Bet on Poker Review LIVE Dealer Game

Bet on Poker with LIVE Dealer Bet on Poker with LIVE Dealer

If you’re a LIVE Dealer Poker fan but also fond of betting more than what’s allowed in a single poker round, then you should try out BetGames’ spectacular Bet on Poker Game. Although based on the mega-popular Texas Hold’em variant, Bet on Poker (as any other game by the developer) is all about the betting. And although the goal is to form the best 5-card combo by Texas Hold’em rules, you get many chances in between to place a bet on which hand will win.

Pet on Poker LIVE Features

First, you should know that the game is played with one standard 52-card deck. 6 Player positions are available, and you won’t be making any poker decisions, you’ll just watch and bet as the gameplay proceeds. Until the end of the round, all hands are in play. You have to understand the hand rankings in order to bet, of course, and that’s why you need knowledge in Texas Hold’em to play the game.

Now, there are four rounds of betting: one before the cards are dealt, one after the first two cards are dealt and one after the Flop and Turn, respectively. You can bet on each betting round, in two ways: what the value of the winning hand will be and which Player position will win. Before bets are placed, you will see the poker hands values and odds displayed on the left and right of the screen, and the odds for each Player position are displayed on the layout. The initial odds for each player position are 5.20.

After you place your bet, each Player position gets the first two cards, and that’s the first dealing round. Since the first two cards are revealed, the odds are recalculated and you can bet again. Then, the dealer burns the top card of the deck and deals the Flop. Again, the odds are recalculated and you are allowed to place another bet. The third dealing round starts with the dealer burning the top card and dealing the Turn. The odds are recalculated once again and you place more bets. The final dealing round, where the dealer deals the River is decisive, the round where the winning hand is identified.

Meanwhile, as odds get recalculated, an algorithm is used to determine whether a hand has a chance to win or not. If it is doomed to lose, no more bets are possible on that hand. 


The playing interface in Bet on Poker is basic but perfectly adjustable on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. You have the option to remove or have the odds panels on the display, and you can increase or decrease the volume.

On the Bet Slip, you’ll find your possible bet options and the odds, making it fairly easy for you to place your bets. The dealer is extremely helpful, though, and guides you through each step of the game, offering useful information, in case you are uncertain how to proceed.


The stakes to play Bet on Poker are fairly standard. You can place a minimum of $1 for each bet, or you can place up to $100 for each bet since that is the maximum bet.

Naturally, the highest poker hand wins. In case there’s a draw, all players who have placed bets on any of the betting rounds on any of the winning hands get paid. The odds, as mentioned previously, are constantly recalculated for each hand, but Straight Flush and Royal Flush always pay 100.00.


If you know Texas Hold’em rules, and especially if you’re have mastered the game and you can predict which hand will win or lose and which value that hand will have, then you will nail Bet on Poker. The game is really exciting because you have so many options to bet on, based on your knowledge of poker hands. And its title Bet on Poker wonderfully explains what you'll be doing. If you're both poker and a betting fan, don't miss out on the chance to try it out!