Sinjuns Roulette System Guide

Thank you and congratulations!

You now have in your hands the most effective and most exhaustively researched roulette methodology in the world. Please read everything over at least 5 or 6 times before practicing at home. Reading it over three times a day over a three-day period is even better.

Then practice, practice, practice for at least several days at home until you can do everything automatically. Then find a casino with the smallest stakes possible (to lessen the “anxiety” factor) and practice some more.

We can’t stress this enough as this has always been the big downfall with “students” of the game as well as gamblers in general. Also, please note that pages 1-16 explain how to play an “unbiased wheel.” (as most wheels are biased to some degree or another, what we mean by and “unbiased wheel” is a wheel that is not biased enough to overcome the house advantage.)

Biased wheel play is covered on the bonus pages.

Throughout these instructions you will see reminders NOT to play Roulette for real money until you have studied and practiced and practiced some more. Although the methods themselves fit easily into an envelope, we cannot package patience and discipline…

There is no reason for you to risk real money while you are learning how to play correctly. Going from the studying phase straight to actual casino play without practicing at home first can be frustrating and counter-productive. You will make mistakes at first and it is better to make them at home “for free” than in a casino with real money at the table.

Actual roulette decisions to practice on at home are free for the taking. All you need is a pencil and paper. We strongly recommend that you write down actual decisions at a casino and conduct “paper trials” at home until you are completely familiar with the methods as well as the ebb and flow of the game.