show you how to turn both land-based and Internet casinos into personal sources of money that you can tap almost at will.

However, in order to do this you are going to have to learn a strategy with several different procedures. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to learn. In addition, you will learn a set of rules that is designed to protect you not only from the maws of the casino, but from yourself.

Finally, you will have to learn to exercise a degree of self-control that will enable you to focus on the game of roulette and see it as a powerful source of income and then calmly and methodically go about making withdrawals from the LIVE casino.

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