This method can be simply and easily explained. At all times, you seek to win just one unit per betting cycle. If a losing streak is encountered you then modestly progress the bet size of your bets, searching for a one win at a time goal.

The progression never advances past the stage where your next wager would exceed an amount necessary to regain past losses, plus the one-unit win.

Since you increase your wager by a unit following each win, your next bet would be two units. If you win, your bet size stands at 2 units.

Don't do it. According to the plan, you are only trying to win of amounts of one unit at a time. So, ignore the two-unit sizing of your bet and drop back to one-unit bet. If that bet wins, you are ahead by one.

To review: In each sequence of play the player’s goal is to gain a net profit of one unit then start over.

First bet is one, if lost the next bet is the same. Whenever a bet is won, the next bet is one unit larger (unless winnings will produce larger than one-unit win).

Here is a chart to help you see…

outcome L W L W W L L L L L W W W w

bet size 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1

net gain -1 0 -1 0 1 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -4 -2 0 +1

Although it may appear almost foolproof, computer analysis reveals that this system can ruin you as the potential exists for a massive loss in approximately one out of every 5000 sessions.

Now, before you take comfort in those numbers, remember that this is cataclysmic event could occur the very first time so BEWARE!

A player could stop anytime he pleases and not go all the way through with a downtrend if one appears.

It would be recommended that you walk away with 50 percent winnings (of bankroll)

Thus the system is refined into a more sensible betting procedure. Armed with this information, it isn’t difficult to come out ahead.

Modifications? Well if you want to follow the trend, in roulette if the spin is red, go red next, if black go black, in craps, if not pass, bet no pass line etc.

Try it on paper first and you will see. (most other roulette systems bite the dust when a choppy table appears) In many instances you will find a baccarat game where the decisions have been running either in favor of the Player or in favor of the Bank for hours, days or weeks. Of course, if you find such a game, bet with the trend.

Another way to bet with this method is to find a LIVE Roulette casino that only takes a 4 percent commission on all bank bets (instead of the usual 5). Make all your bets on the Bank and hope that the natural occurrence of more Bank wins increases your win to loss ratio. Try to quit a winner.


  • Each betting decision is based on the previous decision. If dice have passed, you go for the pass, if not go for the don't pass…
  • Use the progressive betting plan above. Stick with the one-unit wagers. Increase following the wins. Never bet more than is necessary to recover pass losses suffered during a series plus a one-unit profit. When point has been reached, begin all over again with a one-unit bet. Remember, the size of your bet remains the same following each loss during a betting cycle (only increase on the wins!)
  • There are two logical times to walk away. When you either have about 50 percent of your bankroll, or if you are down by 10 units or more.

Various sections of the wheel itself can “heat up” too. It may be due to “dealer signature”. It may be that the wheel is a bit biased or it may be a normal run. Whatever is causing it, whether it be one of the above reasons or another, it happens a lot.

Some experts say “dealer signature” doesn’t exist, others disagree. Whether it does or doesn’t, doesn’t matter. Just if certain sections of a wheel hit more than others, then take advantage of it. Don't debate why it is happening.

Below is a list of numbers and you can see if you look at a number and go two to the left and right what their neighboring numbers are… for example 00, it has 27, 10 to the right and 1, 13 to the left so it looks like 13,1,00,27,10 for its neighboring numbers…

Have you decided yet what type of action and what odds you are most interested in? Let’s say that even money bets are most appealing to you… how can you track the decisions?

If you settle on a good plan and play often you may be able to do it all in your head for a while, but you will want to keep a scorecard.

The illustration underneath shows what a card might look like and how you would be able to see trends within the even money chance.


36 X X

17 X X


30 X X

22 X X

22 X X

19 X X

29 X X

35 X X

30 X X

25 X X

3 X X

22 X X

28 X X

4 X X

18 X X

28 X X

28 X X

1 X X

As you can see there are runs of certain areas designated by X’s. R is red, B is Black, O is odd, E is even, L is low, and H is high.

You can create your own special designs on 3X5 cards for tracking triples, six blocks, streets, and the other types of bets (as previously mentioned, always use a MECANICAL PENCIL with a built in eraser).

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