Final Thought

I hope PROJECT 202 will be as much of a blessing to you as it has been to me.

I want you to follow this final advice. It will insure your success with PROJECT 202.

Read the entire book, not just once or even twice. Read it as many times as needed, so you understand everything exactly. If there is anything you do not understand, make notes of these items, and then go back over the book looking for the explanation of these things. You will find them fully explained in the book.

Do not withdraw all the money you have in the world and head for the Race Track or Casinos. Slowly use PROJECT 202 whenever you have some time to spend at your favorite game. Risk only small amounts of capital. Be sure of your understanding of PROJECT 202 before you jump in.

Gambling is a very hard life, if that's all you do. Even when you know you will win in the long run, a loss or two can be like a kick in the guts. Use PROJECT 202 to earn you extra money, and then after an extended time you decide if you want the life from what your experiences have been up to then.

Many people cannot make it as a professional gambler, but they are very successful as a part time gambler. I use the word gambler only as a title. Even though you will not be gambling in-the true meaning of the word, each session or series can show any result.

But if you need any help with the book or a clearer explanation, please write me in care of this publishing company. Your letters will be forwarded to me, and I will answer as soon as possible. Please keep your questions clear and do not make them too long. It would help if you would number them also.

Also, please remember when you are playing in the LIVE Dealer casinos, do not look like too much of a winner, or brag about what you are doing. Past experience has taught me, that it really does not matter what the game is, if the casinos think you are winning from them on a consistent basis, they will not let you play.

The way you make your bets with PROJECT 202, it looks as though you are like any other player. But do not keep the tables with you for everyone to see. Check them in between series away from the pit area, if you must check them at all. It is best to concentrate on just one game each day.

Be careful in life, and don't advertise your success to strangers But above all, be a winner and a winner you will be!


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