Pivot Roulette System. Version #2

At the Roulette Table, write down all the outcoming numbers until you get a repeat.

This is your PIVOT Number.

Example: 5 20 18 36 31 27 8 1 31

31 is the first repeat and is the PIVOT number and will remain the PIVOT number until we strike out 36 spins in a row.

Here are the Rules:

  • Level 1. Bet 1 time 1 Unit on High or Low
  • Level 2. Bet 1 time 1 Unit on Dozen
  • Level 3. Bet 3 times 1 Unit on 6-Number Combination
  • Level 4. Bet 6 times 1 Unit on 3-Number Combination
  • Level 5. Bet 6 times 1 Unit on 2-Number Combination
  • Level 6. Bet 19 times 1 Unit on The Pivot Number

We have six levels.

We start at level 1:

  • If we win, we go back to the first level.
  • If we lose, we move to the next level.

We continue until we lose all six levels.

  • Level 2: We bet the Dozen the PIVOT Number is in.
  • Level 3: We bet the 6-Number combination, our PIVOT plus the next 5 numbers (always use the PIVOT number as the LOWEST value in the combination whenever possible)
  • Level 4: We bet the 3-Number Combination, 31 and the next two numbers.
  • Level 5: We bet the 2-Number Combination, the split 31 & 32.
  • Level 6: We bet the PIVOT Number.

Remember, any win along the way up the levels returns us back to LEVEL 1.

If we strike out on ALL SIX LEVELS, (36 spins in a row), we look for a NEW PIVOT NUMBER.

Level Payouts:

  • Level 1 pays 1 to 1
  • Level 2 pays 2 to 1
  • Level 3 pays 5 to 1
  • Level 4 pays 11 to 1
  • Level 5 pays 17 to 1
  • Level 6 pays 35 to 1

Remember you only lose if you strike out at all six levels, and you only lose 36 units.

You should have a bank of 360 Units which is enough to cover 10 sessions.

Diagram for 6, 3 and 2 number combinations:

The LIVE Roulette Table is laid out like this: (Using a Single Zero Wheel)

European Roulette Table

6 Number Combinations







3 Number Combination




2 Number Combination

Always bet PIVOT and the number to the right unless you are unable to do so, then bet left or above or below.






If 36 was the PIVOT Number, then the 2-Number Combination would be




What validity is there to this?

The fact is that numbers that come up tend to repeat. You'll find that on average, only about 24 numbers appear in 36 spins. Rarely if ever will all 36 numbers appear in 36 spins. This means that on average, in 36 spins, you must have 12 repeats. These could be repeats of 12 numbers, but more likely a few numbers will come up three and even four times. This is not theory but proven on hundreds of thousands of spins as well as computer generated spins and is as mathematically sound as you can get.

This is what is called the theory of uneven distribution. In a short trial of 36 spins, not all will appear but certainly over a trial os millions of spins, all the numbers will even out.

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