Multi-Gate Dragon & Tiger Review
EntwineTech LIVE Dealer Game

Multi-Gate Dragon & Tiger with LIVE Dealer Multi-Gate Dragon & Tiger with LIVE Dealer

EntwineTech is one of the world’s biggest LIVE dealer platforms with more than 50 licensees across Asia and the rest of the globe. EntwineTech employs more than 200 people that are situated in Malaysia, Macau, and the Philippines. The company opened its virtual doors in 2004 and is licensed by the First Cagayan Commission and the Alderney Gaming Commission. The company also boasts with two studios, one situated in Europe and one in Asia to provide support to these two massive demographics. The company further impressive with an extensive selection of LIVE dealer games, and one of their most iconic LIVE dealer games is their Multi-Gate Dragon & Tiger.

A Dragon & Tiger Twist

Multi-Gate Dragon & Tiger was released in 2013 and took the world by storm due to its unique build around the mythology of Tigers and Dragons. The game features three different gates that are identified by Renmen, Dimen, and Tianmen. These three gates literally mean Human Gate, Earth Gate, and Heaven Gate. For each of the gates, there are betting odds that have been labelled Tie, Tiger, and Dragon, and players can bet on one or more of these gates at the same time.

This is a significant enhancement for those who love betting on the more traditional version of Dragon & Tiger. Dragon & Tiger games are exciting, fast-paced, and simple, and with the development of Multi-Gate, players can indulge in an added layer of excitement, opening the possibility for players to win more by correctly predicting the broad range of outcomes for each of the three gates. Players will also benefit from additional betting opportunities thanks to the three gates.

EntwineTech Table Layout

The table layout for Multi-Gate Dragon & Tiger is quite simplistic and won’t take players long to understand what’s going on when looking at the betting opportunities in front of the LIVE dealer. EntwineTech ensured the most advanced HD cameras are placed at each of their tables, and Multi-Gate Dragon & Tiger is no exception. The LIVE dealer uses over-sized cards to ensure players can quickly view the cards that are displayed with each round. The background portrays a fierce battle between a dragon and a tiger in a yellow finish to further add to the theme of the game.

Located at the bottom of the table, players will find a range of chip values that they only need to select and place on the table to make a wager. Players will also be presented with historical statistics at the bottom of the screen, indicating how many times Dragon, Tiger, and Tie were the result, allowing players to make an informative decision before having to place their next bet.

LIVE Dealers

The LIVE Dealers on the Multi-Gate Dragon & Tiger are professional, friendly, and quite helpful, especially when you are new to the game. Depending on the studio, you will be greeted by either a LIVE Asian dealer or a European LIVE dealer that will be in control of the game. Most of the time it will be female LIVE dealers in their mid-20’s, adding an extra thrill of excitement with a fresh-looking face always ready to deal the next round of cards. The game also doesn’t feature seats, and therefore an unlimited number of online players can enjoy the game at the same time.


Multi-Gate Dragon and Tiger is an excellent additional that adds value to the Entwine software and LIVE dealer game selections. This is a unique game that is only offered under this platform, and those who want something out of the ordinary will find it appealing for multiple reasons.