Project 202 Gambling Strategy Guide

For all gambling games (so called gambling) have basically the same form...the chance for the player to predict the upcoming order of results, and to be rewarded when he or she does. All games of chance can be described in this basic explanation.

For countless centuries man has gambled for everything he has sought. The winners were called heroes, the losers...were soon forgotten.

The history of man will never be described by historians as "gambling", but this is what it is. All successes were the direct or indirect result of a gamble someone, somewhere took at the prescribed time.

Just think about recent happenings in the world, and even yourself. Try to think how many times you gamble, in the real sense of the word, every day! You may try to buy a house which you know you may not qualify for in the eyes of the bank, or you may try a short cut to work one day, not even knowing for sure if it is a short cut.

But there are countless other moves you make, many which you would never think to call gambling, but are just that...THE WILLINGNESS TO TRY SOMETHING WHICH WILL GIVE US WHAT WE DESIRE...WITH THE PROBABILITY (EITHER SMALL OR LARGE")...OF FAILURE!

It is this chance of failure which makes WINNING at gambling such an incredible feeling. But in the real world, games of chance can be expensive...particularly when we do not know what we are doing. We all know this as past visits to the races or gambling casinos are still in our memory. This does not have to be so! Losing for some people has become so routine.  They actually expect it, and really believe they cannot win under any circumstances...over a period of time! This is sad. Many of these same people would not continue any other form of recreation if they were to never succeed. How many people would play baseball if they never got a h i t . . . or how many would swim if they always fell to the bottom like a rock?

But gambling holds such a special fever because of the anticipation of success, which for many is even better than the actual win!

PROJECT 202 has turned my life around and taught me something which enslaved me for decades...everything in this world which is thought by most to be impossible. . . is possible.

For years the possibility of winning at games which have what the mathematical wizards call "negative expectation", was thought to be impossible. This has changed now, or rather it has come out in the open...for provable discussion.

PROJECT 202 will show you how to take advantage of all results at all forms of gambling. In the past, no one could conceive of the player actually being in a more advantageous position than the gambling LIVE casino or race track. But PROJECT 202 will do just that!

I am proud of my discovery. But perhaps I should not take the credit for the discovery. . . as I am sure there are a few who have discovered what I have, but have kept it a secret. But I welcome the title, the inventor of PROJECT 202, if for no other reason than to reward me for the incredible amount of time, worry, money spent, failures before success, and just plain hard work. For all this which I have invested. . . you may call me the inventor of PROJECT 202, and I will gladly accept the phrase.